Monday, April 21, 2008

The end of the road

So the musical was a whole lot of fun. There were sooo many flukes its ridiculous, but in an insanely funny way. Not at that point of course. At that point we were like "Wtf? Wtf?" but now that its done and over with its hilarious. The show only run for two nights, well its a a low-budget college production. So low-budget, the cast comes up with our own costume with the help of the costume department of course. I don't mind. For my role as the dramatic, bimbotic and somewhat slutty-ish Pink Lady I got to buy a brand new awwwwesome skirt and a silky bathrobe. Tee hee hee.Whhhhhat? It wasn't shopping per se, it was for school. I swear.

Its funny now looking back knowing that the only reason I auditioned for the show is for shit and giggles. I went in reading for the role of Rizzo, the leader of the Pink Ladies. I sucked at that by the way. Ironically they call me for the 2nd audition and then at the 3rd one they asked me to read for Marty. The next day, one of the producers called and said I got Marty. I was like "Thank you......... Who's Marty?". Then I asked them why I got Marty and he said "Because we think you have stage presence and quite sensual."....................cue LOLwalrus!!

Whatever dude.
I got the role.

Being bimbotic is really no problem. Years of making fun of bimbos comes in handy when playing Marty. And being slutty also is a no biggie I just need to release the inner slut within. The Constantly Dramatic One, as you might noticed, have always had a somewhat slutty side lurking underneath. A repressed slutty side because of good breeding and circumstance.........But I swear to God, if I don't have the upbringing I have.......maaan......

You probably would guess by now that that Tweety bimbo that I was consistently bitching about is part of the play too. Its extremely painful to deal with her day in and day out for the last 6 weeks. Furthermore we're suppose to be buddies on the show. Stupid bitch never comes to rehearsals on time, always making excuses, every one of the cast is off the script at least 1 week into Opening Night she still fumbling her lines during the final rehearsal. Tell me you don't get pissed too. And remember my now infamous Weakest Link post? Yeah, I was right.

Opening night rolls in and she was indeed the weakest link. Bitch fumbles her lines, cant emote with her face (she has only one look on her face - the vapid and bimbotic look) and most of the audience cant hear shit what she was talking about. And guess what, according the lecturers who came that night, the Constantly Dramatic One was the crowd's favourite. Heard that Tweety? You know why was I the crowd's favourite? Because I come to rehearsal on time, I remember my cue and lines, I can emote with face - I do not hold on exclusively to the vapid and bimbotic expression that you seems to favour so much and the best part of it is that when I was doing all that I was jacked up on painkiller for my toe meaning I was "out of it" a bit. The Constantly Dramatic One was the Crowd's Favourite bitch and you're the one who had acting classes. Not me.

I am soooo glad that this is done and over with. I had some good times during the production. Funny moments during rehearsals, in-jokes we shared, going shopping for costume, tripping over each other during dancing scenes, bitching about Tweety with some of the other cast who cant stand her either and hey, its a great feeling knowing that you delivered, did not fumbled your lines on stage and made the people laugh and of course becomes the Crowd's Favourite as opposed to the Weakest Link. But really, if you tell me that I have to spend another day with Tweety, to force myself to smile weakly at her, to be civilized with her for the sake of the production, I will buy a gun from the nearest pawn shop and shoot you dead centre in the forehead.

That bitch is stupid okay. And please do bear in mind that when I say that, I had my share of dealing with Indonesian maids that have never been in a big city and they use words that I can barely understand. Compared to Tweety, everyone of them can win the Nobel Prize. If there ever an award for stupidity being given out like the Academy Awards, then I will campaign that those awards should be carved in Tweety's likeness coz she is the dumbest person that have ever walked God's Green Earth. Now I'm looking forward to the day that when I pass her in the hallways. I no longer have to smile or be nice to her. I can just plain out be bitchy and show her how much I hate her. But I guess when I do that she probably wont get it. Coz she is just that stupid.

Anyways, Im happy that the production was a success, that I was good on stage, that I do not need 27 years of therapy from this but most off all no more Tweety for the rest of my life...... The sweet life without stupidity. Bet you guys wanna see photos. Fo sho. Next post would be the Rehearsal photos, Opening Night photos and finally the Backstage: Before and After photos. Wait for it.

..................................And if you wanna know who Tweety is then spot the bitch with the vapid and bimbotic look on her face aaaaalll the time.


Technodoll said...

So... you're not secretly in love with Tweety, are you? *grin*

Congrats on the play, sounds like you had alot of fun - photos please! Tweety and all :-)

Quin Browne said...

i've never had acting lessons, still, i'm told by directors i'm an excellent actor--i act from my gut. this is good and bad. a good director (cue prince) will tell you why.

i wish i had some training, though, for a few reasons, just as much as i'm glad i don't, because i do what i do from my gut.

as a crew member, i can assure you, there is talent, and there are props that eat

talent will continue to work in theater.. props that eat (cue keanu reeves) will continue to work in film, because if they get the right role, they carry on. i think you can make someone look good on film that wouldn't make it on stage where you have to have a presence.

good for you, miss thing.

i give you a standing o.

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see the pictures...I'm sure you were appropriately dramatic for the occassion!

Next time I need to rant on someone, I'm hiring you. I've gotten too old and cautious to go half-cocked on anyone. I need a refresher course.

Tine said...

Hahaha, I can't wait to see the photos. And see who this very bimbotic Tweety is :D

fie the elf said...

I adore thee, CD!

And wtf she had acting classes? What a waste of time and money! It didn't work at all lah obviously.

evie said...

yay crowd favourite! congratulations!

can't wait for the photos now to do some bimbo spotting

constant drama said...


Thanks!! And yes photos coming up! But starting with rehearsal photos first.


I didnt know you act too? Yes, Reeves cant act for shit. And I will give you a standing ovation too =)


Maaaan, I do go half cock on people dont I? A fact I dont doubt that will one day come back and bite me on the ass.

constant drama said...


Oh yeah. I will let you see The Enemy.

Fie the Elf:

Konon nyer she's so rich lah. But you know what you cant buy? You cant buy talent OR intelligence and that bitch have got neither.


And bimbo spotting you will do too.

Didi Ooi said...

Drama drama drama...~
LoL damn interesting man. Does Tweety knows who she is? Or does she even know ur blog's existence? :P

constant drama said...

No she doesnt know she is. Most ppl from college dunno bout this blog's existance. I keep it hush hush.