Saturday, October 18, 2008

You know...zombie pinup girls are kinda hot......

So....apparently since my last post I have been getting a lot of questions....nay....more like statements of fact claiming that I'm insane. I mean............meh, so what if I like to talk to Monet in the morning? Sometimes that dude just materializes in my backyard okay. What am I supposed to do? Tell him to leave....that's just rude. Y'all just jealous cause he doesn't come to your backyard.

And which person here have not imagined their life as a movie? Honestly? At certain point in life, you would have thought that "Damn, my life would have made a kick ass chick flick/action movie/noir thriller". It's only natural if you have even an ounce of imagination. Me, I have way too much...that's why I write cause sometimes it becomes really crowded in my head. So no, contrary to popular beliefs I am not insane. Just too imaginative. To prove that I am in fact not insane, today's post would be a mild, run-of-the-mill, very sane and completely normal post.

Today I will talk about zombies. Particularly Zombie Pinups. See, what is insane in that statement?

Remember when I did that post about the new retro look? Well I come across an even better deal than
beautiful, new starlets dolled up as pinup girls. What are your thoughts of zombies, dolled up as pinup girls?............I know right!!! Too cool! Some company out there is putting out a 2009 calendar of zombie pinups and I have to say their take of Gil Elvgren's pinups are pretty interesting. I am damn tempted to order one of these babies to put on my wall for 2009. Check it out!

The original.

I like how they have the outfit down to a T.

The Original

I like her face in this one. "I have a hole in my abdomen but it's okay. I'm cheeky!"

The Original

Pose is the same.

The original

Well at least the outfit is the same.

I am liking how this whole pinup look have crossed the boundaries of the undead. It is disturbing yet intriguing at the same time.......So if zombies and pinups are your thing, do feel free to visit their product site.

See, nothing insane bout this post right? Right?? I'm completely sane. Completely. Except for those rare moments when I have that strange voice in my head telling me to kill puppies. Yeah....except for those times........


Tinesh said...

Down to a T? A T? Nobody got down on me lately man!

Frank said...

Ehhhh...I think I'll go with the normal, living girls myself. I'd hate to ruin the moment by having my skull crushed and my brain eaten.

Also, I thought your last post was nice and poetic, not insane :)

Technodoll said...

CD, that's just horrid!! hah hah! Celebrating halloween a bit early, aren't we? :-D

Zikri said...

thank you very much now i have no libido for a while.

and as for imagining what my life would be like as a movie, well sortof, i actually think in movie form sometimes, its bad suddenly thinking, "oh hey, this song would go great for this particular thing that i am seeing, maybe if i zoom in blablabla"

anyway you owe me some libido

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know cheap hookers round Brickfields......... Okay okay! Dont kick my ass =P


"nice and poetic"....awww so kind of you. Thank you =)


Whaaaaat? You didn't enjoy this post? *innocent face*


I'm gonna direct you to Tinesh (please refer above) now, he knows a shitload of good pr0n site. He can help you with gaining your libido back =p

faye said...

You want to hang those on your wall ???? Now I know why your lecturer was a bit worried *palin-wink*

Peter Varvel said...

Disturbing, yes. Intriguing? mmm, maybe not.
It just makes me even more gay, LOL.

senorita.. said...


Kuan said...

oh you should go to china then, they kill puppies to eat, you cant fine stray dogs ANYWHERE :)

i'm sane as well :p

Farid said...

cute. it's got that Tim Burton goth-quirk oeuvre.

i do not think your insane. NO, not at all. Never. in fact, those times when we hung out, when you thought you saw me mouthing "help me" to anyone nearby or when you thought you saw me secretly dialing 999 and letting the cops listen in on our conversations, yeah, i blame that on your overactive imagination. No matter what 5 of your psychiatrists say.

MisSmall said...

LOL, you sick sick gal! lol

As much as I love your quirkiness and pinups, zombie is just not my scene, sweetie. I show hubby and he loves it though. He's a big zombie freak! And that's the one thing (among MANY other things) we can't agree on. :/

Anonymous said...

o my gouda!

that last pic looks horrifying. with no eyes and blood dripping all over. like, ew!

but i have to admit, its kinda sexy. sexy-dirty. haha.

fie the elf said...

woman, were you okay last night ? ;)

Tinesh said...

dude. cheap hooker place in bfields? you think i duno where that place is? i lived in bfields for 15 years k? dont pray pray. btw its closed down now

Quin Browne said...

i wants it...

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Eeewwww....I just imagined you giving me the Palin winks and I felt chills down my spine @_@

God, I hate Palin.


Hahaha! Anything to keep you being as gay as ever Peter =D


I know!


Hey dude, are you in Malaysia now? Are you done with college? I'm kinda unsure.....


Awwwww, Farid how kind of you. But after all we've.....done.....I can't even look at you anymore.

Was it as good for you as it was for me baby?....HAHAHAHA!!! OMFG!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! =D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Ahahaha! Is he going to get one of these calendars to put up at your home? =D

I bet hell will freeze over before you let him. Haha!


"Oh my Gouda"? Haha! Cute.

Well there are a lot more worst then that, did you checked the product site?


Oh yeah, I was. We had a really interesting time after you left. and Farid had a really interesting time anyways. =P Hahaha!!


Find other hooker place lah. Macam takde lak.


Go gets it =D

sab said...

thanks to you i now got an idea for my halloween costume. yay!

(oh. and about grad school... i just do it because my parents want me to. sigh. looong story. but how's school for you?)

nxsa.nxsa said...

aku rase ko lagi hottttttttttt meowrrrr

winda said...

dear CD,
you're one very, very, very, very ... *lost at word* girl.

anyway, your comment on the 'no swimming' zombie pin up is funny!! hahahha.....
And the last pin up disgust me the most, i have to utter "eewww...." unconsciously.

It's nearing lunch time now, and if i lost my appetite just bcos of the pin ups, you owe me big lunch, girl...

Elisabeth said...

Oh my god. What do I say?

I guess there's someone out there who likes that kind of thing.

I have worrying thoughts of people getting off whilst watching Night of the Living Dead.

Wrong. So wrong.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Glad to be of assitance. I am however going as one of the Pink Ladies from Grease. I already have the outfit, so why not?

School? Well, school sucks donkey balls to the high heavens.


When compared dgn zombies babe, semua memang lagi hot. Sayang pun lebih hot ;-p


I think Winda dear, the word you are searching for here is "ossum". I am one "very, very, very, very ossum girl". =DDD


You know, I'm with you. I mean....I get if ppl are into vampires....I mean they are seductive creatures....but Zombies?.....Hhhhmmmm.....

zewt said...

oh no... not for me....

evie said...

the zombie pin-ups were SO funny i thought... i'm gonna go check out that site for more. and don't kill puppies. kill those pesky cicaks around my apt instead!

Tine said...

Err, erm, err ... sweetie, you know I adore you, but even this is morbid even for me :P

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Awwww, this didn't float you boat Zewt? Awww.....


Ewww, no way man. Cicak scares the hell out of me. =S


Guess you wont be purchasing this as a wall calendar then =D