Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm sorry. Is this an audition for 'Showgirls' that I do not know of?

Nipple Slut has got nothing on you. Seriously.

Bitch, what the hell was that? Its a public speaking presentation. Not a fucking stripping audition for
Showgirls. See, I checked the course outline that it says this week we are all supposed to go in front of the class and give a presentation. There was never a mention of stripping in the course outline.Right, ..........stripping. In class.

What in the blue fucking hell is up with that?

I remember you mentioned once to me that you dress like this, so that one day when you get married only your husband would get to truly appreciate the glory that is your body. Maybe in the middle of sex he will just start singing 'Your Body is A Wonderland' because you kept it hidden for so long and he is the only one that could ever, in your entire lifetime gets to appreciate it. Kudos. I give you one point for dedication and another for being a hopeless romantic. I wish I am but I'm waaay too cynical about that. Plus I also secretly pity my future husband seeing that a whole lot of people have seen my boobies. I like to wear lowcut tops okay?

So anyways moving on..... was it really necessary for you to strip down from that to this:

(Albeit, the model look waaaay hotter than you and less vulgar.)

in front of the whole fucking class? You are talking about male/female interactions, what the hell was up with the stripping? You want to grab attention. You did bitch. But guess what, no one was listening to a word you were saying. I thought Nipple Slut was bad, you huney is the Queen of Hypocrisy. At least Nipple Slut never hides the fact or talk about undressing only for her husband. She is skanky and she never hides that. At least she is honest and that is something you are clearly confused about.

You huney, has lost it all today. You might think that you were being radical and sexy, I have news for you. There is a thin line between sexy and plain out trailer trash skanky. You have crossed that line and you are so far out that the line is a dot to you. I might go around in my miniskirts and sometimes my bra strap pokes through my top but I never stripped in front of the entire class or walk around in religious robes proclaiming that only my yet non-existing husband can look at my body.

Hypocrisy is ugly and come to think of of it, so are you.


3kC said...

those images will haunt me for life. that is all i can say about that. hahahaha!

all my respect for her is gone after that..and i thought she was smart too..too bad.

"i hope i have enlightened you...blahblahblah"

more like, i've been enlightened..i now know your cap size.

Valerie said...

Someone seriously did a striptease in class?

NOT cool.

evie said...

wow! what class are you in? how in hell did it involve stripping?

constant drama said...


Such an assault to my eyesight. But hey be thankful, she gave us stuff to bitch about for the rest of the sem. Ms.Boob Cleavage just made this sem much much moooooooore interesting.


No definitely not! It was sooooo "out" there.


Well that's the horribly fucked up thing. She was talking about flirting. That is her presentation topic. Then she said "watch this". And then she started stripping in front of the class.

Everyone was sooo damn shocked, you could drop a one cent coin in the class and you will hear the echo. Seriously.

The lecturer is man so she probably get high marks....seeing that she has a Pussy Cat Dolls complex and all....

cheesecakeerian said...

Thank God I wasn't there.. Although I wish I saw the looks on the guys' faces. HAHAHA!

gypsy-on-the-move said...

wow...some college girls are pretty interesting...something that will never happen in my uni. =(

sonstar said...



tell me pronto kthxbai.

Hey wait... did you take PHOTOS?

Tinesh said...

I heard you got the videoooooooo hahaha!!! I gotta see it!!

Quin Browne said...





so, how about dem yankees?

*this is what you say in new york when you are shocked and have nothing else to say*

Nerd-tastic said...

WAIT!!! Dude! Facebook me the details!! Even Im curious now!! hahaha Sometimes I really do miss the drama at Uni.

constant drama said...


Well, I was too intoxicated by her massive boobs to notice anything. Like seriously.


Well you guys all cover-cover and do it. Excuse me, isn't it your Uni the one that got the video of some chick giving a guy a BJ in the library? And you haven't send me the video, send it to my email lah.......Gypsy send lah.....



constant drama said...


Well here you say "What in the fucking blue hell you skank?"....okay maybe not. Maybe that's just what I say. My eyes hurts.


I got PHOTOS AND A VIDEO. I will Facebook the shit out of it.


Ahhhhh ter-miss you pulak up there. My bad. And yes, I have photos. MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!!!!!


Klaw said...

wow, i wouldn't mind being in that classroom :P

constant drama said...

Horny arent we Klaw? *smirks*