Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh what a glorious feeling

I just got back from another meeting of my on-going project. It was glorious. The meeting I mean.

Remember Tweety?
Ms. I'm-all-grown-but-I-speak-like-a-retarded-4-year-old? Yeah that one. She has a sidekick and this one is worst. Truly Tweety is the one of the lesser evil coz the other one has issues. Waaaay bigger than Tweety's. This one is ridiculously annoying. She likes to yell at people, a bonafide bossy brat, moody as fuck and so delusional to think that she's cute. Fortunately for me, she isn't. And when it comes down to it, she and the Constantly Dramatic One does not get along. Plus I'm biased. She yelled at one of my friends before and called him a jackass to his face therefore she has been officially indicted as 'The Enemy". Otherwise known as "bitch you're fucked now".

I really don't like her and I get the vibe that she doesn't like me either. I think the boys in the team also do not like her because she yells at them when she feels like it. And then when she feels like it, acts all cutie around them. Issues.
Bitch has issues.

So there's this party coming up that the whole team is going to since one of our member is the one throwing it. So she was saying that she found a dress for the party but its too big and it sucks sooo much coz she so wanted to wear it and bla fucking bla. I really don't give a flying fuck. To everything that she says, I go "Hhhmm" and nothing else.

"I found a dress!
Like it was like gold and black.
But it was one size too big.
Well boo hoo, I don't give a rat's ass bout you jackass.

Then comes the glorious part.

She was like, "Ouuuuuu you're going to the party? Me too! I HAVE A DATE!!"

Then she grins and stared at me in that expectant way when you want people to ask you everything about your date. Who is he? What's his name? When is his birthday? What brand of diapers did his Mama use to contained his ass. That shit.

But I didn't.

I just stared back.

Then I turn to the guy sitting next to me and started asking him about the most trivial shit I could think of.

I asked him where he got his flip flops from.

Ohmygawd!!! You should have seen the look on her face!!! It was priceless!! I cannot even begin to describe how happy and contented her face made me feel at that very moment. Ahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!

Glorious people. Gloooorious.

That's for calling my friend a jackass, you jackass.

"Oh what a glorious felling" is a movie tagline. Which movie did I stole it from. Hint: Its one of my favourite movies.


Tinesh said...

Yea!! you gotta tell me in college who the bitch is!! damn i shuda been in minyak hitam la

PS: Some old skool movie like casablanca or citizen kane or something la

cheesecakeerian said...

Hm... I thought you said the OTHER one was the one who had a date. Remember? You texted me saying that? Made me happy for no reason =P Ah well, nvm!

Tine said...

Hahahahaha, that's just priceless. I don't know who your friend is, but I can imagine how it'll be if I were to do the same to someone I detest :P

You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

SCORE!!! you rawk my socks hun!

btw is it singing in the rain? :P

constant drama said...


Minyak hitam is killing me dude. Meetings everyday, have to deal with the bimbo. But I already made a commitment. Im not walking away. *sigh*

You're right its and old movie, but not the ones you suggested.


No no. You got it wrong. Its not Tweety, its the sidelick.


Babe, she was soooo pissed. She was in a bad mood for the rest of the meeting. LMAO.

Pink Rosies:

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! IT IS Singin in the Rain. YAY!! You are my BFF! =P

Quin Browne said...

and that, that is what makes you rock.

Kuan said...

my fair lady?

aww....would you have done that for me as well by calling random bitches who screamed at me that they are fucked? =)

evie said...

to be honest with you, i can't stand unnecessary bitchiness (yes, there is such a thing as necessary bitchiness don't you think?), so this woman had it coming la. hahahahahaha

constant drama said...


Thank you, thank you *bows*


No lah. Singin in the Rain. Pink Rosies already got it right.

And of course. I will layeth the smacketh down on that bitch if she messes with you.


She was asking for it.

Kuan said...

felt the love baby, felt the love :)