Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My favourite chink..........


The following post contains a shitload of inside jokes. Some may be offensive or/and will not make sense at all. My bad.

The first time I saw you, I thought to myself "What a pretty girl." and after finishing that sentence in my head I was overcome with envy and decided right there and then to hate you. Coz you know you're just that hot. Then I saw that bigass tattoo on your back and I though "Holy crap, she's badass. Better not mess with her" so I tried to fly under your radar. Then not enough with that I decided that somehow along the way that you are a bimbo and I stare quietly at the back of your head when you sit in front of me in class with dislike. Then one day you came and sit next to me in class.

You smiled. I stared at you. You begun talking and I was shocked that you could actually form coherent sentences. But I'm more surprise that you are not a prissy bimbo the way I had you painted in my head. I was even more surprised that somewhere during that first conversation we had that I actually like you. That I actually could roll with you and suddenly the tables were turn. I am the prissy bimbo now. Not you.

And holy crap. I do like you a lot.

But I think that the time that we really bond is in that class when we both hate on that lecturer. Make incredibly lewd jokes about the size of his ass and bitch about everything and anything under the sun. Then we took all that from inside the classroom to the mamak where we continue the bitching. Damn girl those mamak sessions with condense milk coffee is the best bitching sessions I ever had. You bitching skill amazes me. Seriously. I have never had another friend who actually can bitch as well as you. You are truly my Numbero Uno bitching buddy. And yes, that is the highest compliment I could give to anyone.

And the best part of it all is that we hate all the same bitches and bimbos in college. Oh man, I truly and awfully miss those condense milk coffee days. And condense milk is the best. Fact. Then Cheesecakeerian entered the picture and then there were three of us. We upgraded from the mamak to Chilli's: 7.30pm-12am bitching session now over steak and bottomless drinks and that bayau Spanky McDestiny.

If destiny is kind, then one day I will be able to spank his ass. Until then lets just hope that day will come...................

And now you're flying off to your homeland, Germany. Its inevitable. You are after all an exchange student but I always forgets that considering the fact that you look so chinky half the time..........=p .Ahahahahahahahaha!! You can't kick my ass for that bitch, you're already out of Malaysia by the time you read this. But nonetheless you are an exchange student. And you need to go home. And with you gone I realise that:

a) I'm losing my Numbero Uno Bitching Buddy.

b) You are my favourite chink....I mean quarter-chink in the whole wide world.

c) Ghendut - the GOLDEN HAMSTER- and I, the Constantly Dramatic One adores you.

I'll miss you Fie. I'm sorry that I cant send you off but seriously its your fault woman. Why the hell you're flying off on a 2am flight anyways? KLIA is too damn far away. What if a Pontianak follows me on my way home? You could never tell. Maybe if you ever comes back to Malaysia we can go out again. Bitch about everything and anything under the sun. Or maybe one day if I do achieve my goal of becoming Clive Owen's mistress than he can fly me to the UK then I can take the train to Germany and meet up with you during Oktoberfest where you will get shitfaced drunk and I will hold your hair as you puke.

Whatever it is Fie, I hope that you have a safe flight. And hey at least we have Facebook and blogs for us to be in touch right? That should do until I become Clive Owen's mistress. And oh yeah, any time I go to the mamak again, I'll order two condense milk coffees. One for me and one in your honour. I'm drinking it for you.....Okay not really. I just need my caffeine kick and I just wanna drink two cups of coffee but its completely cool if I use your name right?

And remember........ May, there's a little chink in everyone. More so in you. That's a joke. Coz it was funny. Now laugh.

Ha. Ha.

You look so chinky in this light May =p


adry azad said...

hello constant drama, don't know how else to talk to you .. but was wondering how's the project coming along? over d?

Michelle said...

Cute picture...and a nice farewell post!

elfiejane said...

hello from dubai! yay for wireless! okay i only got through reading half of your post coz i got teary-eyed and i dont want to start crying in front of dozens of african men (lots of them here).


ill write more when i reach home. 2 more hours til my plane departs, then 4 hours flight. i hate flying! it makes my hair oily and my face pimply. and i am tired.


constant drama said...


Oh, I'll blog bout that laters.


Thanks. This was taken last year. My hair was still short.


Awwwww babes, its okay. You're coming back in July right? Damn I miss you already. African men are there? Bet they're trying to hit on you. =p

I hate flying too. It makes my hair oily and face pimply too!! Meh, when you get home have a good rest and then check Facebook. I sent you an email. The bitching still goes on even if we are continents apart.

Coz that's how we roll.

Elisabeth said...

Aw, so touching! You have such a sweet side to you, Constantly Daramtic One!

Technodoll said...

Who is that gorrrgeous girl?! :-D

Tinesh said...

Hahaha I remember how I kept bugging her in GenPsych about her uncle being Jack Bauer from the show 24..Good times, awesome tatts, that silly face while posing for a pic and the crap..Miss you Elfie

MoonShadow said...

when one becomes two
there's a creeping of tears
to fill the little distance
so near, yet so far
but so far, yet so near
at heart

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok seriously, there's actually someone who can bitch as good and dramatic as the CDO? get outta here...

elfiejane said...

im home!

its okay i allow you to use my name if you want to drink more than one cup of coffee with condensed milk. i miss condensed milk. and the mamak. and chilis.

Maverick SM said...

Wow! That picture stirs libidos... sorry, but I am stirred!!!!

constant drama said...


I dont show it often.


That's Elfie. She's the exchange student from Germany.


Dunno dude, I wasnt in GenPsych. About the rest, yeah....I'll miss that too.


Thank you.


I am serious. She is even BETTER than me. True story.


Whoa there Tiger...that's my Numbero Uno Bitching Buddy you talking about....right now this is uncomfortable. =S

constant drama said...


There's no Chilli's in Germany?

Well I miss you.

fie the elf said...

no chilis here. and if there were, it wont be the same lah.

womannn saya rindu pada muuuu

saya akan balik. dalam 5 bulan. kamu jangan lari.