Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blood on the Streets

Perhaps you guys, well those that have been putting up with my bullshit for more then 2 seconds now, must have realized that the Constantly Dramatic One have never really mentioned the part of Australia that I am currently calling my temporary home. This is cause I like being somewhat semi-mysterious....but more then anything else the though of being stalked scared the shit outta me. Jeysus, don't get me started on that particular episode of my life that involves an ex-boyfriend, actually being stalked and an almost police case. Just bad business all round.

That shit still gimme the creeps. There's nothing cool bout being stalked yo.

However, some shit is however, is really too cool to not share with y'all. With that said, I am currently studying in Brisbane. Brisbane, compared to KL is like a fucking kampung okay. My head and my heart hurts when I arrived here. I was like "Duuuuude, I gave up KL for this? The fuuuuccckkk....." But hey I have grown to like it now. Even love Brissy a bit. So it was last Sunday that I did a bit of stalking of my own.

I stalked zombies. In Brisbane.
In daylight. 

It was so cool. You don't get shit like this in Malaysia. It has something to do with charity and Halloween. You can read all about it here. Check out the cool photos. Some are mine, others are stolen from friends over FB.

A family of zombies. I really like the kid, she was so gamed being a zombie.

Took a pic with this chick where she was biting my neck. Hahaha!

One of the coolest makeup  I saw all day.

This bitch scared the crap out of me.

This dude, really, has no hand. I know this cause he goes to my uni and sometimes we ended up on the same bus. Brownie points for creativity.

Such a cool mom. And the baby makes a good zombie accessory.

Then the zombies all went towards the blood bank....durn durn duuuurrrnnn.......

Leaving a trail of blood behind

And at the ATM, cause apprently zombies need to take out money to buy brains too. Heh.

And here's a badly shot video, taken by yours truly. It was quite a sight watching so many zombies waiting for the light to change and cross the street. 

And come next year, I am sooooo gonna be a zombie too! But a pretty pin-up one.