Monday, March 10, 2008

Penis envy?

The Constantly Dramatic One would now take you away from the election fever to bring you this video that I found on youTube. Don't ask how I found it. I just did okay.

It's this commercial spot for a device that let women pee standing up. That's right. A device for women to pee standing up.

I dunno bout you ladies out there but uuuhhhh, this shit is kinda weird. Like really weird. And its a card box....what the hell? I laughed so hard the first time I watched it, I almost peed.......And I bet you whoever that came up with this is a man. Or a woman with crazy penis envy. I dunno, what do you think?

And yes, I just wrote a post about a device that let women pee standing up. Just like Malaysia, Dramatic Musings is also exploring new territories.


Quin Browne said...

i have always said penis envy has nothing to do with power in the world, it's all about peeing where ever you want.

with that said... i don't see me getting one of these, since my idea of roughing it is a hotel without room service.

Technodoll said...

That is freaking retarded. Seriously! Whatever happened to the good 'ol Squat n'Shake?

nevina said...

I've heard about this before, and apparently it's aimed more at the outdoorsy kind of women - the ones who like to camp and trek on a regular basis.
It works as a safety procedure, so instead of squatting to relieve oneself (and putting themselves at risk by exposing the...erm, more 'vulnerable' parts of the female anatomy), they can do so standing, and probably only risk getting bitten around the ankles or something. And even then that's nothing a quick survey of the area can't ensure.

I'm just surprised more than anything else that there was an advertisement for it :S

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bad news for the voyeurs. you cant see a twat.

Michelle said...

LOL! Um, no. I mean, it's weird. On the other hand, I suppose I could just fashion one of those things out of an old cereal box or something...just too weird!

Adrienne said...


Maverick SM said...

As a man, I can't comment on this device as I have not seen one and of course will not experience the use of it.

But I'm amused with this post; it's kind of a good break from politics.

Elisabeth said...

Argh! That is so wrong on so many levels.

...but also hilarious! Now I am having to show it to my boss!


evie said...

i heard about these from my friend about 5 years ago when she was quite serious about buying some. i was mortified!

but now that i've seen this video and just realised i too could write my name in the snow, perhaps i should be getting some as well haha!

anfield devotee said...

Well, if it isn't er, excuse the pun, a piss take, you must surely agree that its a pretty handy device given the state of most public rest rooms in M'sia.

If it is real, bet it'll make the inventor millions!

elfiejane said...

i is missing you!

reply msges and texties pleaseeeee

constant drama said...


I probably get it before I hit a concert of rave or something.


I agree, it is kinda retarted.


Oh so its nothing new then?

Well...if they wanna pee standing up and have the means to do so that go crazy. Better safe than sorry I always say.


Speaking for yourself Kerp.....? =p

constant drama said...


I know!! The whole cutboard part gets me too....I mean.....wont it get wet when you're at it?


My pleasure babe. :o)


Ahahahahahahahaha, amusing? Of course it is. I mean, seriously how could you not laugh when you watch that?


I know!! Glad you enjoyed it. And your boss too.

constant drama said...


Ahahahahha! You're the only one that get that part too. I mean, that's like a really stupid part.

"Ooohh wow, now I can write my name in the snow - I MUST GET IT."

Marketing strategy failed.

Antfield Devotee:

Yes it is real, my friend says that its being sold here in Malaysia too. In Guardian or something. I was like "Seriously?"


I'm soooo sorry!! I will! I will!!