Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There's a thin line between girly and fucking annoying

A lot of people have told me that I am somewhat girly. "Girlier than most, but not in the irritating-girly-kinda-thing." And I guess they are kinda right. Somewhat.

I have a penchant to have at least one pink item on me everyday. If its not my top, then its my bag. If its not the bag, then its the shoes. If its not the shoes than its the lipstick. And if you can't see any pink anywhere on me, then its a safe bet that my bra is pink that day. I call my friends "sunflowers" as a term of endearment. The girls have dealt with it, the guys still cringe coz "It's just too gay". I am not ashamed to admit that I love the Spice Girls, Britney or the Sugababes..... and I consider Linkin Park "hardcore". I love cupcakes, I think action movies are ridiculously boring, I am attached to my stuffed toys, Marilyn Monroe IS a style icon, I adore movies that make me cry, I spend waaaaaaay too much time on Polyvore.com creating fashion sets and I wish my car is pink instead of blood red.

So yes. Girly. Somewhat.

But just because I am somewhat girly that does not mean I cannot kick your ass.

So there's this chick right. She's girly. Waaaay girlier than the Constantly Dramatic One. The first time we met, she told me that she likes my outfit. It was pink. The second time, she asked me if she could braid my hair. The third time we met, she started baby talking with me.

What. The. Fuck?

This bimbo, I am gonna make an educated guess here that she is at least 18 years old to be in college and she started baby talking out of nowhere. We are involved in a project that require us to be in each other's constant company for the next 6 weeks, and this bitch started speaking baby talk. With everyone who is involved in the project. It's like she came in completely normal and then middle of this whole thing she decided that she is too cute for words that she started baby talking. Observe the vocab:

"But but, I dunno its wike that. I would reaaaaaali reaaaaali try wike better."
" I wuv you, I wuv you soooooo soooooooo much" (while hugging her own fucking shoes).
"OMG!" (not Oh My God people, as in the letters O.M.G out loud. Bitch speaks in acronym).

And every time she deliver these, she would always have her head tilt to her side, her lips pouted, made her eyes bigger and speak in a voice that she presume is cute. It is not cute. It is the most annoying piece of shit I ever had to encounter in my life. If my shoes are not as expensive as they are, I would take them off and beat the living shit out of her with it when she does that.

I am gonna assume that you are capable of speaking in coherent sentences. I am very sure of this since I have seen and heard you done it before. You are girly, I know that. You also think that you are cute. Which sadly, you are mistaken. And in attempt to be cute, you decided to speak in that retarded way of speaking to drive home the fact that you are indeed, cute.

Huney....it doesn't work. You do not come across as cute. You come across as a spoilt brat who sadly.... is retarded in the head. I am sorry for your parents. But then I am sure they are already aware of this. My condolences nonetheless.

And the whole fucked up part of this is that I will be stuck with you for the next 6 fucking weeks. And in this 6 fucking weeks, we are going to have to meet up for at least 4 times a week. And in that 4 times a week, at least a two hour session each. That's 8 hours of listening to you talking your retarded language and trying to be cute. That's 8 hours of trying not to roll my eyes at you. That's 8 hours of talking to myself out of pulling your lips as you pout them. That's 8 hours of feigning friendliness your way because I want to maintain a good relationship - for the good of the project. 6 fucking weeks. I dunno how I am gonna achieve this when you are making it so fucking difficult.

Now maybe somewhere along the way, someone have told you that when you tilt your head to the side, pout your lips and speak all baby-ish, this would make your cute. This someone could have been your boyfriend. I'm sure that its not annoying when you do your baby talk with him. He might have dug it. But then let's take into account that he also has a penis and he probably was sticking it in you the whole time. He has benefits of listening to you speaking like you are retarded in the head. He was getting some.

Newsflash bitch: I do not have a penis.

I gain no benefits whatsoever from you deperately trying to be "cute" and "adorable". You on the other hand do gain something. You gain my pure, unadulterated loathing, a blog post dedicated to your bimbotic pursuits and the topic of interest to my sunflowers when I describe in detail how much I want to inflict bodily harm on you over lunch.

And when I do meet up with you next - and I will be doing a lot of that in this coming 6 weeks - you better not say anything along the lines "OMG! I made a boo boo".

Because huney, I will end you.

And I'll make it look like an accident.


Michelle said...

I HATE that! I had a roommate in college that used to do that with her guy friends. They couldn't stand it and it used to make me cringe (at least she didn't do it to me). You have my blessings to slap her the next time she embarasses herself.

MK said...

i think it is harder to speak in acronym. wow.

adry azad said...

hahaha.. what the f*ck man.. i used to have a group mate like that once.. except i actually screwed her up (verbally ok..) and she quit college.. lol

Tinesh said...

Should also be labelled under "minyak hitam bitchiness" haha!

Home Theater said...
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Kuan said...

i would have speak EXACTLY the same way she does. i dont think anyone would be THAT stupid NOT to NOTICE it when someone is MOCKING THEM with their own medicine :)

hell with project, she has to grow up, seriously. O-M-G.

faye said...

i think ppl who say O.M.G. in acronym...should be kicked off the face of the earth...or moved to Pluto.

I have someone who says that to me all the time, and worse...its a guy.

Technodoll said...


The next time Twitty opens her mouth and lets a diaperpoop out, look at her with a look of disgust/confusion on your face (just act natural, LOL!) and say "I'm sorry, WHAT did you say?"

If she doesn't switch back to normal talk, s-p-e-l-l it out to her: "Quit that, it's annoying, you're not two years old anymore and neither is anyone here".

sigh. or just smack her upside the head. he he.

constant drama said...


What is the motive really? WHAT? Does that supposed to make the guys think shes super cute and all rush around to like protect her coz she is that vumnerable and shit? WHAT?!!


I think so too. Like if you can say the whole thing, why use teh acronym?


Meluat giler dgn minah manja-manja ni. Nak terajang jer. Yeah, I'm giving her time. I probably screw her up after the project. I really want the project to go well.


Great idea!! I actually re-labeled this post to "minyak hitam". AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

constant drama said...


Hey....you know what? I WILL DO THAT. Seriously, I will. I dont think I am the only one who is irritated by this bullshit.

I hate those manja-manja bimbos. They should all be lined up to a wall and shot.


Himbos? Himbos are just as painfully irritating to deal with. You can actually feel your IQ seeping out....trickling out of you ear as you talk to these bimbos/himbo.


I will call this plan C. Last resort. Seriously.

Zikri said...

i demand pictures to judge said "un-cuteness"
do not want audio clips of irritable content

Sincerely, King Bitch said...

HAHAHA! Ahhh! I missed your rants. :D
What's up with that girl? She deserves a bitchslap.

Patt Irmina said...

hi constant d.

been a silent reader to your blog. but i feel like i HAVE TO comment on this one. *haha, sounds so formal*

one of my coursemates talks like tht, and its irritating the hell out of me. once is ok, but everyday..it makes me feel like i wanna bitch-slap her.lol.

neway, really enjoy your blog!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh, ok what? 'anjing betina' at its/her finest.

Elisabeth said...

Yikes; it amazes me how you cope, it really does.

I'd have smacked her silly by now.

Being a bit girly is fine. Being a tit is not.

constant drama said...


No way, this is an annoymous blog. And oh let me guess, you're into manja-manja girls right? Go figure.

King Bitch:

She is sooooo deluded that she thinks she's cute. She is not cute. She is a deluded bimbo that need to be bitchslap. Second you on that one.

Patt Irmina:

Hey Patt! Thanks so much for visiting.

Seriously? You know someone like that too? My god. These bimbos are like all over the place. Its like an epidemic. A virus.

We must eliminate them all. Care to join me?


That's a little harsh dude. This chick....she aint bitchy. She just terhegeh-hegeh. Tergedik-gedik. Bimbotic to the max, but no, not a bicth. There's a difference. Gotta know how to differiantiate that.


A "tit"?

AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! OMG! I love you Brits I do. That's what I'll call her now. A tit. Love love luuurve the slang.

Tinesh said...

WOH!!! What's a tit la?? *innocence*

elfiejane said...


OH EM GEE I wanna kick her ass! Damn. I miss college. I miss ranting about stupid bimbos.

evie said...

at least you sayang your shoes enough not to knock her senseless. hahahahaha... i didn't realise there were such people around in college. you'd think they'd left that behind in kindergarten...

constant drama said...


Sure Tinesh....suuuureee...


I miss bitching with you too. And I have photos of her. Can show them to you. No sweat.


I was wearing Nine West boots. Like hell I am gona throw at her. The only thing she deserved being thrown at her mengada-ngada face is the pasar malam selipers.

Zikri said...

no.. i dont like manja2 girls, i just have a penis

Ashley said...

I just found your blog!

Great post, I HATE girls like this.

I am girlie too, even when I am wearing the comfy clothes I have to have pink..love it. But, goodness...this type of talk. I would have to tell her, I couldn't deal with it.

She has to be young...HAS to be!

constant drama said...


Yes. I am very happy for you.


Ouuu thanks! How do you find my blog though? Anyways, she is young. Like 18 years old.

But then when I was 18 I dont go round acting like I'm retarted in the head okay? And I bet you didnt too.