Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey check it out, it's my 200th post. Osssum.

And you know what's more awesome?????? Patt Irmina of Stars to My Burst! fame have awarded me with my first blog award. I feel all loved and shit.

Creative Blogger Award. But of course.

You think being dramatic and coming up with quality bullshit is easy? No my friend, it is not. It takes time, it takes blood, sweat and tears, it takes sore fingers from typing all night long but basically it just takes the natural ability to bullshit your way out of things. Which over the years I have harness to near perfection. Near, not quite there yet but working on it. And with that, with my 200th blog post I feel that it's time I share with you guys some of my
favourite blogs. Hence I am awarding these blogs with the Creative Blogger award.

The Constantly Dramatic One blog pick numbero Uno

I have PMS and a Handgun. Any questions? by Natalija

I fucking love this woman's blog. Fucking love it yo. This woman can bitch better than I can, and no that is not exaggeration. She's hilarious! I always hurt myself laughing reading her blog. She turns trash talking into an art form. Unfortunately, it is a private blog therefore it is for invited readers only. I do wish that one day she'll have a public blog so that everyone can laugh their ass off reading her bitchy rantings.

An if she does have a public blog, I bet she'll be famous as hell. And then I am gonna piggyback on her fame cause as some people have pointed it out in my previous entry....I like "ATTENTION". Bitch of course, I am the Constantly Dramatic One.

The Constantly Dramatic One blog pick numbero Dos

Blogs Have the Right to Children by Yossarian

The thing you have to know about Yossarian is that he's a Lieutenant. Like of the military rank and hence how I found his blog when googling up "soldier's blog". Unlike the firefighter, he has no pics on his blog but he does write awesome entries.

I mean he was this guy who sits on his ass during the weekends complaining about how the beer isn't cold enough to a soldier who been sent to Iraq to fight a war. It all started with fun and games and I used to laugh my ass off with his bitching but now, it's only despair. He talks about bombs blowing up his barracks, he talks about seeing his friend die from a gunshot wound and really it give you a glimpse into the psyche of a soldier. And no, it's not great. It's haunting.

Yossarian started blogging with something like this:

"Right. Do you ever think why the fuck did that just happen? What was the chain of events, which led to such bullshit? For instance, why did my mother tell me that Cold Mountain was a good movie? Why did I believe her? Why did I watch the movie and think that it is good? Why did my commander stop by while I was watching it to see my living arrangements? Why did this happen during the love scene between Jude Law and Ms. Kidman? Why did I opt to pause it? Why did the commander take note that Jude Law's ass was paused on my TV as I showed him around? Why did the director decide that what the film was lacking was a GIANT shot of Jude's ass? Why couldn't my commander have dropped by ten second later, or earlier? Why?"

to this

"I saw this kid today, he is about seven years old. All he knows is war. He smiled and I gave him a Pepsi. Then he pointed me in a direction where there were some old Russian rockets rigged to blow up. I had a playground and a broken arm at seven. He has a Pepsi and a bomb. It is God's will. Not mine. It is my job. Not who I am. I keep telling myself these things anyway."

Give it a go.

The Constantly Dramatic One blog pick numbero Tres

Wine Glass Logistics by Elisabeth

Elisabeth's blog read out like a chic lit. But it's better because it's a progressing chic lit that you can take part in by commenting. Short, sweet and straight to the point; every entry gets me hooked and addicted for more. Her life is sooo dramatic that sometimes I just get so jealous. I'm like why does Elisabeth gets the crazy stalker guy? What about her hot neighbour...I want a hot neighbour. And oh don't get me started on the whole best-friend-domestic-abuse situation.

Drama people, drama!!

The Constantly Dramatic One blog pick numbero Cuatro

Let's Go Land by Kerp

"Kerp is Kerplunk for short. A quad (c6-c7) on wheelchair." as it says in his profile. But being in a wheelchair doesn't stop him from being an active observer of the Malaysian political scene. I mean, Kerp is one sarcastic bastard and I say that with much love. Reading Kerp's blog is a like drinking ice lemon tea during a hot day. It's refreshing bebeh.

Kerp is my number one go to blog if I ever wanna read about somebody being sarcastic about Malaysian political scene. He makes something so tedious and irritating into fun and the only reason I'm still in tuned with politics is cause Kerp's blogging about it. And oh, did I mentioned that he's famous too? Dude been interviewed on TV and newspaper on how much a kick ass blogger he is. Seriously.


The Constantly Dramatic One blog pick numbero Cinco

Bamboo Nation by Prince Gomolvilas

Prince is a playwright based in San Francisco and his blog is his means of reaching out to his (imaginary) fans. Witty, clever and bitchy, his blog is just charming. And gay. Waaaay gay. Something I do not realise before when I developed a tiny blog crush on him. I was like "OMG soooo cute..." and then he started about how his mangina is aching for Zac Efron and then you know....that was that.

But really, Prince's blog is really fun and I met a couple of blog friends from his blog alone. Quin and Peter, both of whom are on my Facebook friends even though we're worlds apart. Prince Gomolvilas, bringing people together.
Be warned though, he put up pics of half naked men on his blog and talk about cocks a uhhh so if you're super heterosexual and have problems with a grown man talking about other grown men's cocks....then uhhhh..... Bamboo Nation isn't for you.

Now go forth and read these blogs. It will only provide you with hours of fun with exception of Yoss's blog....cause the whole war thing would only make you melancholy. Thanks again to Patt Irmina for awarding me with my first blog award. Evah.


cc said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I really need some dramatic reads. :D

Natalija said...

Amaagadd!! What a nice surprise!

I am SOOOOO flattered. It means a lot coming from the Guru of ultimate drama! Thank you thank you *bows and waves to the crowd*

Btw whoever wants a read can email me for access. As long as your not from my school that is :P

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


No prob. It's always good to share a good thing =)


What if they are and know, pretend not too? And oh this is and Blog Award post so you have been awarded =)

Prince Gomolvilas said...

I am deeply honored.

(And a little bit wet "down there.")

Quin Browne said...

you deserve this... and i'm checking out the other ones!

Natalija said...

sigh. there's always a downside to everything.

but like.. can i re-award you back? :P i don't blog hop much. i just enjoy reading yours. lol.

Pourpres~ said...

I LOVE your blog picks. Unlike some other Kreativ award recipients nominating based solely on cronism. Tsk tsk.

Thanx! And you deserve it!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Please, your blog has been one of my fav since I started blogging. Thank you for being so entertaining therefore helping me procrastinate from doing work =)


Thanks! And you totally should. And especially Yossarian's blog. He's pretty awesome. Depressing though, but awesome.


Awww....thanks. =)


Yeah I know!! I guess, nak jaga hati orang lah gak nyer.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

darlin', are being too kind and generous with the compliments. its always an honour to receive an award but to get one from the HRH CDO makes it so much sweeter.

i may be skipping with the rules and all the gay stuff but you bet, the award wll be on my sidebar in no time.

thanks bebehhh...and salam Ramadan al Mubarak to you.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


You deserve it. And oh check your email!!

Melissa said...

congrats on ur 200th post! =)

n i have like... abandoned my blog for godknowshowlong ngehehehe

lazylaaa n besides all these workloads are killing me. my latest obsession----->online retail therapy. i swear i'm gonna be destitute soon if i don't stop doing whatever the hell it is im doing right now =P

keep posting. DON'T STOP (like the lazy me, nyeh..) that's another mui importante' therapy for my sanity check hehe.