Friday, February 15, 2008

OMG!!! Its an air raid!

I am so contemplating to call the cops right now. Seriously. The goddamn cops. But last time I checked, the Constantly Dramatic One is not a citizen of the Unites States of A, I am Malaysian and here we just don't call the cops on each other. That's just not how we roll but goddamn I want to.

I had what like the loveliest sleep for a long time when I was woken up of what sounds like things blowing up. I woke up in panic because currently I am reading The Diary of
Anne Frank and I think it entered my subconscious because I swear to God that I thought I was in Holocaust Germany and we are having a goddamn air raid. wasn't. It turns out that some kids down the street decided to finish off the fireworks from Chinese New Year. They decided to start playing it at exactly midnight. Dude, when you are dreaming that you are Anne Frank living in hiding and terror from being sent to the gas chamber - trust me on this - you will be shitting your pants waking up to the sound of things blowing up.

So now they're still blowing shit up. It is so goddamn noisy. But I think this is another part of the Lunar New Year celebration that I am too ignorant to know of. Maybe its Chap Goh Meh today? I dunno. All I know that its noisy and I am so damn sleepy. And its Thursday night for fuck's sake! If it's Friday night its still okay. I have places to go to tomorrow bitches. Important things to do.

I'm going to go watch smokin hot Clive Owen in Elizabeth: The Golden Age and that is important okay. It has been ages since I salivates after Clive. Its a fucking 11am show and I want to watch his sexy ass in period costume. This shit is important. What if I couldn't wake up and NOT be able to catch the show? Then to whom am I supposed to have my lewd thoughts directed to if not Clive's sexy ass in period costume?
Huh huh huh??????!!!!!

Update (Feb 16th 2008)

I have been told that the fireworks wasn't some pesky kids needing a good spanking. It was actually the religious/cultural affair for the Hokkien community who celebrates their Chinese New Year on the ninth day of the Lunar Year, also known as the Pai Ti Kong. The Constantly Dramatic One apologizes if I had made any kind or unintented racist remark out of my ignorant, dramatic ass. My bad. On that note if you still pissed off about this than well, you know my email.......


MoonShadow said...


that dog is so cute!

evie said...

chap goh mei's the 15th day of the new year, so if i calculated correctly, it should be on the 21st, which is next thurs.

you know that tradition of throwing oranges into a lake on chap goh mei? i think you could participate in that. except replace the lake with those pesky kids down the street. and chap goh mei for tonight. catch them unaware i say.

i hope you're not chummy with your neighbours though...

Maverick SM said...


It was the "Pai Ti Kong" day of the Chinese Lunar Year which is a day where they sent prayers at midnite and the firecrackers were suppose to scare away the devils.

It was not left over crackers but intentionally bought for this auspicious occasion.

The Chinese have to apologize for the nuisance caused to their neighbours.

For me, I accept yesterday as a day for such firecrackers, but not any other day.

Just to relate an experience; I was in Ipoh during the CNY and at night I was driving through the town. There was so many cars at the Ipoh Padang and I wondered what was it; then I saw dynamic firecrackers were lit by the state government and the Mentri Besar was there to see those fireworks. It was so scary but of course the fireworks were beautiful. However, I felt the state govt had spent this unnecessary money which could amount to tens of thousands just to display the fireworks. I believed Pak Lah was there.

So, fireworks by BN political parties and govt are legal but not others. This is a two-standard type system.

gypsy-on-the-move said...

owh...they set the firecracker on thursday? at 11pm? LoL. that was becoz on thurs midnite (friday), is the 9th day of CNY and that marks important date for the Hokkien community.
they will have prayers...offerings of foods...and of course, fire crackers by children. =)

faye said...

clive owen on a friday morning ?

yumm :)

Sincerely, Queen Bitch said...

You're too funny!
I can picture you waking up and running for cover from the Luftwaffe's attack.
At least kids are the ones who wake you up. I've had to put up with a yappy little bitch (as in a female dog) and sexual moans from a nymphomaniac neighbor.

constant drama said...


Uuhhh...its a cat.


Tempting. Very tempting.


Ooooohhhh thanks for clearing that up. I did not know that. I'm sorry if I sound racist or anything like that. My bad.

constant drama said...


I know now lah, I knew it was somekind of cultural/religious affair. I just didnt know what. Hope you weren't offended or anything like that.


Didn't get too!! Overslept thanks to the fireworks. Urrrrggghhh. But yes, indeed he is yummy.

Queen Bitch:

I'm so glad when I woke up screaming thinking its an air raid no one saw me. I WILL not be able to live that one down. Seriously.

constant drama said...


I rejected your comment on accounts that you frickin wrote my name in it! WTH dude, I told you I'm doing this whole annoymous blogger thing. What lah you, you sunflower.

Quin Browne said...

watched elizabeth... illegally!!

i'm daring like that.