Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stuff in my bag

I stole thing tag from Evie ages ago, we're talking way before the Chinese New Year and I still haven't got to it. On accounts that I am lazy. Plain and simple. The tag states that I need to list down six items in my bag - I say screw that. I wanna put up everything on the net coz on top of being constantly dramatic I am also an exhibitionist. But you know that already so here goes!

I took a pic of the stuff in my bag for your reading pleasure.
Dedication, I has it.

Item the 1st:
My orange Braun Buffel purse. To tell you the truth I don't really like it but Mom got it for me coz she thinks its funky being orange in colour and made out of leather. So now I lug around a purse that made out of a dead cow. It is very good though because its big I get to put in a whole lot of stuff in it and trust me, I have waaaaay too many discount cards. Its bright in colour so I don't lost it in the depths of the huge bags that I like so much. And its made out of leather so its tough. My mom is Mrs. Practicality.

Item the 2nd:
My ancient cell phone + extra battery (just in case). My phone is a Samsung SGH E 600C. When I bought it 4 years ago it was RM1,200....its probably around RM400 now. The only cool factor it has is that that it has a phonecam other than that - nothing. No mp3, no Bluetooth, nothing. But I have no intentions of replacing it. Its still in good condition and I'm not one of those gadget freaks that constantly need to update their phones. As long as I can call and text I'm good.... coz you see, the Constantly Dramatic One is old skool like that.

Item the 3rd:
Car keys. Self explanatory.

Item the 4th:
Sunglasses and well, glasses. Sunglasses are a must to shade my eyes while driving plus I can't drive without glasses anyways because I am nearsighted. I am so screwed if I forget to bring my glasses. Once I had to drive home without my glasses and that was without a doubt one of the scariest experience of my life.

Item the 5th:
Lipstick casing. I always have my lipbalm and whichever lipstick that I'm using in the case. Then I will have a lipgloss that matches the colour of the lipstick along with me. So my lipstick application steps are:
1) lipbalm to moisten the lips
2) put on the lipstick
3) the last step is to put the gloss in the middle of the upper and middle of the lips for that extra glamorous look.

Item the 6th:
Pepper spray. To spray any guy who wants to mess with me in the balls. Yes. In. The. Balls.
Because it's sure as hell burns there as well.

Item the 7th:
Umbrella. This is a necessity because the college I go to only have open air car park. The umbrella is truly needed to protect my precious skin from the burning sun and to ensure that I do not get screwed if it starts raining.

Item the 8th:
Notebook. To jot down random thoughts throughout the day, make a list, pass notes in the class etc. Plus the cover is cute.

Item the 9th:
Current reading material.

So there you, stuff in my bag. And I'm sorry Evie to dissapoint but unfortunately I don't have a kitchen sink in my bag.And yes, that's my bedsheet you're looking at. It has hearts on it. I know. Pathethica. I'm not tagging anyone, feel free to steal it if you want too.


Adrienne said...

Just curious... would there be time to aim for the balls?? i shud really get one too. my area is creepy...people creepy

ChiliLady said...

cool items! i always seem to forget about 4 of them.

juraiza said...

I have millions thing in my bag that I couldn't bother to describe it.

Once my guy friend said"Woman!Your bag itself could be the weapon.It's freaking heavy"

Given my small stature it's a wonder that I can lug around 2-3 pounds bag weight on my shoulder.

constant drama said...


I'm not too sure...never tried it but I'm sure it'll burn there too. Fo sho. And of if you wanna get it its at Guardian round RM32-something but its behind the counter so you gotta ask them for it.

Chilli Lady:

Which ones?


You know I saw it on Oprah that carrying heavy bags that does NOT go with your body structure/weight could be hazardous once you get older. Maybe you and I should cool it down a bit, what you think?

ChiliLady said...

uhm... let me think? my mobile, lip balm, keys, sunglasses ;-) the same things you carrie around!
can I link your blog to mine?

evie said...

what? i swear you took out the sink!

i have the same pepper spray - i guess that must be one of the more popular brands around? or the ONLY brand around?

and i can't believe your bedsheet... it's so cute, but sungguh tak macho :p

Raising Mercury said...

hey ive read anne frank =) its a really sad story though... hope you enjoy it. hugs.. oh me gots braun buffel wallet too! although its a lil dirty..heheheh

Maverick SM said...

You left out one item - a Book!

That's the most important of all!

sonstar said...

Won't their pants get in the way of the pepper spray?

constant drama said...

Chili Lady:

You forgot your mobile? Yikes!! I would feel like I'm missing an arm when that happens to me. And of course you can link to mine, I feel honoured if you do so. I'll link to yours too! YAY!


I think IT IS the only brand around....and yes, if you think this is tak macho, wait till you see my Other bedsheet....=p

constant drama said...


I read it before too. This is my 7th time reading it. It does NOT gets old, if anything I'm discovering new things at each reading.


Uhhh.....that's the "current reading material".


I dunno, never get the chance to try.....lets fine some dude we hate from college and experiment on him? What say you? =p

Technodoll said...

Girl! you have an awesome blog, I looove your pin-up girls and all the craziness in here... gonna add you to my blogroll so I can click back here often. w00t!

Anonymous said...

I see you're still reading Anne Frank's diary. Have you had any more nightmares? hehe.

constant drama said...


No your blog is waaaay more awesome. Where do you get all those artsy/morbid/spectacular pics?!!

King Bitch:

I know. I am taking waaaaay long with this book but hey I have assignments to complete dude.

evie said...

i'm taking a stab in the dark with the bedsheet... care bears? muahahaha

Quin Browne said...

your wallet matches my calvin klein cashmere coat.


constant drama said...


Waaay off my friend, waaaay off. =p


You have an orange coat? Oh that is too cool!