Saturday, March 08, 2008


The Constantly Dramatic One have voted. My first time voting. With the risk of sounding like a total was pretty exciting for me going through the whole process.

I tried to take pics of my voting place, not the ballots, but the school and a cop yelled at me. Fucker. You don't even look hot in your uniform and that's something coming from me. Fucker.

Okay, so now we wait. And hope for a better tomorrow.


Quin Browne said...

when i were young, my greatest joy was my first time voting.

in the us, it was a hard one right...done during vietnam, when people yelled "we can die at 18, let us vote at 18!"

i took that right seriously... and have voted ever since. i insisted my children all vote when they turned 18, and was proud to go with them.

my country has a long way to go in order to find some peace internally, to repair the damage done in the world's eyes... yet, we have it in us to do that, by exercising our right to vote.

it is a freedom hard won, from the beginning in 1776, until now.

i'm proud of you... keep that belief in the right to vote, and keep voting. believe.

Technodoll said...

OK i freaking LOVE that pinup gurl! reeeeeerrr! meooooowza mama!

Just had to say it :-)