Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yeah............mega bitch

I own no crystal globe that would enable me to look into the future. I have no bones taken from slain animals that could help me predict the future. I ain't no scientist that could build a time machine so that I could travel into the future. But I can tell you this right now:
This semester is going to be a mega bitch.

No, seriously.

It's the first week and as per usual the first week is always kinda mellow. It's just introduction classes as students are still thinking whether or not to take it or drop it. Crucial questions need to be answered within the span of thi
s one week.

"Should I continue with this class?"
"Will this class help prepare me in my future endeavours?"
"Will the 12pm class disrupts my afternoon nap?"
"Is the lecturer hot?"
"Does he have a tight ass?"
"Is there a possibility of being able to cheat during the finals?"
"Do I really wanna study this piece of crap?"
"Can I nap/send notes/play PSP/read a book/surf the net on my laptop without the lecturer catching me in this class?"

Questions that need answering, and none is more important than the other. These questions usually could be answered within the first 15 mins of introductory class and then you're dismissed. Awesome. Then of course after being dismissed, this would be followed by a 4 hour long session of bullshitting at the coffee house.


Not this semester though. I seem to actually have lecturers that actually....enjoys lecturing and teaching this sem. So fucking excited to teach that for the first introductory class, he kept us half an hour after it ends, making it 2 hours and half and managed to finish off the whole fucking first chapter in the span of one class. Dude. Also did I mentioned that we were to have 5 quizzes in class, to be given without notice? Also a group assignment that carries 50% of the overall mark and 4000 word "individual research paper" by the end of the sem? Yeah.........and that's just one class. Don't get me started on the rest. Just sitting in class, listening to the course outline and the "my expectation of my students should you wish to continues in my class" speech made me so stress out that I want to hurl midgets off 21 storey buildings.

And oh yeah, this is just the second day of the new term. Yeah.....told you it's going to be a mega bitch. So saying that, I think there will be less posting now seeing that from now on I need to catch up on a whole lot of reading and researching and all that shit in between if I want to maintain my respectable CGPA. And I do.

Now I bid you farewell as I need to go download the lecturer's notes seeing that the first quiz is this coming Thursday. That's right, the 4th day of college and I already have a quiz.

Awesome. Just fucking awesome.


Maverick SM said...

Oops! Semester starts again. Happy schooling and studying.

I wait to hear about your quiz.

Michelle said...

I just realized that I don't really miss school all that much...:)

Quin Browne said...

think of what you'll have in the end...

an education that allows you to support me in the manner to which i am prepared to become accustomed.

"oh, her? she's the crazy lady that lives in the spare bedroom and talks to herself... pay her no mind"

Peter Varvel said...

I hated college, at first.
I liked it when I went back four years ago, at age 38. It's so much better than having to go to work every day!
But yeah, I had no time for anything else. I was doing a show first semester and I soon realized what a mistake that was.

Don't hurt the midgets!

Elisabeth said...

Oh crap. It's not looking good...

Anonymous said...

and they said media would be easier. tough nuts. dude i feel you.

that said, i have never heard of quiz on the first week though. we must gun down that over-enthusiastic lecturer.

Tinesh said...

What class la? Except for bloody socio which Im not taking, I dint havta sit for more than half hour for intro classes hehe

Technodoll said...

As much as I hate being "older", I absolutely positively do NOT miss the days of university and studying. BLECCHHH!!

I guess there is crap to deal with at any stage of one's life. At least you don't have wrinkles and gray hair... enjoy it!! ;-)

evie said...

whenever i think i miss my college days, i read this blog and am reminded that it wasn't THAT much fun afterall. and now, i'll keep this post bookmarked for future ref.

good luck with the quiz!

winda said...

oh.. cd, are you sure you're not being ultra dramatic?? Give some respect to all those good old lecturers, will you....


My god, cd, whenever i heard the stories of those still in school, im always happy that i graduated already!!
Master degree?? Well... just have to wait till my brain said 'ok'

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i dont know mann...but academic study really bores me. i actually made it into the real world with only my crappy SPM to show for. CGPA, CLP...i dont even know what hell these abbreviations stand for.

A. Aini said...

4000 word "individual research paper"

aku tergelak part tu. bukan tawa sinis yang means 'padan muka'. but an understanding and sympathetic chortle.

and the speech about the course outline tu, paling dibenci and i avoid it like it's std. that's why first week tak pergi kelas. hohoho. tapi akibatnya rasa malas ke kelas yang berleret for weeks because tak tahu apa-apa. end result is extend dengan cemerlang. hohoho lagi sekali.

anyway, all the best with your studies. and hope u get the most tight ass lecturers in campus. ;p

what course are u in anyway?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I really don't think that the beginning of the sem is a happy thing.....


Memories always seem nicer than real life right?


Tell the crazy lady....pay her own bills =p


I love the friends, the lifestyle and all taht. What I hate is the workload. Meh.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know.


Gun him donw....ooohhh one day I will...I definitely will.....MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! }=P


His name start with a "B" and I will bitch about him, on this blog, for the rest of the sem.


We will always have to do things that we hate, at any point of life right? Meh.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Oh yeah, bookmark this. Put a star on it your Google Reader. Lest you forget how evil college was.


....................=p Okay maybe a little bit dramatic =p. Mehehehe, oh Winda how you can read me so. But still, the workload is a bitch.



I don't have your guts man. I don't have what it takes to go into the real world without a degree. Respect you though, for the guts.


As students we all share the same pain, no? And I'm doing mass comm. Hence the amount of writing and presentations.

And they say mass comm are for bimbos right? Screw them all to hell and may they burn there too.

winda said...

i know the workload is a bitch.
I always tried to skip classes if i can on college. Good thing it's not a media course so i dont have to write essays.
seperti tak pernah muda saja dosen tu.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Winda, with media classes it is all about writing and how creatibe your are with bullshitting. =p

re from Indonesia?

winda said...

yep, from indonesia. Though i've told that already? But well, was trying to talk in malay. Turn out awful i bet. Ha, like i ever learn the language. should never try talk the language you never learn :P

i know, we have media class here. And one of the fun day working here is when finding a media student plagiarize :D
oops, before you feel like you want to kill me, let me tell you that the media students found plagiarize are not smart.
I bow down to smart plagiator :D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Plagarizing? What is that word? I have never heard of it. All my work is done by me, written in my own blood.....tralalalaala =p


winda said...

*bow down to cd* :D