Tuesday, January 29, 2008

KLpac: Kissing Lions Probably Ain't Cute

The Constantly Dramatic One went to the 1st ever KLpac open day last Sunday. Since you probably confuse now so let me straightened this out, it does not stands for Kissing Lions Probably Ain't cute- it stands for Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts centre. The only reason I wanted to go was because they have this backstage tour and I am very curious to see all the stuff that goes into the production of a play. Also, it was all free. I would like to write more but my damn keyboard is acting up, damn thing is spoilt. Have to go and get a new one tomorrow.

That's right, the Constantly Dramatic One uses a PC to blog. Why? Coz I'm Old Skool y'all, also because I don't own a laptop. I'm not very tech-y (if that even a word) so I figured I'm just gonna get one before I fly off but before then the PC would do just fine. When the goddamn keyboard is not acting up, that is. So since typing is bitch now thanks to the stupid keyboard ... therefore photos!!

The view of Sentul Park where KLpac is situated. First time I see it in daylight, I have never been to KLpac during the day because all the shows that I went to see were at night

The KLpac building is a blend of Old British colonial building and a modern architecture, what you're looking at is the new architecture. Glorious isn't it?

Hey!! 3kc blends in with the painting. Outfit coordination, the Constantly Dramatic One approves.

Seemed like a good idea to pose like this at that point. Seemed. Didn't know it gonna turn out like I was humping the wall............ seriously. Just to clarify here, walls do not turn me on. And yes, I know I have a giant ass. Thanks for pointing that out. Appreciate it.

Ahhhhh, reflection photos are my forte.

This was some performance arts *cough* retarded *cough* show that involves ballet and pole dancing at the same time. Apparently, it was supposed to signify something or other. Apparently. 3kc and I wasn't artsy fartsy enough to get it.

We went to a Flamenco Dance workshop. After we did some hip swaying, toes tapping and all the other stuff, it was a safe bet to say that neither of us will ever become a Flamenco dancer.

The view of Pentas 1 (Stage 1) from above. Not that big, only 104 seats. Nothing compared to the Ford Oriental Theatre .

The different kind of lights they use on stage. We did some dumbass camwhoring around these lights. It was one of the highlights of the day. The camwhoring I mean.

The moment I have been waiting fooooorrr: the


They only have those boring lights on top of the mirror, I was hoping for those light bulbs that goes AROUND the mirror, you know, like this but nooooo they only have these boring ones. And stupid KLpac people didn't even turn on the lights so that we can see the full effect. Backstage tour my ass. What a let down.

This microphone was in the prop and costume display. I swear it was calling out my name. It was like "Come CD, come and answer your caaaaalllling............."

Owl One to Owl Two: "There is a spy among us."

This thing was at the back of the building. I dunno whether management wanted it there or it comes together with the colonial part of the building. Au natural? It was HUGE and strangely beautiful in its own way. Actually to tell you the truth, this giant plant was the best thing in the whole KLpac, sure the place is beautiful and all that but the people working there weren't that friendly. They were kinda standoff-ish.

Here you see some uuuhhhh random person who happen to own the same bag as me, trying to climb the thing in an attempt to reenact a scene from Jack and the Beanstalk. Mission failed. Why? Her ass was too big. Hers, not mine.

Alright that's all for now. Will get a new keyboard and will bitch more.

Fo sho'


Maverick SM said...

I haven't been to KLpac and don't know where it is.

You must be a great enthusiast of arts.

Elisabeth said...

Haha, great post and wonderful pictures!

The owl one especially!

gypsy-on-the-move said...

nice. would love to see KLPAC someday.

tony leo selvaraj said...

hi.. erm, the pentas 1 in klpac has about 504 seats actualy,not 104.. thats a huge difference..

evie said...

it's a myth - jack never made it up to the top. it was all a dream so it was a pointless story. really!

just discovered your blog. love tehe 24/7 drama :)

constant_drama said...


Performance arts mostly. I luuuurrrve performance arts.


I have lots more but its such a bitch to download it on Blogger sooo....glad you enjoy it though =D


We go together lah nanti, when you come back we shall go for a play. Not to expensive coz we'll get student rates.


Typo, my bad. Its still nothing compared to the Ford Oriental Thetre and still the people working there have to be full of it...

Thanks for pointing out the typo though.


He didnt? Did he had a big ass too....like that uuuh 'random' person? =p

Glad you're enjoying my blog =)

evie said...

i heard he had a huge ass so yes, it is possible that it might have hindered his attempts lol

constant_drama said...

I knew it!! Its always the ass isnt it?

Restless said...

Hi. Silent reader here.

Err.. the reflection photography that you were refering to in one of the pictures is called self-portrait. Just to let you know.

turtle said...

hahaha! to restless, i think what she meant by 'reflection photo' was a photo of their actual physical reflections on the glass...not some artsy fartsy terminology..

please stay silent.

Anonymous said...

Hahah... amazing!

constant drama said...

What's so amazing? KLpac? Yeah, it was amazingly beautiful.