Thursday, January 24, 2008

1979 - 2008

Heath Ledger

1979 - 2008

I would write more on how I think you were one of the few Hollywood stars that actually have talent. I would write how Brokeback Mountain is a great love story and that it makes me cry every time you scream "I don't know how to quit you!". I would write how fun you were to watch in Casanova alongside Charlie Cox. I would write how much I look forward to watching you play the Joker in the new Batman installment. I would write all that but for reasons that remain unknown, words are elusive to me these days.

So I say this: RIP Heath.


Michelle said...

Damn, Girl,I just wrote my own post about him and should've known you would, too. Such a shame. I'm truly saddened.

Maverick SM said...

Your posting entitled "It bugs me more than I want to admit it" commmenter was disallowed. Why???

You wrote in mystery form...telling something ambiguously and equivocally? I wonder why???

Kuan said...

i wanted to write a post about him...i am sure millions of people did....maybe i would....sometime in near future....

constant_drama said...


I am truly saddened too...and I wasn't even like a big fan. What a loss.


Its a woman's prerogative to be mysterious. I rest my case.


Hey Kuan...I am loving your recent photos on Facebook. Party it up my friend, party it up.

Ayam proud of jooooo!!!