Friday, May 18, 2007

Welcome to the new term

So it has begun...the going to class everyday. The staying up until 3 in the morning to finish up pending assignments. The self-inflicted-brain-torture trying to figure out a catchy/awesome/doable thesis statement. The anxiety attacks before presentations. The planning of outfits to wear to class as to not be upped by those skinny, annoying bimbos that frolic around on campus ground. In other words-

Welcome to the new term

It's a good place to be...some of the time.


arathi said...

BABE.ALL THE are alive.period.nothing happened.will catch you online sometime!!!!mine is towards the end of the semester period-of-brain-on-fire!take care!

cheesecakeerian said...

I thought you said you stayed up to give yourself facials?

constant_drama said...

Arathi: Yes!! I am alive. And good luck with your exams babe. I Know that you'll do your very best coz...its you.

Cheesecakeerian: Yeah I did, no assignments yet lah now. But last term I did stayed up until 3am to finish up Intercultural Comm assignments. So I am just predicting the future. History will repeat itself.