Saturday, March 08, 2008

March 8th 2008

Malaysia 12th General Election

I am not gonna make any comments about it seeing that so many other have done so. In the last two weeks as the campaigning reached its pinnacle of ultimate stupidity; so many promises have been made, so many lies have been told, so many accusations been thrown and so much of the rakyat's money wasted by sending a baboon into space.....oh wait, that happened way before. But what I'm saying here is that I'm not making any comments or observations.

As interested as I am in politics, Malaysia's politics is waaaay too stupid and corrupted for me to even discuss it.

I do however will talk about how I - the Constantly Dramatic One - as one of the rakyats, and as a registered voter who will be exercising her right later in the day feels about all this. When I look at this country politics ongoing I feel nothing but disdain and loathing but then I would feel sad. I feel sad because I know how corrupted and fucked up our system is. We are a country that have so much potential to grow, to become better. But the money are being spent on ridiculously stupid fucked up shit. Spinning gasings in space? Incomplete developments? Excuse moi, a personal jet for who now?

And then of course the baboons, who sits in the parliament. Every fucking one of them. The sexist, the racist, the one that somehow spawned from our late Prime Minister's sperm, the dumbass, the asshole, etc. I want to go through one by one and discuss their stupidity but there is this favourite quote of mine. It says "Never argue with a fool, someone watching might not be able to see the difference". So let's leave it at that.

Bottom line is that its the General Election today. Its going to be my first time voting. Today I would cast my vote and earn my right as a citizen. And when I do that, I would not be thinking about how I have contributed to this charade of so-called democracy in this country, but I instead I would be thanking the women who made it possible for me to vote today all those years ago. So thank you. But yet......I hate to sound cynical......but in Malaysia's version of democracy the voice of the people would never be heard. A single vote would never make a difference. Those fuckers would always have us in their stronghold.

You know that and so do I. I'm just stating it out loud.

But yet I am casting my vote because even knowing all that, there is that hope of something better for all of us down the road. And hope is all that we have.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

you said it, girl. waayyy better than i could ever come close to. the private jet, the monsoon drain cup, the space monkey,...real nice all these. and they claimed to be a people's government. eat my shorts!

constant drama said...


Now we wait. And hope. And bitch for the next 4 years till the next election comes around.