Sunday, January 06, 2008

Chicago in pictures: Part 2

As promised this is the second batch of Chicago pics. Yes, I know I took my own sweet damn time but then as a reader of this blog, you should know by now that the Constantly Dramatic One does not blog in real time (read: HUGE procrastinator). Now, onwards!!

The Art Institute of Chicago is apparently one of the most credible museums in the world. What you can't find in the Lourve in France, you probably would find it here. Tragically when I was there most sections in the museum was closed because it was under construction. I was so excited to see some Rococo pieces but only a selected few of Renaissance pieces on display and none of Rococo at all. Goddamn sons of bitches.

For those not in the know, Rococo is the art movement where painters started to show more sensuality in their work. Half naked women, rounded buttocks, pink flesh, thin layers of cloth protecting the nude form. Its all very sensual. To put it simply Rococo is erotica in art. My cup of tea.

A sculpture from the Greek empire. I have no idea who he is or what idea he represents but duuuuude, check out that ass. I took a pic from the front too but maybe that's too vulgar to be posted up. I mail you the pic if you want to see it. Heh.

Time Transfixed by René Magritte (1935).

In this particular piece Magritte depicts a train protruding from a fireplace surrounded by a mantelpiece supporting a clock. The painting contains the images that Einstein himself relied on to illustrate his theories of relativity, namely, the clock and the locomotive. Since this is one of the famous pieces of Dadaism then it really up to you how to interpret it.

It was never my favourite piece of the DADA movement (that would be The Scream by Edvard Munch which sadly wasn't on display) but to be in the same room with such a prominent piece of art is truly a gift.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat

I had no knowledge of this particular piece before I visited the Art Institute but the moment I laid my eyes on spoke to me. I know, cliche' but truly one of the most magnificent pieces in the whole museum. It was huge, its 81.7 × 121.25 inches - HUGE!! And its quite odd, the composition was all off. The figures in the painting seems one dimensional but when you go nearer it comes to life. Its one of those magical paintings that when you view from up close is different and from far away it tells a completely different story.

Another fascinating feature is that the painting wasn't painted. It was dotted. The whole painting was dotted. It was simply magnificent. I spend an hour sitting on the floor just staring up at it. My brother managed to finish like 5 sticks of cigarettes waiting for me.

I bought an imitation of this piece and now I'm searching all over for a book regarding the deeper study of this particular piece. Yes, that's right. The Constantly Dramatic One is a nerd. Now you know.

American Gothic by Grant Wood (1930)

Looks familiar? Bet it looks familiar if you watch Desperate Housewives. I did not know this but apparently American Gothic is one of the most important American art, ever. It also one of those pieces, along with a Sunday on La Grande Jatte and Nighthawks that have been parodied over and over again. I can't really appreciate this particular piece because the pop culture connotation that comes with it kinda lowered its artsy value to me.

A mirror dated all the way from the Regency Era. In case you dunno when Regency Era was, that was Jane Austen's Mr.Darcy and Emma and the whole lot's era. Back in the 18 hundreds. Long time ago.

The mirror has actual rust on it. I have never seen mirror that rust as much except in movies. The Ring anyone? After taking this pic, the Constantly Dramatic One spooked herself by thinking of countless scary movies that have scary mirrors in it. Stupid shit.

My brother took me for a walk in the neighbourhood he lives in. I wanted to get my astrology and crystal read coz I'm ridiculous like that but he gave me a look so I didn't.

You don't get buildings like this in Malaysia.

Over the bridge we go.

Annnddddd aahhh.....Chicago at 4 in the evening. Already darkening. 4 pm back home is when the sun starts burning our collective skins. As you can see the traffic is a bitch. Traffic are being bitches in every part of the world apparently.

The view of Chicago at night from the Navy Pier. You know how people always say that Chicago has a fantastic skyline? No true words have been spoken. The Chicago skyline , especially at night is simply amazing. I have no pictures that could justify how amazing it was. In fact no picture can justify it at all.

You have to be there to appreciate the beauty that is the Chicago skyline. I don't think I would see anything like it again. KL's skyline has got nuthin on Chicago's.

The entrance to Navy Pier, one of Chicago's most prominent landmark.

The famous Ferris wheel. I didn't get to go on a ride on it because the time we went (believe it or not, this pic was actually taken round 5 in the evening), the wind was blowing too hard so for safety measures no ride on the Ferris wheel that day.

Yet another famous Chicago landmark. Google Image Chicago and I bet you that you'll find this pic.

I went to watch WICKED# on Broadway. So many good things have happened to me throughout my life but so far fulfilling one of my dreams that is to watch a real Broadway show on Broadway have been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Ever had a dream come true? I did.

The Ford Oriental Theatre where I watched Wicked.

The entrance to WICKED. I went to watch alone because sadly no one else in the family give a damn bout the arts. I basically had to drag my brother to take me to the Art Institute. People just have appreciate the arts better....

The inside of the Ford Oriental theatre was beautiful. The walls are all carved into these intricate organic designs. It was breath taking and if you stare enough none of the design repeat themselves. Truly an amazing piece of work.

The ceiling and the chandelier. Beautiful.

The balcony, look at the design on that. I didn't get to go to the second floor because my seats are on the first floor. Front and centre, 5 rows from the stage. Again: best thing that have ever happened to me.

Those are apples, dip in chocolate and toffee and I went insane. Malaysia don't have these!!

Okay, I'm hungry now.

Another thing that Malaysia doesn't have:

Half naked women on billboards.

What? I'm just sayin.....

So that's all the pictures from Chicago. Well not all, dude I have 700 photos. But those are the highlights. One of these days, the Constantly Dramatic One shall blog about WICKED and my first time flying home across continents alone.


coco said...

Great pics it looks like a great trip!

juraiza said...

I went to Chicago during summer and take the boat ride twice to see the skyline. You can take picturesque pictures just like in postcard. Really magnificent.

Chicago is definitely the best to me even though some people say New York is better.

I'm glad you enjoyed your Chicago trip.

P/S: I get to see the Rococo paintings and it was "erotic".

munk said...

sure looks fun.
im hungry.

constant_drama said...


It was a great trip. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

constant_drama said...


Dude, I seriously think Rococo is like hight art porn. Or maybe I'm perverted? Explains why perverts gravitate towards my blog.

Chicago was icy cold in winter but at least I got to see and touch snow for the first time in my life.

constant_drama said...


I'm hungry too. Hey, lets go donate blood one of these days.

Dan-yel said...

Haha, erotic? The word is about discovery. Discover what lies beneath, prodding at temptation, covet of the forbidden.

Humans have been 'cursed' to live in institutionalized society, closing in on that sensuality helps us understand ourselves better. The human condition - sexuality, politics, science, spirituality, philosophy.

Anyway, I like the American Gothic in particular though I couldn't help to forget images of the last picture embedding easily now in my head. At first glance, the American Gothic represents a patriarchal society. It's a total opposite to how the female characters in Desperate Housewives are modern and empowered to satisfy their desperation.

sonstar said...

Hey you realise that Nighthawks was the name of the cafe in Hard Candy that the girl plus the paedo met up at?


i sincerely hope you ATE one.

constant_drama said...


It is! Naked chicks all over the place. Best part of my whole Arts Appreciation class! And yes the whole idea behind it and all that, I see where you're coming from but still layman's term: naked chicks.

You like American Gothic? Like I said, I can't appreciate it. I know the comparisons that the show made withe that particular piece but still...

Nope, doesnt float my boat.

constant_drama said...


Hey! You're right!

But seriously're a little obssesed with movie now...arent you? Good movie though.

Dude, I ate the toffee apple, the caramel apple, some other apple I cannot rmbr what it is but was delicious all the same and it was glorious.

You know, on 2nd thought I think they have these in Ikano. Yeah u know those little shops along the way to IKEA? I think they have it there.

Not sure though. Will check it out and let you know.

Michelle said...

I hate heights but went on the Ferris Wheel anyway. Scared the shit out of me. I wouldn't mind trying again at night though...the lights really are beautiful.

You do take great pictures. I tried to take pictures of Navy Pier New Year's Eve and they all look like crap!!

constant_drama said...


Night vision, try it. LOL. Oh it was so cold when were on Navy Pier. It was snowing and by the water and the wind was blowing like mad and man, I felt like my fingers were frozen.