Thursday, April 03, 2008

A somewhat....'hiatus'

Finals is coming up on the 26th. The dateline for my on-going project is on the 18th and we still have lots of things to do. Not including all the assignments and presentation that I have yet to get done and over with. Loads off stuff.

Stress. Anxiety. Fatigue. Self-doubt.

Its all taking its toll.

And did I mentioned that the Penang trip is cancelled? Its been decided for a while but I didn't mentioned it coz I thought we could reschedule. But we couldn't. And now its cancelled. Sad now. So lets add that to the list.

Stress. Anxiety. Fatigue. Self-doubt. Sadness.

I am sooo tired these days, so tired. I have the energy level of a koala and this koala have to do a shitload of stuff. Plus, lately this blogging thing have not been that much fun anymore. Its no longer something that I 'want' to do but now it feels like something that I 'have to' do. And when 'want' becomes 'have to', the party stops. When I started this whole blog, it was for a class assignment. Responsible journalism. Which basically me talking shit bout the government for the first 11 entries. Then I just continued to blog coz its an outlet for my bitching. Then the readers come and found the bitching to be entertaining.

Seeing the numbers of readers jump up on my site meter rocked my world. Its like a "HAHAHA!! Bitches I have readers!" moment. But as of late I realise that my blogging isnt about me blogging or bitching anymore. Its more like I want to be entertaining. And if you find yourself trying to be entertaining then you know you are NOT entertaining.

No I am not saying its going to be hiatus. I'm saying there be less posting. At least until after my finals is done. That's in May. I will be around just not as much. I realise that I would lose readers but when I was blogging for me, that shit should not have mattered.


Tinesh said...


MoonShadow said...


Technodoll said...

As long as you don't forget about us and visit once in a while for kicks and entertainment! :-)

Good luck hun... remember that caffeine and chocolate are your friends!

Michelle said...

Sounds to me like you're stressed out, which is not surprising at all! Just blog whenever you want!

Sorry about your trip! And good luck with all your projects!

Tine said...

Aww you're not going to Penang? That's a pity :(

Yeah, I know what you mean about blogging. It's like a sugar high when you start seeing the amount of traffic building, and then you're no longer writing for yourself, but to entertain. A break's good. Don't worry, chances are, the people will be back :)

Zikri said...

welcome to the sometimes boring blog club :P

Elisabeth said...

Gah; firstly I hope all goes well with your finals. Good luck.

Secondly; gutted to hear your Penang trip has been cancelled.

And I've always found you entertaining - I have no idea how you manage to be hilariously witty in every post!

Keep blogging for yourself, honey - it's what you do best!

constant drama said...

Tinesh: is *sigh*. And uh wth is "FTW"?

Fuck the What?


You are having a bad time too with this project thing. I know. Every pain you are feeling, I am too.


Thanks babe, appreciate it. And oh, chocolate is my bestfriend =D

constant drama said...


Luck. have no idea how much I am in need of that with the way things are going....


Thanks babe, you always have a kind word or two =) . And yeah, Penang is cancel. After all the excitement, after you type so much to give me the directions to the best eateries and its cancelled.....*sigh*


The membership need not be renewed, its lifetime right?


That Penang thing hurts me. Sooo looking forward to it. Meh....... and yes, blogging for me and not for people. Have to relearn that.