Monday, February 04, 2008

China in pictures: Part the 1st

I totally took my own sweet time putting up the China pictures. I know. I'm awesome like that but seeing that I have a one week holiday what's with the Chinese New Year and all and have a loooooot of time on my hand, I finally decided to drag my sexay ass to upload the photos both on my blog and Facebook. One month after I got back from China.

Other than being Constantly Dramatic, I am also constantly procrastinating. Not a good trait mind you, but a trait nonetheless. Out of the 1,231 pics I took in China (I kid you not), I decided to post up only 70 of them. The operative word here being only.

My parents did not went on the trip with us, it was just my sister as I. We used to travel as a family a lot but ever since my brother left, my parents just dont want to travel anymore so they book my sister and I into these tours so that at least "the kids can still see the world". At the end of 2006, Sis and I went to Turkey and at the end of 2007 we went to China.

This is a pic of my mom giving me "the look" coz I was irritating her with the camera. This pic is hillarious coz I caught her right in the moment. Everytime she gives you that look, you know you gonna be in deep shit. I have been told that I have the same look -but even more fierce- everytime before I throw a bitch fit.

Since no one have yet presented me with a photo evidence such as this, I refuse to believe that the claim is true. You bitches.

Our flight was actually at 12.55am but it was delayed for like three hours so that was a bitch. This pic was taken around 2ish in the morning and it show the airport's employees cleaning the the roof of the checking in booth. It was fascinating. And oh look at how empty our airport is. Its 2 in the morning, there still should be people around and stuff seeing that this is an airport. But no, no sign of life.

Hey Badawi, say it with me: E-C-O-N-O-M-Y. Improve it.

Sis and fiancee mucking around. He waited with us till 3 in the morning.

China! This scene looks like it comes out from one of Jackie Chan's movie where he runs down the street and gets entangled in one of the clothes line. I'm not saying there is such a movie but its a possible scenerio.

The Santa Clauses in China cracked us up coz all of them seemed to OD on the make up. I mean check out the make up on this one. We bet this particular Santa was chanelling the Chinese Opera.

I like how this bicycle was there, leaning againts the tree by the roadside. Its the kind of scene that you do see in National Geographic.

Sis sitting for our potrait. We got our likeness drawn on a fan. That was cool.

Ok something was clearly wrong with this dude's eyesight. I am waaaaay hotter then that. Okay?


A view of market place we went to in Shanghai.

They took us to a place specializing in pearls. Chinese pearls. I was so excited because I adore pearls. I'm girly like that.

Who knew that something so pretty could come from something as foul smelling as this? I clearly didn't.

This guy was making omellete by the roadside. Now coming from Malaysia this kind of scene should not be at all strange for the Constantly Dramatic One, but what amuses the hell out of me was what the guy was wearing.........

Its a roadside hun, not a hotel.

This is cool, you just have to push a button....

And an electronic hand would flag a cab down for you.

A view of the world famous Shanghai skyline from the river bank. To tell you the truth I did not like Shanghai. I personally think that the city has an identity crisis. If you take a ferry ride down the river and look at the buildings that they build to signify Shanghai, it's very kitsch. They used too many lights and it does not look beautiful or classy but instead cheap and tardy.

What's perplexing is that the building are not oriental in architechture but Western. So you go to China but you're looking at Western architechture and this is what the China people is proud of? Its sad. Turning your back on your culture's identity just to appeal to the masses.
Look at Thailand, now they are proud of their heritage. But hey who am I to say anything? I'm no cultural expert. All I know is that Shanghai isnt beautiful, just kitsch.

We went to a place called the Number One Road or something where they have all these shopping places lined up. It looks classy and all but nothing I have not seen before. They have these really cute vehicles that the police drive around in.

Then we went to a silk factory. The ladies here are making a Selimut Cinta (Love Blanket). Apprently when its cold outside, the blanket will become really warm and vice versa. Its usually given as gifts to newlyweds hence the name.

This was one of the many old palaces that we went to. I lost track after one. They all look the same to me.

They have lots of these cave formations where the concubines used to play in. Hey, I'm not making this up. That's what the tour guide said.

On our way out, we saw some men fishing by the small river that runs by the palace and it was fascinating. They fished for these small fishes and then they threw in on land, like right by their motorcyles. I am not a nature's person so this is my first seeing something like this.

Look at the contrast between the tiny fish and the tyre in this pic.

This is again, another pic right out of National Geographic.

Yet another palace. I forgot which one.

Seemed like a good idea to pose like this.

We decided to climb this really high pagoda. I was all excited to climb it and then when I reached the 3rd floor out of the 7th, I realized that I am afraid of height so wasnt that fun after that.

This is the first batch of China pics. We did not had as much fun in China as we did in Turkey or Chicago but hey, the fact that we are able to travel and see different countries and experiance different cultures is a gift in itself. However boring it is.

Shall be back with part 2.


Kuan said...

hey you bitch! how DARE you say my MOTHER FUCKING LAND is BORING! LOL

anyway, i did not have as much fun the first time when i was there, i was 9 at that time. I only enjoyed it the second time i went back, i was 20. Go back there again when you GROW UP! =p

god that was bitchy! phew, glad to push that OUT of my SYSTEM!

i laugh so hard thoroughly as I was reading your blog, some funny shit, especially the OD santa claus and the apparently blind dude who dont know how to draw you on the chinese fan =)


Michelle said...

I love that picture of your mother!

I climbed to the top of the Cupola at the Vatican and I AM afraid of heights. I was glued to the wall while my husband and friends leaned across the railing to get a better view of Rome. The climb down wasn't any better, the stairs were so steep, dark, and spiraling, I felt like I was in a never-ending stairwell of hell.

evie said...

eh! i just did a post on shanghai although by no means as extensive as yours. wtf? the universe will probably implode any second now

constant_drama said...


Seriously. I am WAAAAAAY Hotter than that ok. That dude is bllliiindddd. And wow so bitchy Kuan... I am so proud of you.

The land of your people sucks donkey balls. True story. }=p

Now Bring. It.



I know!!! I think we are those type of people that are afraid of heights but still go on with even though we are still afraid. Weird aint it?

I was shit scared climbing this, I was even more scared climbing the Great Wall of China.

Tinesh said...

I think there WAS a movie (or a few, I dunno) where Jackie Chan gets tangled up in a clothesline as he crashes out of the window lol..U afraid of heights huh? No Eiffel Tower for u then hehe

Elisabeth said...

Great pictures!

I adore that you can push a button to hail a taxi - why can't we have these!? Would save so much pointless hand-flapping.

And the Santa is scary as hell.

Maverick SM said...

Wow! You really traveled a lot and sure it must be fun.

The pictures are really great.

constant_drama said...


Hey I would totally go up the Eiffel Tower- given the chance. I mean, why not? I would be scared shitless and most definitely will not be able to stand up once I get to top....meaning I'll have to crawl everywhere but I'll go up there.

On that note, yes I am afraid of heights but my fear is not paralysing. Yet.


I agree. The Santa looks like something that comes to live at night and chop you up with a knife....eeeekkkkkk!


Wasnt fun. It was boring. It did however, had its moments.

constant_drama said...


Cant believe I missed your comment!!! =0

The universe would definitely implode now. Srsly.

Kuan said...

dog meat, monkey brain, bird's nest....all is fine, suck on DONKEY BALLS?! now you're way out of your mind! LOL

well, your sis seems to look PERFECTLY FINE on the fan :-) wonder what you're making noise about

and about the LOOK you captured, yea, i can totally imagine you giving an even dramatic LOOK. just look at the fan drawing, you are giving a subtle look there ;)

final note,

you need to be slap REAL HARD! since your attempt on trying to slap my deep seriousness of my recent blog, now EVERYONE joins in the fun to slap me.

Bitch with the capital B

3kC said...

omg! my mom has that look too! HAHAHAHA! im surprised your memory card didnt like melt or something when you took that photo..HAHAHA!!!

bring on part 2!

constant drama said...


Well, did spelled the word "Bitch" with a capital B so how the hell else do yuu expect it to turn out?

And well it was deep okay, that's why I wanted to smack you. Apparently the rest of the people who read your blogs share the same sentiment. Not my fault they all wanna smack you now too. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

On the whole fan thing...yeah I was trying to look sexy. As you can see, I failed. =P

constant drama said...


Are you serious? Its damn scary when they give that look you know....=S