Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So...that's how you found me?

Today is the 2nd day of the New Year and for those of you who were born on this day, the Constantly Dramatic One wishes you a joyful birthday. For those of you who made New Year resolutions, I do hope you are still going strong and for the dude who found my blog through the Google search
FOR ALL bitch YOU NAUGHTY CHRISTIAN GIRLS"...I really hope you didn't jerk off to my blog.

Coz that shit is just nasty.

Duuuuddde, it is the 2nd day of the New Year. A tad desperate to be searching for naughty Christian girls porn aren't we?

Really if you are that hard up then go out. Rent some naughty school girl porn if that's what floats your boat. At least you can get some fresh air while on the way to the adult store or if you're Malaysian, then your friendly bootleg DVD vendor. Some fresh air would do you good. Much better than sitting in front of the computer with your pants off.....................

Eeeewwww. Bad mental image.

Now I'm gonna assume that you were really horny when you Google for your "naughty Christian girls" so here's a little tip: Google Images, safe search off. That way you won't find my blog and creeps the Bejesus out of me. Or maybe you need the directions to the nearest porn store? Either way. Put your pants back on and fuck off from my blog.



Tine said...

Hahahaha, sometimes I wonder what the hell goes on in people's minds.

What happened to just plain Googling "SEX"???

Maverick SM said...

I don't have to Google for naughty girl; I already know she is naughty, and I know how to get here to read naughty, naughty stuff!

Happy Blogging, Naughty, naughty!!!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Internet sex predator eh? hihi...what's new? i'm one!hehehehe...ok i'll quit before i start to freak ya out.

whoaa...first you went to chicago, then China. while that Tinesh fella must be enjoying some french chicken at this very minute. really, you guys must be loaded.

Happy new year to you btw. May this brand new year brings you cheer and prosperity, insyaAllah.

dontcha stop bitchin'...that may just turn a guy off!

constant_drama said...


Tell me about it right? But you know I do seem to attract quite a number of peverted Google search to my blog.....maybe that's coz I am perverted too?



You mean bitchy stuff right? =p


Nope, not loaded. Just indredibly lucky.

And please to say I would stop bitching is like saying pigs do indeed fly. I will never stop bitching, coz that's how I roll.

Zikri said...

it could have been digimon porn

constant_drama said...


AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Mac Hall rocks!