Monday, February 18, 2008

You made a what now?

So today I was in college right.... I mean that's what I do, the Constantly Dramatic One is a college student. I was dressed like a college student, I was carrying college books, I was thinking of my assignments when I received a text message from a friend saying that they all hanging out at the study area. Basically the study area is the 4th level of the building where students go to chill in between classes. Plus it's fully air-conditioned and has wireless. Good times.

When I got this message I was at level 1 meaning I have to climb the damn stairs to get to level 4. Usually I opt for an illegal ride on the emergency elevator but today, today I was channeling 80es Jane Fonda and I wanna feel the muscle burn. Yes, I will. I will feel it burn as I drag my giant ass all the way from the 1st floor to the 4th floor. Feel it CD, feeeeeel it buuuurrrrn.

By the time I got to third floor I was basically huffing and puffing and there were too many goddamn stairs. I was cursing it under my breath when I heard a thud and there was a cry from some chick. Apparently some chick has fallen on her ass. Yeah, okay. Funny shit but it happens. I bet her ass is hurting but I was too preoccupied with the pain in my kidney when I heard what she said next:
"Ouch! I made a boo boo!"..............................................................................................................................................................................


What in the fucking blue hell bitch?!!! You made a boo boo? I almost trip up the stairs listening to your impressive vocab! I almost made my own boo boo. Are you seriously fucking with me? Excuse me? You made a boo boo? What the fuck?!!

Okay let's recap. Bimbo landed on her ass. Bimbo hurt her ass. And then she proclaimed to her friends that she made a boo boo?...............................Excuse me? I am in college aren't I? Where there is actually a grade point average to be qualified to enroll? And you said you made a boo boo? Whhhhaaaaaaaaat?!!! Seriously listening to those words coming out of your mouth has lower my IQ by 78%. I am amazed that I could even type this shit out right now.

I look at you and I'm thinking you're what? 19? 20? That means you are old enough to have your reproductive organs to be working. That means you are old enough to actually expend your vocab while you were living your life in the past 18 or 19 years or so. I mean, this is just guessing work but I'm gonna make an educated guess that in the past 18 or 19 years or so that you would have pick up something to read. Like a cereal box.

Seriously. What kind of piece of shit remark is that? "I made a boo boo." I understand that you might be embarrassed seeing that you landed on your ass in front of people. I understand that you feel the need to cover that embarrassment. Unfortunately your need to cover your embarrassment is that for you to act cute. And for you to act cute is for you to use babyish words like that. Sweetie, I got news for you. Once you hit the 10 year old mark, using the phrase "I made a boo boo" is no longer cute. It just makes you seem retarded. While we're on the topic, did you Father drop you on your head when you were a baby coz that would explain things.

And also it wont pissed me off to the core knowing that the girls that I share my tertiary education with are a bunch of weaklings that like playing it dumb to get guys attention. So you fell down, it’s embarrassing. I get it. Pick yourself back up, says it hurts and then hold your head up high. Don't be a fucking retard by using dumbass words like that.

Today I am embarrassed to be a woman. You know why? Because of you. Because of your need to act helpless and cute when shit like this happen. Feminism is set back by decades by bimbos like you who likes to play dumb. And while we're at it, lemme guess your role model is Jessica Simpson right?


elfiejane said...
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a a l i y a h said...

YOU RAWK CD! I was blog-hopping and stumbled upon your blog by chance. I'm a friend of Adrienne's. I have to say that you are an incredibly amusing writer. I LOVE your posts esp the one you wrote abt math. You couldn't have expressed it any better. I look forward to your future dramatic endeavours.


cheesecakeerian said...

Urm... Didn't we overhear "worm" say that the other day in college? Yep. College is full of bimbos who just want to get drunk and parttttty. *rolls eyes*

Technodoll said...

Maybe she said "oops I made a poo poo"... call her "skidmarks" from now on :-D

Quin Browne said...

my brother was crew on a film with jessica simpson.

interior-production meeting.

mr. simpson: i don't want you to make my daughter look stupid.

my bro: (soto voce to his grip)isn't that like saying, i don't want you to make my daughter look blonde?

constant drama said...


"some long, straight haired, skinny bean pole, chinky bitch."

Add in "stupid fucking bitch" and you got a jackpot. And oh deleted your comment coz you gave details. Tsk tsk tsk.


Oh thanks so much. I'm glad that you enjoy it though to tell you the truth the way I write is exactly they way I talk so yes I guess I am amusing. =p


She did?!!! She did?!!! OMG! I will kick her down the stairs and give her a real fucking boo boo.

constant drama said...


AHAHAHAHAH, skidmarks! Maybe I should. Stupid dumb bitch.


AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!! How did Papa Joe reacted to that? AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! OMG! Your brother is awesome! Gimme his email so I could shower him with fanmails. LOL!

Sincerely, King Bitch said...

I couldn't stop laughing while I read your post. Seriously, I couldn't. I laughed all the way from the first to the last paragraph.

You have the gift of bitchiness. And that's a compliment.

gypsy-on-the-move said...

she sounds really stupid. i bet u stop and stare at her like whole 5 minutes after hearing that. gawd. that was embarrassing.

constant drama said...

King Bitch:

I know!! It truly is a gift, which I have harness to the maximum =D


She is fucking stupid lah. I wanna hurt her. Kick her off the stairs and give her a real "boo boo".

coco said...

I don't mid Jessica Simpson, I think she is nice enough, although a little stupid
I think the 'boo boo' comment is slightly ott though, didn't they say that in the Rugrats?

Tinesh said...

Maybe she pissed in her pants la..My lil cousins say that when they pee or crap lol...

I posted the boobs question on my blog..U shud too..See wat response we get lol

mell said...

omg i swear you're terribly amusing (:
but i must say not all tall beanpole long haired girl is a bimbo!
i fit all three *except maybe tall* but i insist that i can think without any help (:

constant drama said...


The "boo boo" comment was ridiculously stupid ok. Only stupid people use that. Bimbos.


Done it!


Yes, you know that's very judegemental of me. Just because people look the same way does not mean they act the same. Sorry about that.

But still, girl was a bimbo.

evie said...

boo boo, how cute. maybe that's what it says on your other bedsheet? you have yet to disclose that piece of information so i will keep guessing no matter how ridiculous or that you might track me down somewhere in pj and kill me. lol

constant drama said...


Holy crap. You're eeeeevil. And never! Never will you find out what my other bedsheet is! MWAHAHAHHAHA!!

I do however sleep with a whole lot of stuff toys. When I say a whole lot, I mean I can open a farm of stuffed animals. Yup. Now you know. And if you excuse me I would go kick myself now for letting you know that.