Thursday, January 31, 2008


So I was typing out some stuff, basically me bitching about some random stuff or another when I realise.....dude, this is my 100th post.

Holy Mother of God, this is my 100th post!! I have successfully bullshit my way through to a 100 posts. Wow, that's a whoole lot of bullshit. I am impressed with myself.

So to celebrate this significant event in blogging history I'm asking you blog reader to delurk yourself. Now I know there's an average of 40 hits each day and because I'm brilliant at maths I'm gonna conclude there is at least 3.5 people who finds the Constantly Dramatic One amusing. The .5 coz maybe one is a little messed up in the head so that's why they read the bullshit that I come up with. To make things easier for you to bask in my glory I shall ask some questions in order for you to delurk yourself...easier. The format for this I've stolen completely from
Valerie of Let Your Freak Flag Fly .

Yes, I am shameless like that.

  • If your life is a movie, what kind of genre would it be? (eg: musicals, horror, mob......)

  • Who would you turn gay for? This is of course assuming that you are straight, if you're not then who would you turn straight for?

  • How would you execute the perfect crime?

  • What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant? ***stolen from here

  • Is my ass that big?

Call yourself whatever you want. What's that? Sexy McHotAss? Sure, whatever rocks your boat. But whatever it is delurk yourselves bitches, its not everyday a girl blogs her 100th post ya know.


Elisabeth said...

If your life is a movie, what kind of genre would it be? (eg: musicals, horror, mob......)

Well, I keep being told and reading that my blog (aka my life!) is like Bridget Jones, etc. So I guess I'd be a chickflick. Just please DO NOT cast Hugh Grant!

Who would you turn gay for? This is of course assuming that you are straight, if you're not then who would you turn straight for?

Hmm. I have a number of girl-crushes but I think I'd turn for Kirsten Dunst. Gotta love the cute teeth!

How would you execute the perfect crime?

I doubt I could - I'm far too unlucky!

What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?

Be very confused... and probably run away...

Is my ass that big?

Hell no girl, yo' ass is fiiine. lol.

Congrats on 100 posts!

Valerie said...

- Mine would be a mixture of comedy, drama, and musical. Boring, I know. At least it's not horror :)

- I would turn gay for Rachel McAdams or Katherine Heigl. Leaning more toward Rachel, though.

- Oh, God. I imagine it'd have something to do with stealing money, as I am broke, but I can't think of anything creative :(

- Oh my, that's a tough one. I suppose I'd offer it a bagel with cream cheese so it'd stop eating the endangered plant :)

- I've never seen you, but I'm sure your ass is in perfect proportion to the rest of your body.

Thanks for the linkage :)

elfiejane said...

im too lazy o answer you questions


but you love me anyway right!

evie said...

ooo... i would stay away from the ass question. although it isn't THAT big but i feel that is a dangerous topic nevertheless lol. anyway, why would i need to answer that for? i'm not delurking. heh

so you stole the tag, and i've also officially tagged you on my blog. let's see what you have in that bag of yours.

till then, happy 100th!

faye said...

congratulations on your 100th post :)

and more witty/bitchy/drama to come !


constant_drama said...
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Maverick SM said...

Congrats to your 100 postings.

I just don't know how to answer your 3 questions, but I want to participate in the 4th...hehehehe!!!!

Question: Is my ass that big?

My Answer: I don't know yours, but mine, noooooo!

But I like big ass!!!!

constant_drama said...


Ahahahaah, my ass is fineeeeee? Word =p

And Kirsten Dunst? Really? But she soooo frumpy.......


Katherine or Rachel? You have good taste.And thanks for not minding me stealing this.


You are such a bum but I do heart <3. Ehhh....

constant_drama said...


Soooooo curious who you would turn gay for.....sooooo curious.


You think I'm witty on top of being dramatic and bitchy?....Awwwwww....sooo flattering.


Know that old skool song?

"I like big bums and I cannot lie!! My other brothers cannot deny" LOL.

sonstar said...

i felt like answering sooo...

1. I think a sad sob story about my life would be good. Sadly, it's actually a comedy. With drama. So dramady.

2. This white chick i once saw in Hartamas Square. SERIOUSLY. But Rachel Bilson of course.

3. Keep the animal and try to eat the plant. Hehe.

4. Mine? I think it's average. Yours? I think you're bootilicious :)

I am bored.

evie said...

not sure if i wanna answer that. selma blair! oops did i say that out loud?

aren't you gonna answer your own questions? :D

constant_drama said...

Awwww!! You missed the "perfect crime" question but I shall let you slide. Coz you say my ass is bootylicious =p

constant_drama said...


Yes!! I'm answering my questions! Wheeee!!

1) It would have to be a musical. But not one of those happy kind of musicals like Hairspray or Singin in the Rain, it have to bethe kind of dramatic musical. Think West Side Story,Moulin Rouge and Evita.

2) SCARLETT JOHANSSON. Duuuuude, check out the rack on her. Seriously.

3) As if I'm gona tell you that? =p

4) Club the animal, pluck the plant then make them both into a soup. Yummy.

5) My ass is so big, I wouldnt blink if planets would just start revolving around it one of these days.

And there you have it, the answers to my own questions. =D

evie said...

i so see you in moulin rouge! there's nothing more dramatic than a doomed romance and i love that! lol

hmm... scarlett's ok but i didn't like her so much in match point.

you're not gonna give me ideas on how to commit the perfect crime?

it's weird how you're obsessed about your ass being (apparently) big and i have an issue about my non-existent one. sigh!

constant_drama said...


I know!! And of course we obsessed about our butts, we're women. That's how we roll.