Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shopaholism is NOT fabulous

The Constantly Dramatic One might be having a bit of a problem.

I think I'm shopaholic. Its no laughing matter. Compulsive shopping is like gambling addiction.

I went to the mall the other day with my mother coz she wanted to get the groceries. I came back with two pairs of brand new shoes. I don't need them, its just that they were 40% off and I figure "Why not?". 40% off after all. Seems like a good idea at that point.

When I got home, I realise I don't even like them that much. They're not that pretty. What was I thinking? I wasn't. All I know is that its such a rush to buy new things.

Its not the first time this happened.

It happened lots of time before. Me buying things I don't need or even particularly like "Just because". Its such a rush and when I get home, I kick myself for making unnecessary purchases. There are clothes in my closet that still have tags on. I bought them because they look great on me but frankly I don't have anywhere to go with such fancy clothes. There are boxes of shoes under my bed, unopened and unworn. I bought them because in the store they do look good but its such a bitch to walk in them and yet I still buy them.

Its not just clothes. Its other things too.

Books, I buy books. Sooooo many books. If its a series then I make it a point to but the whole damn series in one go. Then I put in my closet thinking to myself that I'll read them but I won't. "I don't have time." But yet when some new hot title comes out I still get them. And after purchased there they lie, on the floor of my closet. Unread, gathering dust. Some of them still have the plastic wrapping on. To date I think I have 30 something books unread, unopened and gathering dust in my closet. And oh did I mentioned I bought yet another book along with the shoes? Most probably not gonna read that either.

"No time".

Fuck. If this goes on...the Constantly Dramatic One is definitely destined for bankruptcy.

Check out what I found
Take this Quiz: Are you a compulsive shopper?
True or False? Evaluate the following statements:

1. When I am feeling depressed, I usually go shopping.

No. I go the the movies alone.

2. I spend a lot of money that I do not have on things that I do not need.
We covered this.

3. I get a rush when I make a purchase, but I “crash” soon afterward.

4. I have closets full of clothes that I have never worn, and countless gadgets that I have never used.

Not gadgets, but books.

5. I often feel reckless and out of control when I shop.

6. I lie to my friends and family about how much money I spend.
Just family, not friends.

7. Even though I feel very distraught about my debt, I still shop.

8. I feel emotionally upset and disturbed by my own shopping habits.
Like hello?

9. After a big shopping trip, I sometimes feel disoriented and depressed.

10. My shopping has caused problems in my personal relationships in one way or another.
No. Not yet anyways but its going there.

Did you answer “True” for four or more of the above statements? If so, it is possible that you have a real problem with compulsive shopping.

....................its time to get some help.

A little self control would be helpful too.


Tine said...

Ahh welcome to the club ;) I too have a pile of unworn clothes, unworn shoes, unread books (this one's getting really out of hand), etc. Sigh ... what to do, what to do? :(

faye said...

I totally get what you are saying :( I find myself in the same predicament...just the feeling of having paper bags in your hand...fantastic! :)

maybe you can sell your stuff online..or have a garage sale :)

constant_drama said...

Ahhhh...sooo good to know that I am not alone. :o)

Deutlich said...

Oh, shopping.. how I love thee. Actually, just spending money is okay in my book.. unfortunately.

Valerie said...

I used to be sort of addicted to online shopping. It became a problem because you kind of have to use your credit card when you shop online, whereas I use my debit card when I go to the mall, or something.

Why don't you take some of the books and clothes you know you're never going to use, and sell them on eBay? Just a suggestion :)

constant_drama said...


But but....I'm goin broke....=(


I might just do this whole eBay thing....hhmm....

ShinD said...

everyone's been there babe. even at one time, i had to live on bread for a week. yes...its awful. i dare not tell my mum and dad about it. my sister had to help me get cash from my dad.

Anonymous said...

If the eBay thing doesn't work out for you (and could possibly lead to be distracting...what with the availablity of shopping at the click of the mouse), you could always have a proper garage sale at your house. Advertise for it in your neighbourhood and you usually do get some bites in the end. Not to mention you have the delight of seeing the cold hard cash up front.
In which case I encourage you to have your mother around so you can hand it over to her and not run screaming down your street to the nearest mall with the urge to splurge :S

Worst comes to worst, let us see what you've got and I'm sure we all could come to an agreement ;)