Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day in Stupidity

The Constantly Dramatic One was stalked today.

By a bunch of stupid fucks.

It started out like this. I went out to buy material for my sister's upcoming wedding. The theme is blue therefore the whole family is wearing blue. I only have one outfit in blue and like hell I am gonna repeat outfits for my sister's wedding.

So today I went to Gulati's Silk House, a famous cloth retail over here to find material to be turn into a kebaya. Its in the Malay culture, and every other culture I think, to wear our traditional clothes during big occasions such as weddings. When I was entering the store, there was a group of four guys, in their twenties hanging about near the store but I couldn't really give a damn.

I am after all a woman on a mission.

I think I spent over an hour in the store looking over the most beautiful material that would look good on

a) moi,
b) would still look good when turned into a kebaya,
c) within the budget or my dad will turn homicidal.

Finally the Constantly Dramatic One settled on this gorgeous blue material, its glorious. It turned greenish when the light hits it and shiny and soooo pretty. 100% Korean silk so you know its comfy as hell. And best part is, its only within the budget because there is a 40% discount. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm gonna wear that and feel...luxurious.

So after keeping the shop assistants busy for over an hour and damn happy with my selection I decided to do some window shopping. The four guys that was hanging about was still there when I left Gulati's. Its when I was browsing books at
MPH that I noticed that there were two of the guys in the bookstore with me. There was nothing peculiar over two guys browsing for books. What's peculiar was that they were in front of the section where they were selling historical romance novels. And when I was looking, they both were sooooo into searching for a book.

Okay, two gay dudes who probably enjoy reading historical romance to each other and anal sex.

Yeah, okay. I'm down with that.

Then I left and check out jewelery boxes In Living Quarters and the two guys are still there. This time looking at vases. Glass vases with intricate flowery designs.

Okay, so on top of reading historical romance to each other and anal sex, they probably also playing house together.

Yeah, okay. I'm down with that.

Then it all finally clicks when the Constantly Dramatic One's was in
Watson's looking at sanitary pads and guess who were looking at pads too? Uh huh....yeah. Doesn't seem so gay now and I feel stupid as fuck. Then one of the guys smiled at me and asked what my name is. That's right huney, make your move by the sanitary pads. In a drugstore.


I smiled to be polite and then walked away. They followed me around and then tried to made contact by sanitary pads. Like hello? I don't come near at all to being as hot as Scarlett Johansson or ever been the pretties girl in the room but I do need someone with a minute level of brain functionality. Clearly they don't have this. Plus, they were
rempits. I won't go near a rempit even with a 40 feet pole.

So that concludes the Constantly Dramatic One's day in stupidity. Wasn't the first time I was stalked by rempits though. Rempits like to stalk women apparently. God...when is there going to be a law that legalize people to shoot rempits on sight? Oh wait was that too harsh?

Its supposed to be.


nevina said...

EEEEE YAKS! What assholes. And they stalked you no less. I think I would have shat my pants if a guy had followed me into the pharmacy as I was looking for pads, and then tried to chat me up.
Forget shooting them, we should legally be allowed to run them over as and when we please.
I think we need to get you some 10 inch platform boots (a la Spice Girls) so you can SQUASH THEM!

gypsy-on-the-move said...

LOL! this is hilarious!
babe, you are hot. Wait. maybe you should at least be nice and take their number. LOL!!! *evil laugh*

constant_drama said...


They're rempits. What do you expect?


Hot? As compared to Scarlett? Please... that woman redefined "HOT".

jasonphoon.com said...

hai thar ^__^

just visiting, came over from bamboo nation :)

well, not everybody can claim to be stalked,so I guess you can take that as a compliment ...

constant_drama said...
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constant_drama said...


Ohhh you're the guy Prince blogged about. Tee hee.

Nah they're rempits. They stalk any woman they come across. Hooligans

Quin said...



constant_drama said...

Yup. They're like Malaysia's (unfortunate) answer for the UK's chavs. All of them, whatever their name is still collectively a waste of time, space, money and soul.