Sunday, August 03, 2008


I changed the layout. Yet again. Been having troubles with the other layout. My posting seems to have gone missing and the pictures looked washed out. I cannot take it anymore. It has been pissing me off like crazy.

It was puuurdy I give you that, but stupid as hell....Much like dating a bimbo.


Tine said...

Aww shucks. But yeah, layout-ing can be a bitch. Actually, I'd prefer to go on classic Blogger, which you'd get to deal with proper CSS and HTML rather than the bloody XML, which I think is absolutely SHITE. Plus there are TONS of free templates out there which you can customise to as well. Gimme a shout if you need help with that :)

Anonymous said...

I found this website for free layouts. take a look.

Technodoll said...

ROTF! you crazy girl... I admit I like this style much better. You done good, very good :-)

Quin Browne said...

i am loving the new photo... and with my internet back, i'm rubbing my hands together in glee over catching up.

evie said...

just as i got all comfy with the purdy layout... sigh. but whatever makes your langkawi pictures look better i suppose. although, your cleavage will look good no matter the layout. haha! now i sound like some crazy ass stalker

zewt said...

back to blogger given templates better eh?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Oh God Tine. Thanks so much for the offer. I'm thinking of sticking with this template. Save the headache. I wanna make a blog banner though, know anyone that could help me out with it?


Oooouuuuu! Thanks for the tip babes. But I need to change to Firefox to be able to use those.



Hahaha. Thanks Techno. This is much simpler and easier on the eyes no?


I'm glad you're back too =D


Oh yeah....cleavage looked good anywhere ;-p


Yuuuup. If it's not broken, don't be fixin it right?

Pourpres~ said...

I like this one better too :p The colors I mean.

Oh yeah, pourpres is purple in French :p

As for porphyra, it's Greek.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Purple is your favourite colour right? Mine too! BFF! =P But I don't pick purple as the background colour cause it's not really easy on the eyes. I like white for my blog background.

It's gentler on the eyes hence easier to read =) .See, I think of my readers' well being =p

Pourpres~ said...

HAHA. Are there insinuations everywhere telling me that I don't think of my reader's well being? You think mine's too purply (yeah I know it's not a word:p) for the common eyes?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Actually I think it's puuurdy. I like and oh babe, did you off your RSS feed? I'm not able to add you on my Google Reader.

Peter Varvel said...

Argh! Something is wrong . . . another comment that I had left did not make this list.
Testing, testing.