Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finland: A selective pictorial

Remember the days when I used to blog more then once every other week?.....Yeah me neither. Remember the days when I put up pictures of myself? Yeah...no longer. Anyways, these are a few pictures taken from my Finland trip in June. 

I can't put up the most awesome, magnificent, breathtaking photos of the whole trip cause I'm in them....hence why those pictures are awesome, magnificent and breathtaking. Ahem. These are however, the less awesome pics. Hope you guys like it, cause it been a while since I put up any photos.

The transit at Amsterdam, where a crazy, old supposedly a "nun" stalked my giant ass.

Here you can see a cruise ship passing by the Suomellina Sea Fortress, a historical site.  It's really cool seeing the ship passing by right next to you. Notice the people on the island waving at the people on the cruise. Kinda funny.

As the ship leaving the island.


Random views of the town of Altoo.

I really like this picture. Really European.

This ride rotates you 360 as it goes up and down. My boobs hurt like a mofo in this.

More rides that made my boobs hurt.

Some kid that keeps on getting into my shot so I ended up taking a photo of it. That's right. It........Bring it on bitches.

Random pictures of downtown Helsinki.

A very touristy spot.

The famous Helsinki Fish Market. The reason why this photo was taken was cause dude on the boat was fucking cute. I got all sexcited.

The parliament house. I think. Not too sure. But its sure is pretty.

Angels and Demons. The translation still cracks me up.

There are of course more pictures. When I feel like it, I'll blog about this time when I walk around naked in public. In Finland.  True story. I bet you guys would wanna know about that.  Hehe. 

Till then my young pedawans......