Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love is her dress

Okay before anything else, did you guys saw the Oscars last night? I saw the live telecast at 10am Malaysian time. I'm not gonna make any comments about the show other than the fact that I'm thankful Keira Knightley wasn't there, I hate her snooty face but I luuuurrrrvvvve, lurrrrrrrrrrrrrveeeeeeeeeee this dress. Best Actress winner Marion Cotillard is also the best dressed. Check it!

So exquisite. So different. So Old Hollywood Glam. I love love love luuurrrrrrrrveeeeee!!!! Damn, I wish I could wear this for my sister's wedding. I will wear it all the time. To class, to the gym, when I go frolicking around in the sun. Everywhere. And then at night I take it off, hang it on its shrine and worship its fabulousness.

I would totally do that. Seriously.


cheesecakeerian said...

I lke this dress except for the boobs part. Seems too... bumpy to me. If it was smooth then it'd be perfect!

Tinesh said...

Marion is pretty but Keira is waaaay better..I luuurrrvvee the way she pouts..Freakin turning on man

Sincerely, King Bitch said...

I watched the Oscars.
I love the dress and I think the woman is intriguing, like the girl at the bakery.

faye said...

I'm glad you hate Keira too.

She's frolicked with all the men I like...James McAvoy, Adrien Brody...damn it :P

Btw have a fun wedding celebration !

Nerd-tastic said...

awwww. . . . I like keira knightley :(
BUT! This dress is super pretty :D
Im learning how to custom sew now!! WOOO!!! I miss you guys though! Are you still going to be around during summer? Or are you transferring soon?

constant drama said...


No no.....why do you say such hurtful things? Why? Whhhhy???????!! Its perfect the way it is. Soooo beautiful...sooooo lovely.... *drools*


Ah.... hello. Dumbass. I'm talking about the dress. Not the women. Pay attention to the story lah.

King Bitch:

Cotillard intriguing? Really?.....Interesting......

constant drama said...


Yes. Keira must die. I think the woman is beautiful but she is tooooooo stand-off ish. Like very condensending. I cant stand those types.

Wanna start a witch hunt and burn her at the stake? I'm up for it if you are.....


Yes. Exquisite. Build it a shrine and worship it. Soooo beautiful, sooooo lovely.

Me should be around for the summer. Transferring next year. Yeaaahhh.....

evie said...

this was the ONLY dress i remember from the red carpet. and i kinda like keira hehe

it's fish, like finding nemo (from now on every comment will be a stab at the OTHER bedsheet - be warned!!!)