Thursday, March 27, 2008

A vapid and bimbotic post

Okay I know I said there's a hiatus and all that coz the words are not flowing. I wasn't messing around. I am having a somewhat writer's block. So the following post is going to be extremely vapid and bimbotic. You have been warned.

My homegirls and I are going to
Penang!!!! But in May though, exactly one day after our finals. Then we all gonna board a bus that would take us on a 4 hour ride from Wilayah Persekutuan, across the Penang bridge and onto the island of Penang! I would drive us there but my parents got all iffy when I said that. They will never let go of the whole "Oooouuuu CD-bang-the-wall-while-trying-to-reverse-park incident". So we're taking a bus, we could fly but it'll be more expensive but more importantly it will cut our bitching time. Bus ride would give us ample time to bitch about everything under the sun and more.

I am super excited. We gonna rent a car when we're there and go to all these cultural/historical places. Then when its not so hot we will hit the beach and pretend we're on Baywatch. 3kc and Cheesecakeerian can work on their tans. I don't need to do seeing that I'm already brown. I just stalk hot men on the beach. My dad have high powered binoculars...would definitely borrow that for the trip. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Which bring me to another topic, we would be spending at least two days just lazing around on the beach. I need new swimsuits. I mean, I already have one but I need another one. Like hell I'm gonna repeat the same thing twice two days on a row. Which means....the Constantly Dramatic One would need to go shopping. After 3 months of not shopping.
This. Is. Big.

But this is a necessity. I need to look constantly hot.... When coming out of the water. When frolicking around on the beach. When removing sand from my butt crack..... What if Clive decided to go on holiday in Penang? The chances are very slim, I'm gonna agree with you on this one, but like my high school science teacher always say: Preparation is key.

So now, the Constantly Dramatic One is on a mission. To find a swimsuit similar to the one my idol wore:

And then to have a picture of me taken in the same exact pose.

Same. Exact. Pose.

Also, with this blog post, I am declaring that when I am frolicking around on the beaches of Penang, my sunflowers must refer me as 'Marilyn'. Or I'm just gonna ignore them. I'm serious people. Its 'Marilyn' or nothing.

Delusional? Moi? Puhleaaazeeee.

And oh anybody knows good places to eat in Penang? Like really good. Like the "sungguh sedap hingga menjilat jari sampai ke siku" kinda good. Our top priority on this trip is to eat. A lot. Where's the best nasi kandar joint? Ikan bakar? Any other speciality? Oh and please only suggest halal ones, Marilyn is very fussy bout food. Uuuuhhhhhh..... I mean me, the Constantly Dramatic One, is very fussy when it comes to food.

If you're too shy to leave any suggestion in the comment box then mail me. And as token of appreciation I'll send you a pic of Ghendut, my golden hamster, posing like Marilyn. Promise.


Tine said...

Ooooh Penang, my HOMETOWN! :D

Okay, I'm not good with directions, so you're going to have to go to Wikimapia to double-check ya?

I'm don't eat much halal food (sorry!) but I do know where the good ones are.
1. Ikan bakar - go to the one opposite Agilent Technologies (wikimapia it). It's in Bayan Lepas, and it faces Pulau Jerejak, so the view's gorgeous. If I'm not mistaken, it's called Ismail Ikan Bakar. Or something. Can't really remember, but the ikan bakar's famous :p
2. Bangkok Tom Yam - again, it's in Bayan Lepas. Search for the exact phrase on Wikimapia; it'll show you how to get there :) I miss this place SOOOO much.

In terms of nasi kandar, if you've been to Penang before, the ones opposite Gama shopping centre's quite nice. It's not one of those franchise-type restaurants (eg Kassim Mustapha, Kayu, etc), which means it's a lot better :)

I'm afraid that's all I can help you on in terms of halal food. I'm not sure if this is halal or not, but if you have the time, do check out the famous ice kacang at New World Plaza. It used to be the Swatow Lane ice kacang, before they had to move to New World Plaza. It's apparently one of the hottest hanging-out spots in Penang now.

As for shopping, there's Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall (the latter's a lot bigger). But then again, shopping's the same everywhere, so if you are jet set on sightseeing, then forget the malls :p

In terms of the beaches, I'd suggest you to head further along Batu Ferringhi. Do not go to the ones with the hotels; the beaches are dirty and overcrowded with ugly people :p But since you're going only with a group of girls and no guys, then I guess that's the safer option.

Have fun in Penang! :)

gypsy-on-the-move said...

Marilyn babe, why do you need a swimsuit?? i thought u already have one? the cute one? anyway, i've been to Penang for countless times so best nasi kandar, will be the Kayu Restaurant! totally niceeee!

evie said...

hey hey hey! i thought there was no shopping till june??

faye said...

I'm from Penang !!!!And I miss it like soooooo bad :( :(

There is this food court in Tanjung Bungah, (opposite a German restaurant called Ingolfs) that has really awesome 'northern malay' nasi campur.

India town, in down town Penang has really good nasi kandar and stuff. But in doubt, Pulau Tikus has a lot a lot a lot of food.

And and and ... Bangkok Lane has the best best best mee goreng ever :(

I am now officially homesick. So you better take the white swimsuit marilyn picture :) lol.

Adrienne said...


Didi Ooi said...

I was really enthusiastic about introducing you food as I'm a Penangite myself. I got overly excited when i read your "sungguh sedap hingga menjilat jari sampai ke siku". That is, of course, until I read the HALAL part...



constant drama said...


OMG! That is DETAILED. Thank you so much. Oh we have GPS so its all good. Hey is it true ppl in Penang drive like crazy?


Ehhh, Kayu Nasi Kandar belakang rumah aku pun boleh jumpa. It so common lah. Something different lah. Something exceptionally 'Penang'. But Im gonna let you slide coz you called me Marilyn. =p

But the one I have now is not similar to Marilyn's.....I want to have something like what she is wearing.


But this is a necessity. A NECESSITY. C'mon, you dont expect me to repeat the same thing two days in a row right?

constant drama said...


OMG!! I love you Penang people. You guys are so detailed. Damn, you guys have a German restaurant thr? Im impressed.

I'm totally hitting India Town. Fo sho.


That's shopping right? But tak nak shopping lah, I just wanna use up ALL my money on food. Nom nom =p


Wow, I have no idea that so many of my Drama Lovers hail from Penang. Dude, just go ahead and suggest some. My friends arent Muslims anyways, they can go and I can go with them.

But I tapau KFC first lah =p .Hehehehe.

Elisabeth said...

Oooh, luck you! I've never been so can't suggest anything great; but I can't wait to hear all about it.

Good luck with the swimsuit Constantly Dramatic One... Uhm... I mean Marilyn ;-)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Lim Guan Eng will be happy to welcome you guys and he'll have his own high-powered binoculars snooping on bitches by the beaches.

Technodoll said...

What a gorgeous beach! lucky you!! but then again you do live in a tropical place... never take that for granted.

Sick and tired of the snow over here... *sigh*

Do we get bikini pics?

Tine said...

Yep, Penang has crazy drivers. Actually the correct term would be crazy motorists, so be careful of them. The bloody buggers weave in and out the cars like flies on crack. Gah :(

constant drama said...


Why thanks Audrey =p


Bet he is. We're bringin in money for him. And ewwwww, he has high powered binoculars too? Yuck.


Bikini photos only IF I look exceptionally hot =p .And dude, its still snowing over there?


Okay then. Thanks for the warning. I bet Im gona get some scary ass road rage when I go there =p .LOL.

elfiejane said...

dear marilyn,

of course i will be in penang.




Kerp (Ph.D) said...

and why do you think the CM's office on the top floor of the tallest building in the whole of Penang?

Maverick SM said...

That's a great swim suit!

I wait for you to post the pic....I think you'll look great.

constant drama said...


AHAHAHHAHAAH!! Evil bitch. =p


Duuuuude, that completely makes sense now. Whoaaa...


Thanks! I think I'll look great too! =p

Joanne the whiner said...

ooohh Penang. My mum's from penang and i used to go back annually and reading this, i am missing the food there already

i dont know much abt halal food, except for their famous nasi kandar. but am missing penang rojak, hokkien mee, char kuey teow, etc now. The food there is cheap and yummylicious.

u must blog abt ur food adventure when u return!!