Saturday, January 05, 2008

I guess this is it then.

I used to like you. I did.

I valued your companionship. I wanted to be with you. You're funny, you're spontaneous and you're just damn fun to be around with. Good times.

Then you showed me your true you and quite frankly your "true" you does not suit me. The true you is desperate, shameless and stupid. And I can't take it.

The thing about me that you need to know is that I'm not.... nice. They say don't pick your friends but I don't believe that. I pick my friends and I don't feel guilty at all for it. My time is precious and I only spend it on the worthy. The one thing that all my friends have in common is that I respect every single one of them.

The moment you threw yourself around in your pathetic desperate attempts, I lost all respect for you. Therein lies the problem. You lost my respect. You can never gain it back. I am ashamed to even be seen with you.

There is such a thing called self-respect. You should really look it up because you're in desperate need of it......In fact, desperate is the only adjective I would use to describe you these days.

Goodbye. We had some good times, I wish we could have more but your desperate attempts at becoming something that you clearly are not is making me despise you.


cheerfulday said...

Friendship forever

constant_drama said...

Apprently not.

Zikri said...

what about silly people who are shameless and do lots of silly things for laughs, and can laugh at themselves when they do stupid things?

Anyway, I wouldnt be so harsh as to cut off friendship, I'd just not spend as much time and have less trust in such a person and they might not be in that group of friends I share things with, but they're still acquaintances and probably still friends.

I can be a very angry unforgiving guy, but I do forgive and get over it over time, its even possible to regain trust. But scars are scars and you'll always remember that.

elfiejane said...

bitch i miss you =( when are you free to meet up ?

Let's have dinner together?

AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a Livejournal account so I can add you to my list.

constant_drama said...


When I say desperate I mean as in throwing yourself to the opposite sex so that you can be "popular" and liked. When I say desperate, I mean calling up the person you had sex with just because you want them to like you back when clearly to them you are nothing but a one night stand.

When I say shameless is begging someone to be with you when clearly they just use you for your body. They don't give a flying fuck about you.

When I say stupid, is that you won't listen to your friend wbout how desperate you are acting. When I say stupid is that because of your desperate and shameless act, you have been branded an..."easy lay".

Women live in a delicate balance, unlike men who honour and reputation is them for the keeping until they wish otherwise, women's honour and reputation lies between her legs and how she carries herself. Sad that it is the way it is.

Once you are associated with an easy-desperate-lay, then people would assume that you are one too. I am not. I have a reputation to mantain. And my reputation isnt one that is desperate, shameless or stupid.

constant_drama said...


I got an LJ account! YAY!! Still have to figure out my way around it. Took me ages to figure out Blogger so this gonna take a while too =p

When are you free? Ah forget it. I give you a call.

Zikri said...

ahh that kind stupid shameless.. that explains alot. I wouldnt want to be associated with that kind of person either XD

constant_drama said...

Tell me about it.

Michelle said...

She IS desperate, and something is missing for her. She may figure it out on her own one day.

constant_drama said...

I hope she does coz she clearly not listening to anyone.

Its painful to watch.