Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Et tu, Tinesh?

You see, I have this term of endearment for my friends. Sunflower. I know it's weird as hell but sunflower is my favourite flower and when I really like someone, I call them Sunflower. As a term of endearment. Sunflowers are only given to the ones...well the ones that I really like who I think above all, are the family I chose for myself instead of the ones that have been dealt to me by the hands of fate. Not that I don't love my family, of course I do. I mean I have to put up with disturbing shit that they do and the harsh words they say and find it in my heart to love and cherish them still. No family that have been dealt to you by the hands of fate is internal, everlasting love. Where else, the family you chose for yourself are the ones borne out of camaraderie, understanding and most of all respect. And oh yeah, also good times, in-jokes and random moments of stupidity.....which always involves plans that at the moment seemed like a fucking genius plan but when executed is just fucking stupid and will collectively get everyone in trouble. Yes...these is what friendship is all about.

So anyways there's a couple of my sunflowers right here in the blogsphere. There's
Gypsy who have been there all they way since the high school years. There's Cheesecakeerian and 3kc/ who goes to the same college as I do for the last 2 years. There's Elfie, who I've known for a short term but grown to be close with and then....there's Tinesh. I don't have that many close guy friends who are non-gay. Seeing that I'm a fag hag and all (as Peter have pointed out) but yup....Tinesh is a close guy friend. A sunflower. Well....he used to be.

Until I stripped him off the title.


He betrayed me!!!!! Traitor!!!

Omg, you guys remember that little annoying tit that I wanted to stab in the eye with a blunt pencil and then strip her naked, pour honey on her, tie her to a tree and then watch as red ants eat her alive as I cackle my evil laugh? Tweety? Do you remember her? Yup, that bitch.

He went out and party with her.

Traitor. Okay lah, fine....he was invited to a party that she was just so happened to be there. Okay lah. Fine I get it. And he didn't even danced with her on anything but still......Imagine my shock when I logged onto Facebook and then go "Hey Tinesh been tagged".....or "Look he went to a party"........."Looks fun.....hhhmmmm......eh.......Wait. A. Fucking. Minute........................WHAT THE FUCK? IS TWEETY THERE? AND TINESH? MY SUNFLOWER? FRATERNIZING WITH THE ENEMY??!!!" Dude, I almost died.

You traitor!!! You are no longer a sunflower, I disown you. No, seriously. I disown you. You traitorous non-sunflower. Dude, how could you party with her? How do you even stand being in one room with her? Did you feel your IQ trickling out of your ears just being in my room with her? I mean......ewwwwww.............didn't you just felt her stupid disease just attacking your stupidity-immune system? I mean....dude, macha, formerly-a-sunflower....how do you even stand being in a room with her without wanting to smack her face until it bleeds? How?

In an event, you betrayed me. You are no longer a sunflower. In disown you. You are hereby strip of all special privileges that comes with being one of my sunflowers. Stripped!!! And the only way you can make up to me is if you get me a life-sized cut-out of Clive Owen so I could dry hump it. No, seriously. Life-sized cut-out. Dry hump. Failing that, teh tarik at Ali Maju followed by a session of groveling. Your choice. But if you bring your "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series on Wednesday, I'll forgive you 1 day and half faster than I have planned.

But for now, it stands: You traitor!! I disown you.


Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha you disown him?? Omg LOLLL I shall borrow that from you. Everytime someone gets me pissed or yg sewaktu dgnnya I will tell them "Bitch I DISOWN you!"

Tinesh said...

Okay lah, fine....he was invited to a party that she was just so happened to be there. Okay lah. Fine I get it. And he didn't even danced with her ..

And how the hell am i a traitor even when you yourself concede that I was there only because of the invitation?

HG2G on wednesday! Yup np. And teh tarik as well :D:D

MisSmall said...

"Stab in the eye with a blunt pencil and then strip naked, pour her with honey, tie her to a tree and then watch as red ants eat her alive?"


I'll remember to not get on your bad side. :D

Elisabeth said...

How very dare he!? I am glad you stripped him of the Sunflower title.

turtle said...

tsk tsk tsk...fraternizing with the enemy...tsk tsk tsk...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Tinesh, you bastard! how could you? now you've really stepped over the line. you mess around with ma sunflower, you're messing wit me.

Michelle said...

Wow, calling out and then ripping on one of your sunflowers...I like your style. Hope you two work things out...LOL

Farid said...

She wouldn't write a note like this if she didn't care about you (in her own special way). I can see that. She probably cares enough to not see her sunflowers corrupt themselves.

Quin Browne said...

think of it this way... he was keeping an eye on the enemy!

he was brave, and went undercover, to see what he could find out!

he should be rewarded!

let me know how the clive owen thing works out...

Peter Varvel said...

Omg, TCDO, so harsh!
It doesn't matter if they're straight or gay, men will end up cheating on you with other women, just not always in the same way, ha ha!
So I guess you could say that, in a sense, you've "de-flowered" Tinesh?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Ahahaha!! Yeah, I actually use it back in highschool- like a lot when I get pissed off with my friends but after high school I kinda forgotten about it. Till recently I was going through those you know....."autograph" books, that thing that your friends write their whole biodata in and all their wishes.....it was all the rave back then and yes, I still keep mine.

And then I re-rmbrs that within the notes and the wishes the term and the slang that we used to say to each other. "Disown" used to be one of them. Just as "sunflower" is now.....and I am sooo bringin it back. =)


You're a TRAITOROUS NON-SUNFLOWER because you are. You partied with her, you were in one room with her willingly and that's they betrayal. You were lepaking with her.

And I still havent got that teh tarik. You are not forgiven. * CD sulks in a corner *

Miss Small:

Yeah....I think that would be a wise decision....=p Thanks for visiting.


I'll give it back to him. After he's done grovelling for it. The little traitorus non-sunflower.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know!! The betrayal!!!


I KNOW!!!!! Go, go kick his ass for me Kerp. *pats Kerp on the back*


We will.I just need to torture him for it first. }=p


I bet Tinesh gonna go frolicking around in the sun with her, next year when I'm gone. The inhumanity..... =S

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Undercover? Please....more like for the free-flow. Heh. He will be rewarded with a kick in the ass for this betrayal.


Eeeewwww......Peter!!! Hahaha. Oh God, mental image. Yes totally betrayal is cheating right? The non-sunflower!!

Tinesh said...

Deflowered? Shit. I deflowered like 3 years ago. And not by CD nooooooooooo

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Traitor, I'm just as disturbed as you are. Why Peter? Whhhhyyyy?!!

Melissa said...



u SHOULD throttle him CD! that's what u do to ur supposedly bestie who were caught red-handed fraternizing with ur number one enemy hahahahaha.. err mayyybe that's not enough. by the way, all the punishments u have came up for him, including disowning him are befitting for a traitor like him, hmph!

and oh, instead of a life-sized cut-out of clive owen, why not make him get the REAL clive owen instead??? make him work for the pardon, CD, MAKE HIM!!!

*takes a deep breath n exhales slowly*

err.. sorry 'ter'over pulak.. i always get emotional when it comes to friends-turn-traitors issues hehehe.

evie said...

omg! as i was reading this i kept saying over and over "no he didn't"... but he did! tsk! there should be a real life clive owen not just the life size cutout!