Saturday, February 09, 2008

Magazine cover? Moi?

Check out what I found!! I stumbled upon this site while I was just mucking about in my natural habitat. By natural habitat I mean cyberspace. Seriously this is fun and for now its free because it's not famous....yet.

So since they let me put my mug on the cover of fake magazines so I'm gona shamelessly promote them on Dramatic Musings, as a token of my appreciation.

My display pic is Vogue material. Oh so glamorous.

Another Vogue worthy cover, this was taken when my sister and I went on our Turkey trip at the end of 2006.

Spot me! I was lying on the deflated hot air balloon. Oh yeah, the Constantly Dramatic One been on a hot air balloon ride. I mentioned that before right? This was in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Life. And a pic of my ass. Niiiicceeeee....

Hey this really could pass as a Cosmopolitan cover.

My pin up girl belongs on this one.

And so does this one!! Love how her face fits nicely in the "O".

So go to MagMyPic and have fun too....Hey, its not everyday we can appear on magazine covers.


Raising Mercury said...

ooh, i do like your bag!! the one with you showing us your butt =) heheheh! youve got quite the hour glass figure(very rare) darlink =)hugs...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

wow, this is fucking amazing. a must-try!

constant drama said...

Raising Mercury:

Thanks babe! *hugs*


I know!

coco said...

thats a really cool idea!!!
good find

Valerie said...

To answer your question, no I'm not underaged, I'm 24. I was just expressing my disgust with the people who assume that I am, so they give me attitude ;)

Tinesh said...

Owh fuck! I wanna (no scratch that). I HAVTA be on the cover of DRUM! magazine man!!!

PS: Tinesh has an ad on his page. So pls kindly click on the ad so that he can earn some duits..Then he can blanja you kat Lan Maju bebeh!!

Lady Luck said...

I love some of these pinups! I'm looking to take some photos and recreate some of these for my portfolio! Perfect for me and my little puppy! Where did you get all these?

Elisabeth said...

Oh wowie, what a great place to play on my lunch! Thanks for the link!

Loving that your ass is featured on Life! Now there's a claim to fame!

constant drama said...


I know!


People who assume shit about me irritates the hell out of me. Why must they do that? Assuming I mean.

constant drama said...


Fuck yeah babeh! I clicked 4 times. Better blanja me at Lan Maju now you here?!

Lady Luck:

Google Images. Seriously. I have loads and loads of time. I have about uuuummm.....90something pin up girls now =D


Ahahahaha! My ass is feh-mes! Wow, now that you mentioned it I might change it to my new display pic.... Why not? My ass is feh-mes anyways =p

Elisabeth said...

I think you should! Haha!

Also, wanted to say I am halfway through the momentous task of your tag from the other day - and I have a special new blog for all my taggage!

Watch this space ;)

sonstar said...

Omg click mine! I need the money! I am stealing your idea :)

Raising Mercury said...

hey hun =) something for you at my blog... check it out..hugs, have a nice day!

Maverick SM said...

Thanks for the link. I did try the product and have some fun.

I made some covers for my children and friends; hope they like the fake-fun.

constant drama said...


Whoa dude, a whole new blog for tags? Talk about dedication...


I know! This site is great!


Ouuuu you have something on my blog? I feel....loved.....=p


That's the point, to have some fun. =D

Image Generators said...

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