Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Blog Hiatus

Hello Drama Lovers, this is going to be my last post for a while. Dramatic Musings is goin on a little hiatus. On accounts that my sister's akad nikah (wedding registration) is this Friday. So its like a mini wedding. Mini wedding that would involve about 200 people...and all to my house..........uurrrghhh.......

See in the Malay culture we have the akad nikah ceremony and then we have the actual wedding ceremony like the next day or the day after. But seeing that my family is a bunch of rebels, we're not doing like that. My sister is only going to have her nikah ceremony this Friday and the actual ceremony in November. On accounts that her fiance is in the process of getting a job abroad so they need to be legally married to get the spousal visa and all. Its too much to explain. So they will have the ceremony in November, after they come back from the 6 months trial period with the company.

In any event, we're having a little pre-wedding/after akad nikah dinner on this coming Friday. And when I say little, I mean we're expecting bout 200 people. Relatives, close friends, cliques and its only 200 after we cut off so many people. I have a huge family. Mom has 8 sibling and some of them already reached the 3 generations mark, Dad has 5 siblings and same story. My relatives alone has brought up the number of guests to about 80ish. This is not including the groom's side. And friends. I'm only allowed to invite 3 friends. Eeeevil. The other day I drove Mom to MPK coz we need to get the permit to close the road. Yes, we are closing the road since there's gonna be five canopies erected for the guests. Almost as long as the road itself. And no, the Constantly Dramatic One is not exaggerating. I wish I am but I'm not. You have no idea how stressed my family is now.

So its this Friday. There is so much left to do. Wedding jitters. Unfinished stuff. My outfit looks like crap. So many things can go wrong on that day. We are going fill up the house with fresh flowers, like all over the place. Plus candles. I'm afraid that someone would knock over the candles and burn down the place. I told my mom to stock up on fire extinguishers. But we don't have any. I'm nervous.

This is the first wedding in my family. HUGE DEAL. I'm shitting bricks right now. The catering might fucked up. More people would show up than expected. My sister's beautiful wedding dress goes into wardrobe malfunction. My bastard cousins hitting on my smokin hot friends. Kids would knock over the candles and burn down my house hence I would would be homeless after the wedding. I trip down the stairs, landed on my face, suffer through internal bleeding and die. Possible case scenarios.

Sooooooo nerve wrecking. Soooooooo very nerve wrecking. Uuuurrrrrgghhhh.

Will be back on next Monday.
With nikah photos.

Fo sho'.

P/S: Is it me or the Internet have been incredibly shitty lately?


Tine said...

Ooooh a wedding! Well, one part of it first anyway ;) Muchas congrats to your sis and family, have lots of fun, take plenty of pics, and enjoy yourself! :)

PS: Shit will happen. Just try not to kill anyone then :P

Tinesh said...

OI!!! Chill la..I know how it seems but evrything's gonna be alright..Too bad I wont be there for your GIRL cousins to hit on me hahaha!!

Yes, Streamyx has been fuckingly slow..And MSN is being a bitch

Sincerely, King Bitch said...

I hope there's no drama during the wedding...or maybe I hope there is, so you can blog about it!

Quin Browne said...

much love to you and yours, great blessings, have a glorious time.


Shopaholic D said...

good luck!

:) D

constant drama said...


WELCOME BACK!!! YAY!! Hey how was YOUR wedding? I want photos!!


My girl cousins, the hot ones are all married. You can have extra-marital affairs with them but they're not into girls.....MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! }=P

And why the fuck is MSN being a bitch now? So damn annoying.

King Bitch:

Oooouuu yeah, a totally awesome bitchy blog post....yessss...........

constant drama said...

Quin and Shopaholic D:

Thanks so much!! And yes, we need the luck! Alll the luck we can get. Urrrrghhh....

Maverick SM said...

Best wishes to your sister. We wait for your next posting.

Elisabeth said...

Wahhh; saw the lolcat picture and thought you had engagement news for us...! lol!

Anyway - have a great time, chill out and take tons of photos!

Michelle said...

Wow, I can't believe YOU are so nervous! How about your sister? Sounds like it's going to be a blast...Congrats to your sister and I hope you all have a great time!

coco said...

I hope the wedding goes well!!!!

Technodoll said...

ooo i want photos, lots of photos!! sounds terribly exciting, even if stressful - think of this as one event you will never forget in your life (you must live to tell the tale!)

Go git 'em! :-)

Nerd-tastic said...

I is not listed as a sunflower!?!?! :'(

Nerd-tastic said...

I'm sure the wedding will be awesome (and yes stressful, although that can be said about ALL family events- lord only knows!!!)

btw! link me!! I have another blog! :D


for me to bitch about relationships and not have to worry about my parents finding it *_*

evie said...

wow! this is some exciting stuff. i would love to see the photos. can't wait!

and yes, streamyx sucks :(

ps: is it flower prints? like huge flowers ala curtain material types?