Friday, March 14, 2008

Goddamn rempits

That's right.

You whistling and yelling from your motorcycle whilst commenting on how you wanna "hit that" as I walk down the street is so totally turning me on.

I just wanna take off all my clothes now and fuck like bunnies with you right there in broad daylight because being yelled at and whistle to as I walk down to my parked car like a fucking 2 cent hooker is what I have always dream of ever since the day I was born.

You do know the way to a woman's heart.

You stupid worthless piece of shit assholes.


MK said...

I love your blog.

Zikri said...

what would happen if women hit on men instead?

Elisabeth said...

I always think that - why do these people believe shouting "yeah honey, nice ass" means I'm going to yank off my top and rub myself up them.

Sad... really, really sad...

Tinesh said...

That's why they're called rempits la..Otherwise they'll be known as Gentlemen..

Technodoll said...

Fucking brilliant! Now, we need to get this printed on little cards to hand to those losers... if they can read, that is.

Jamie Lovely said...

You can watch Top Model episodes on the CW website :)

Quin Browne said...

i'm getting a slight hint of sarcasm...

Anonymous said...

Still trying to find that vid on one of your previous posts of the crazy rempit scraping his head (inside a helmet of course) along the road.

You really need the safety of a circus tent before doing those stunts and even there if you came off and flew into the lions cage it could be quite uncomfortable, lions are quite territorial from what I've heard.

constant drama said...


Thanks! I love it too! AHAHAHAHA, angkat bakul sendiri =p


Why dont you tell me since I dont have women hitting on me. And I'm also not a man. =p


Its coz they are bunch of educated bastards. Horny uneducated bastards that should be shot in the testicles.

I'm just sayin........


And that's why UMNO love them so much.... ;-p

constant drama said...


I'm pretty sure they dont. So instead of giving cards we should juts kick them in the balls. I'm pretty sure they understand that.

Jamie Lovely:

Thanks for the tip Jamie!


Really? You are? =p


Hey, I think you got the wrong blog. I never posted any video of rempits bashing their heads in. Though if I ever see that I would just point and laugh and move on with life.

Coz that's how I roll.

Thanks for dropping by anyways.

msiaman said...

Hey CD,

Love your blog! Especially those Pinup Girls, my previous landlord had a couple of them, not one of those on your thumbs. Had lasting impression on me when I was young.


constant drama said...


Thanks! Hey, I like your line there "lasting impressions"....what kind of impressions if I might ask? =p

Oh btw, are you still im contact with your landlord? Maybe he can tell me where I can get the immitation pin up girls. I only have two, from the Varga line that I bought in Chicago and that's about it....I am assuming that your lanlord is Malaysian...?

3kC said...

not only rempit-du-dads do that...creepy guys in friggin trucks and vans do it too..sometimes they beep the gross..

next time, make sure you have your pepperspray..HAHAHAHAH!! that'll gime em something to cry about..

Prince Gomolvilas said...

I wish more men on motorscycles would sexually harrass me like that. You are one lucky girl. Congratulations.

Kuan said...

yea baby, me likey likey

honk honk!

Anonymous said...

Must have got that mixed up, maybe it was a link to a clip.

The late Evel Kneivel made a living out of riding his motorcycle over buses and other fixed objects, lots of people wanted to see him do it as well.

adry azad said...

hmm... you're sense of humour (read sarcasm) and choice in art is pretty intriguing.. refreshing indeed.

constant drama said...


They were from across the street. I was picking up the laundry for my mom and they were like across the laundry. Verbal harrasment. Fuckers.


Gee thanks Prince, but the next time I just send them your way.



It's more like "Eeee, eee mantap nyer. Kalau gigit mesti best."

Soooo disgusting!


Yeah, you must have. Evel Kneivel dresses like Elvis while doing his daredevil stunts. A fact that never fail to amuse me.

Adry Azad:

Why thank you. I'm pleased that you like the artwork round here.I am a huuuuge fan of the pin-up girls.

Thanks for dropping by!

adry azad said...

yeah.. and i'm gonna stalk this site too.. i was trained as a designer.. but i'm no artsy person like you.. :(

Maverick SM said...

Cool down honey! It's not worth loosing our temperament over those arse rempit.

Kuan said...

i would have responded "aku ada syphilis, jom gigitlah!"

then again, maybe not =D

thats kinda cheap and lame of them innit?

constant drama said...


Sssshhhh, I am not artsy either. I am PSEUDO artsy fartsy which is just a fancy way of saying that I am just a poser. I cant draw for shit. =p

Designer for what? Software?


One of these days I will run down those bitches with my car. You heard it here firts.


They're stupid fucks lah.

adry azad said...

lol they won't even know what syphillis is lar.. they only know the word nyonyot..

aiyo what do i address you as.. anyway i was trained to be an industrial designer at one of our 'leading' (puke when u read leading) colleges.. visit my site le.. then u'll know .. :p hope to hear from u soon...

Nerd-tastic said...

hahaha that's amazing. cuz pretty much that's how I feel about guys that hit on you on the street as well. It's like you making "provacative" comments when i walk by really makes me want to jump your bones and screw like there's no tomorrow.

Really. . . . .I wonder if they actually think it'll work. And the chicks that it does work on will probably give them syphilis.

constant drama said...


You can call me the Constantly Dramatic One ooooor CD just for short =D

Yes! I will google your name and see if I find anything.


I know!! Like what is the logic behind that? Maybe they think its sexy. Coz they are just that fucked in the head.