Monday, March 24, 2008

Things happen Mom....

Dear Mom,

Before anything else I would like to thank you. Thank you for carrying me around in you womb for nine months and then later on went into a 15 hour labor to bring me into the world. Thank you. Thank you for driving me to school, to tuition classes, to swimming classes, to violin classes for like 12 years of our lives. Thank you for listening to the crap that spew out of my mouth even though half of if doesn't make sense. Thank you for teaching me how to ride the bicycle, how to read and I still remember those days when I sit on your lap as you guide my hand to write. Thank you for all the the little things and the big things that make you such a wonderful mother.

And yes, I am thankful that about two years ago you talk Dad into giving me a car for my birthday. How many people can say they get cars for their birthdays? Well not that many that I know of. I love my car. I like the facade of freedom that comes with it. I like the colour, it matches my personality. I like the fact that Dad change the rims and now I have pimped out rims. As much as I love my car, and I do, and I consider it to be a part of me, I also love your car Mom. A lot.

Would it kill you if you let me drive it once in a while? Like seriously. I understand that your car is about I dunno....6 times the price of my car. I understand that. But here's the deal Mom, you don't even drive your car around. Half the time you make me drive you around. To the bank, to the pasar malam, to your biweekly Quran readings, not that I mind....but maybe I could drive you around in your car once in a while. And I seriously resent that you say I will total your car. I have never total any car........... Okay, that was that one time when I bang the wall with my car when I tried to reverse park...and take out a headlight at the same time. I get that. But that was like what, 9 months ago? You cannot possibly hold that against me? I was young. It was 9 months ago. Come on!

And no Mom, I do not appreciate that you hide the keys to your car when you're out with Dad. I know this because they weren't at the usual place and I spent 2 hours searching for them. What kind of mother hides her car keys from her only child? That's right, ONLY CHILD. ME. You already married off one kid, and the other one is chasing the American Dream.

3 - 2 = ME!!!!

Honestly. It's just a car. Why won't you let me drive it?!!!!!!! It pains me to my soul that the beauty just stays there, in the porch and you too stingy to let me drive. Seriously. Why do you hurt me so? Do you like seeing your ONLY CHILD suffer? Huh huh? And Mom think about it, if something were to happen to me. Something bad, something....wouldn't you regret not letting me have the one thing I want....when I was around. ("Was" = past tense Mom, take note). Wouldn't you just hate yourself. Wouldn't you think to yourself "Ohhhh, I should have let CD drive my car. Its her final wish....." But by then it would be too late. Coz I'm no longer around.

Things happen Mom. I just don't want you to regret it.

The only one that's left.......for now,

The Constantly Dramatic One

This cat is the symbolic representation of my mother.

I'm just sayin....


Tine said...

Hahahahaha!! And there I was, wondering what sort of mum dedication post you were doing :p

Aiyo, what car's your mum driving lah? :P

faye said...

12 years of violin ...whoa :)

you must be vanessa mae by now :D

adry azad said...

why u so drama... ??

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

In brutal honesty, if something to happen to you, your mom can take some consolation her car's safely parked at the front porch.

done the tag btw. thanks.

Quin Browne said...

dear cd's mom,

my car, too, costs 6x the amount of my children's cars. when i left it behind in storage, i left the keys with a friend...not hidden where they could find them.

i feel your pain.

and understand why you hide them... we had to wait through children, mini vans, spilled drinks, puke, changing diapers, driving people everywhere to get our dream cars.

no one is touching them if we aren't in them.

get over it, kids.



Didi Ooi said...

LoLz. Drama queen in the making. For real. Funny one. Hope ur mum doesn't go blog hopping and, uhm, yknow.. Hehe.. Don't worry, my mum doesn't let me drive her car too. Dad lets me drive his though, but don't know why my mum's acting all [like what u described about urs].

Oh and my mum's car is smaller size than me again that. !@#$^&*()!!

Anyway,let's boycott our mums. I buy the manila cards u get the marker pens yeah? :p

Technodoll said...

LOL does your mom read your blog? :-o

MK said...

lol xDD

hope she read this

constant drama said...


I drive a Malaysian made car. Nothing wrongs with that but my mother drive what could only be described as luxury car. Think BMW. Think 3rd Series.

Think I never gona drive it. Dammit!


Chech, dont take it so literally. I only played the violin back when I was 7 & 8 years old but I gave it up. Because I am eternally sucky at it. =p


Dude, why do you ask that? The blog itself is called 'Dramatic Musings'. I named myself the Constantly Dramatic One. Dude, everything is "so drama" here.


Damn. That was brutal. But I have to agree, it is true.

And oh thanks so much! I already checked it out. =D

constant drama said...


Suuuure, side with the enemy. But damn that was funny though. AHAHAHAHA!!


Yes!! Lets do!! Boycott them. I mean come on! Just let me drive it already. I'm dying inside.

You're feeling me right Didi? You feeeeel my pain. I know you do.


My mom doesnt even know I have a blog. LOL. And oh- LUUUVING your new display pic!


Dont count on it. =p

Tinesh said...

Nyehehehe you cant drive the car!! I dont blame your mom la..Itu kereta 3 siris punya apa..Saya sindiri takkan kasi lu pandu laaa

Elisabeth said...

I'd be so scared if my Mom knew about my blog - good on you for keeping it quiet!!!

And 12 years of violin? Heck, girl! I can't even play "twinkle, twinkle little star" on my Dad's old Yamaha keyboard. I'm impressed.

adry azad said...

actually, my mom still is wary of me taking my dad's car out.. and its a 26 year old car... she thinks its to.. uhm POWERFUL for me.. hehe

Sincerely, King Bitch said...

I have a suggestion, although it's pretty extreme:

Why don't you fake a terminal illness and then tell your mom your last wish is to drive the car?

You'll get to drive the car, but the lie might hurt your relationship with your mother...just a tad. ^_^

Michelle said...

I have a 6 year old mini-van with candy canes stuck to the floor if you want to borrow it...hahahaha

constant drama said...


You do realize the fact that I cant drive meaning you cant have a ride in either. Right?


Crap. I have to rephrase that line. Apprently you're not the only one who thinks I've been playing the violin for 12 years.

I have not touched a violin since I was 8 years old. What I meant by that is that she have been driving me all over the place, including violin classes, all within the span of 12 years. Does that makes better sense? Meh.


I think its a Mom thing.

King Bitch:

It is....uuuhhh, extreme. I rather come up with another plan. LOL.


AHAHAHA! No thanks. But thank you for the offer.

Tinesh said...


constant drama said...


Now you get it...