Friday, March 21, 2008

When coconuts can play CDs.....

The Constantly Dramatic One have been tagged. By Tinesha HotChix. Coz she is just that hot. (I will be killed after this. I know that. But I can't help it, I'm sorrrry Tinesh =p )

Okay, I need to name five CD of my choice if I were to find myself deserted on an island.


Okay, lets take a moment and reflect on that sentence again. Five CDs of my choice, if I were to find myself deserted on an island. What the hell is the logic in that? Where am I suppose to be playing that CD in? "Oh excuse me, let me just insert this CD right here in this fallen coconut. Coz you know, coconuts these days can play CDs just swell."

I mean really. C'mon. It makes no sense.

And question is, if I were to find myself deserted on an island, why would I want to have CDs with me? I want a fucking satellite phone. That's what I want. Or even better, Clive Owen. And you know when you get washed up from the sea....your clothes get torn...and wet and uhhh, well I don't need music for what I wanna do with Clive...... or clothes come to think about it.....

Anyways, this is my list. For those of you who are hardcore into rock music, indie music or any other kind of music that considers to be deep and world changing, I apologize. My list will hurt you; emotionally, mentally and finally physically coz you will feel sick to your stomach. You have been warned.

Fifth place:

While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets: Cobra Starship

This is the debut album of the band Cobra Starship. Now apparently they are the shit in the underground scene in the States but have yet to make waves here in Malaysia. Their music is consider to be "pop-punk". The CD itself is eclectic and they cover all kind of topics from child isolation (The Kids are All FUCKED UP) to plane crashes (Bring It) and to living your life (Keep it Simple). The lyrics are either straight up rude or tongue-in-cheek clever. But seriously if you ever heard of their 'Church of Hot Addiction' with lyrics like this:

"Just let me ask you:
Hey, have you heard of my religion?
It's called the Church of Hot Addiction
And we believe that God has lust for everything"

You'll be addicted too. And that's why its my fifth pick.

Fourth place:

Unwritten : Natasha Bedingfield

I love Unwritten, first of all this album doesn't really have a genre. She has all kind of music in it. You'll be listening to pop then suddenly to rock then hip hop. Its all over the place but even if the music differs but the lyrics is strangely honest. Unwritten is the type of album that a girl would want to listen to when somebody happens to led her into doubting herself. Songs like 'Single', 'Unwritten', 'I Bruise Easily' and 'Silent Movie' is just too damn profound, its amazing:

"We're in a picture black and white
Who took the light out of my life
When you, gave in
We're playing out of different roles
We should be wanting the same goals
Listening, forgiving"

Really, when there's no one else for you, Natasha will always be there. Well her music anyways.

Third place:

Hairspray : Original Movie Soundtrack

Seriously, this whole musical, the movie, the play, the CD- is groovy baby. Grooooovy. Its a great album. And the thing I love bout musicals is that well they're songs and dance and they tell a story too and HAIRSPRAY have the most kickass story. Fat girl gets her dream job and dream man by just being herself. I already get the fat and being myself part down, now I just need the dream job and dream man. Plus the CD is jam packed with all these tunes that you just wanna get up and shake your ass to. Fucking awesome man. And never forget Queen Latifah's 'Big, Blond, and Beautiful':

The Constantly Dramatic One ain't no blond but I am big and beautiful. Indeed.

Second place:

Breakaway : Kelly Clarkson

I'll say this once: I don't usually make it a habit to think of me as anything other then the Constantly Dramatic One but if I could exchange life with anyone else for a day, it'll be Kelly. Saying that, in a way Kelly screwed herself over when she came out with BREAKAWAY because this album is too damn good that I sincerely believe that it'll be pretty much impossible to top this. I am quite right because her third album 'My December' does not come close at all to being the masterpiece that BREAKAWAY was. This album is categorized under "pop-rock", I categorize it as kickass. This is the ultimate break-up album. Full of quietly angry lyrics and songs about how to mend what's broken. And every time 'Addicted' comes on, I cry because:

"It's like you're a leech
Sucking the life from me
It's like I can't breathe
Without you inside of me
And I know I let you have all the power
And I realize I'm never gonna quit you over time"

Been there. Done that. Never again.

First place:

Spice : Spice Girls

Oh c'mon! How could you not see this coming? I am the ultimate Spice Girls fan. The fangirl in me died when I couldn't go for their reunion tour. Its been exactly 10 years since 98, since their meteoric rise to fame. It's been 10 years since I run around the place demanding people to call me 'Scary' instead of my name. It's also been 10 years and I still listen to their CD. I know the lyrics to all their song and bitch, I can dance the routine to 6 of them. All those years practicing in in front of the TV have not been futile.

So that's why the Spice Girls debut album is my top pick. Yes their music is shallow and cheesy but they're memories. Of back in the day when life was less complicated, when dreams seems like they are always within grasps, when I was young-er and of course the symbolic representation of a part of my life, an easier part, that I'll never get back.

I'm tagging: Elisabeth, Gypsy and King Bitch.


anfield devotee said...

Dear Madam,

It was me who started this tag some time ago. It was clearly stated on me blog that you were stranded on a deserted island with nothing but a working turntable/CD player fer company!

Logic? See Lost TV series, ok?

And the purpose of the 'Desert Island Discs' is to find five great albums, each by a single artist (hence no soundtracks or compilations or best ofs).

TQ fer the Cobra Starship recommendation. Sounds dead interesting.

ps: we are now doing a top5 films tag, so do drop by & share yer views with us. Cheers!

evie said...

i know the lyrics too but damn! you know the routines! that is amazing!

i wanted to go on their reunion tour too but that never happened. although people couldn't stop giving me looks when i told them that i hoped to go...

elfiejane said...



I miss you, bitch!

Quin Browne said...

let me narrow it down

one album
one book
one item

the island has food, water, shelter

pick one

oh, and it has shakespeare there... the book, not the dead guy.

constant drama said...

Anfield Devotee:

Oh I dont read your blog so I wouldnt know. But the thing is, if you started out the whole tag thing than why the Island concept? Why not just say "5 CDs you cant live without"? Or maybe "5 picks on a rainy day" or I dunno something more.....logical? The whole concept is silly.

The soundtrack to Hairspray is not a compilation. It is a sountrack that comes from a MUSICAL. It is a whole CD that comes from the ensemble that made the musical a success. Different people sing on it but they all come from the same ensemble, 'band', if that resonates better with you. So still a great album made of a single 'band'.

Cobra Starship kicks major ass. You must check them out. And I'm just gona wait till I get tagged with the movies thing. Thanks for dropping by.


People dont give me looks. They know I'm a Spice Girl nuts. Always has, always will.

I listen to shallow pop music and I am not ashamed to admit it. =p


I though of naming all 5 with musicals but that is just pushing it =p


Album: Spice (we dicussed this)

Book: Time Traveller's Wife (Audrey Niffenegger)

Item: My glasses. I need to see if there are ships approching, cant see far without my glasses.

What's your items?

Maverick SM said...

Actually I want to vote about your template. But the 4 options is not what I want to say.

I wanted to choose option 2; but It says, "Change it bitch".

I don't want that word; I want to say its time to change the template as it will make blogging fun.

You're not a bitch; you're bitchy; that's not the same.

Tinesh said...

I should kick your ass for calling me Tinesha but hey! U my kawan la..So I forgive you k?? But not without some form of bribery..

Cobra Starship, I need to get addicted..

Tinesh said...

BTW, about your poll..I really dont give a rat's ass bout ur template cause I dont check your blog for the templates..Doesnt matter what your template is but MAKE SURE you remain the same aite???

One sunflower to the other punya advice la

Quin Browne said...

album-paul simon's surprise. i love every song on this album.

book? i'm torn, to kill a mockingbird or the road

item? my laptop.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i like ms Clarkson. And Breakaway's a nice song. this was the one where the chorus goes na na..naa.. right?

ok i know that wasnt it, but hey, Spice Girls were rad and Geri Halliwell was like the hottest bitch ever, esp with all those Union Jack Bras and platform shoes.

Zikri said...

i dislike the spice girls, not because they suck but because for some reason when i was young my cousins for some reason always made fun of me and said i was going to be mel b's girlfriend of something, it was weird because i didnt even watch or listen to their musis lol.

constant drama said...


Uhhh, first off thanks so much. I feel all warm inside =D. And "bitch" is just a way of talking these days. Depends on the way it is delivered and the context, it brings different meanings. So its completely fine for you to vote.

Tinesh & Tinesha:

Thanks soooo much for the adivce. From one sunflower to the other, truly appreciated. =)

And yes, will bring the CD on Monday. You'll be in college right?


Laptop? What if it dies down? Where to plug in...*durn durn durrrrnnn....*


Kelly kicks major ass. Fact. And Geri? Yeah, loads of guys say that. I dont see it. For me its always Mel B a.k.a Scary that does it for me. I think she's waaaay hot.

First girlcrush =P


Mel B's....."girlfriend". ......AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! I feel you man, I feel you.

Kuan said...

my list would so make you become the constantly crying wreck, lalat ALWAYS comment on HOW DEPRESSING my songs are.....

Quin Browne said...

it's solar powered...


anfield devotee said...

Dear CD,

Fer yer info, "Desert Island Discs" is not me invention. It is quite a common column in most music mags. The term has been around fer quite a long time & usually requires no explanation.

And "Desert Island Discs" sounds far more fun than the pedestrian "5 albums you cannot live without" . . . (I find it astounding that somebody who listens to musicals would find this 'silly' ie aren't musicals slightly ludicrous? And why the anal-retentive need fer logic?)

Well, shan't take up any more of yer time & thanx again fer keeping the ball rolling on this tag.

arathi said...

SPICE GIRLS...woohooo!! that album is the best ever for me as well!! What kind of shit names did they have?" Ginger, scary, baby, posh, and sporty. Sounds damn weird now...especially ginger! hahaha..but those songs will be timeless babe..

constant drama said...


That's it! I'm tagging you! And oh do feel free to include any compilation or soundtracks if those albums happen to be on your list of favourite albums.


Ahhh, and where is this island pray tell? I am needing a vacation.

Anfield Devotee:

Well I am anal retentive when it comes to logic. Much like yourself who goes around to other blogs pointing out that people did the tag without..."adhering" to the rules.

So I guess, the anal retentive thing is quite common now, aint it?

Oh its fine. But do make sure that you dont take up anymore of my time in the future. Enjoy the rest of your day.



How come you dont blog anymore? Sunflower! UPDATE!!

And oh yeah, it is some stupid ass name. But it was sooooo cool back in the day right? Sooo cool.

You know what I'm thinking? Karaoke night. Only Spice Girls,BSB, N'SYNC and 5ive's songs permitted as a tribute to our school days. =D

Anonymous said...

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