Friday, April 25, 2008


Okay guys, Dramatic Musings is going on a hiatus. The reason? Final exams people, final exams. I got exams coming out of my ass over here so I will be back after my final paper is done and over with which is on May 2nd.

So by that time y'all get to see Opening Night: Part the 2nd and Backstage photos (trust me you wanna see the stupidity that went on backstage). So wish me luck coz I'm sure as hell needs it.....And oh I changed the pin up girls on the side there and added 3 more. Enjoy!



fie the elf said...

Good luck, darls!!

Fieran said...

Good luck with the exams!

Anonymous said...

goof luck to you too CD ^^

Technodoll said...

ooo good luck my dearest! study hard and then after you can party even harder!


constant drama said...

Thanks guys!! *hugs*

Melissa said...

Hey CD,

good luck for the exams!

And oh, YES!


constant drama said...

Spot on Melissa! I'm impressed =p

just me said...

good luck with finals.

Don't let them give you ulcers.

...they've been known to do that.