Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Child labour

My stupid college is putting me under child labour.

I have a meeting yesterday. It was from 2pm until 9pm. That's seven hours. Seven hours!! Count that bitches! And we stayed back like 3 hours after college hours. They wanted the meeting to be longer but I was like "Oh no bitch! You not making me miss Ugly Betty!"

Nothing comes between me and Amanda. Our love is true .

Anyways, hours. So tiring. My muscle aches. My ass aches. My boobs aches. Everywhere aches. I had to do splits. The Constantly Dramatic One does not do splits you bitches. But somehow I did. And it hurts. A lot. However we did cover a whole lot of grounds in the on-going project. Which is something I am extremely pleased with. It was a lot of hard work, downright child labour but we got a lot done. This project, which I thought was doomed to failure in the beginning might have a shot of glory. Might. But even though we have covered lots of ground, but there are a lot more to be done. A lot more.

18 days to dateline. Clock is ticking. Fuck.

Anyways you know something weird happened. You know how I always bitch about the girls in my team. Yeah, at one point I was sure that somehow all the bimbos had a meeting and then decided to join this project. No one gave me a memo so somehow I got myself stuck in this mess, with all the bimbos from college. It was hell okay. I have to deal with Tweety, I have to deal with Jackass, I have to deal with this chick that thinks she is the hottest thing that ever walked on God's green earth, this other chick who DOES look like a nasty slut and a himbo. I cannot stand it. I talk shit about them. I bitch about them on my blog.

But yesterday after SEVEN hours continuously being with them, having dinner together, planning and stuff I decided they're not that bad after all. I was genuinely concerned when Tweety fell down and scraped her knees. I was like "Are you okay? Do you need anything?". And then when another team mate singled her out I defended her. Like WTF right? Then the chick-formerly-known-as-Jackass was trying to crack her lame-ass jokes with me I actually smiled and laughed. The jokes are ridiculously lame but I laugh coz I don't want her to feel bad. She's just being friendly. Why cant I? Why must I be a bitch all the time?

Then that chick who I thinks look like a nasty slut. Well she is still a nasty slut in my opinion. But she is a nasty slut that I kinda like now. She's quirky, she's passionate, she's talented, she's still a nasty slut but hey at least she's being true to herself. And that is something I could respect. Thing is these people are not the people that would ever become my friends. We don't click. But I think, after being with them for SEVEN hours straight I can honestly say that I know them a bit better now. I don't think I like them that much but I accept them as who they are.

When Tweety acts all adorable now, I don't flinch. I no longer scheme the perfect crime of running her down with a tractor and making it look like an accident in my mind. When the chick-formerly-known-as-Jackass screams and yells, I just stare and accept that bitch has mood swings. We all do. She just can't control it yet. People don't change overnight.

I don't like them. We will never be friends. But we are all working for a common goal and that is for this project to turn out successful. And that is a good enough reason for me to be civilized.

Orrrrr maybe this is the seven hours fatigue doing the talking?
Fuck if I know.


elfiejane said...

Take that back, bitch, take that back!

Oh Noez I'm losing you to all the bimbos

Oh Noeeezzzzz

constant drama said...

No you're not. Hating ppl is a lot of work lah...

Elisabeth said...

Oh my god. Seven hours? I'd be dead on my feet.

Tinesh said...

Itu nasty slut yang saya tahu punya ka?

Michelle said...

Maybe you actually ARE learning something about the "real world"?! I call it "playing the game", you do what you gotta do and you play nice until the game's over. At least that's what I do.

Or maybe you're just tired!!!!!

constant drama said...


Feel my pain. Feel it.


Dunno lah. You know so many nasty sluts. I cannot keep up with you =p


I hate the real world. Meh.

evie said...

are you suffering from Stockholm Syndrome??? what have they done to you?!!

constant drama said...

No lah. Tired. And couldnt be bothered. =p