Thursday, October 09, 2008

Humble and modest, that is me

I have been double tag by both Faye and Pourpres to do this tag. 15 random facts about the Constantly Dramatic One. I mean, who would want to know random things about me? I mean......I think this whole practice of telling people all facts all about me is just shallow and narcissistic. The Constantly Dramatic One is of course not shallow or narcissistic. I am humble. And modest. And the ultimate paragon of all that is pure and true in this world.

What's that?...........What are these mistruths you speak of? When have I ever claimed to be..."ossum". I have made no such claim. Modest and humble and pure and true persons such as I am will never make such claim. I do not need to claim to be ossum, tis an undisputed fact.

*buff nails*

Even though I am humble and modest and do not like talking about all..............I will do this tag. I will write 15 random facts about myself. Because in the blogsphere, we honour the age old tradition of blog tagging. Yes, that's the only reason. In no way will I enjoy writing all this about myself. In no way do I enjoy talking about myself. In no way am I narcisstic. At all. None.


1. I kiss and hug my parents every night before going to sleep. Also every time before I leave the house. This does not include the times we have arguments cause during those times there will be no hugging and kissing. Only shouting and slamming doors. And more shouting........... And slamming doors.

2. I have 6 people whom I met through the blogsphere on my Facebook: Prince, Quin, Peter, Faye, Melissa and Tine. People whom I have never met in real life but have grown to adore.

3. Red lipstick is most of the time, my everyday look. I rock red lipsticks better than anyone I know. Yes, better than anyone else I know. This is yet another demonstration of how humble and modest the Constantly Dramatic One is.

4. I do not go out to celebrate the coming of New Year or Merdeka (Independence Day), I just couldn't be bothered. I'm not bothered to go out clubbing or to watch the fireworks or whatever. The traffic is hideous, everything's overcharged, parking is a bitch and the crowd..... Oh God, the crowd. The
rempits, the posers, the horny illegal immigrants, the snooty "cool kids"- I cannot take it. Piss me off.

So what if I'm lame cause I chose to stay in on these nights, I don't care. I'm not the dumbass who's gonna be stuck in traffic for 5 hours, getting stressed out searching for parking or getting my ass grabbed by some Bangladeshi construction worker in the crowd...all for the sake of watching some fireworks blow up.

5. In an ideal world this is how my beauty regime would go:

The first week of the month: I shall go for a full body massage. The nekkid type. Ideally, the messues would be male, muscular, sexy, has a tight ass and resembles Clive Owen. Would be even better if the messues is Clive Owen. But alas, this is not an ideal world. Clive is an actor, not a messues.

The second week of the month: I shall go for a
diamond peel facial. Where they massage your face with diamonds to encourage blood flow and all that jazz. None of those run of the mill facials for moi, only diamond facials are good enough. But alas, this is not an ideal world. Half the damn time I cannot even afford a McDonald's Happy Meal, much less something related to diamonds.

The third week of the month: I shall go for a
fish therapy
I will sit there for half and hour and let them fished nimble away the dead cells on my feet and hence beautify them. All this goes on while Clive gives me a back rub. But alas, this is not an ideal world. Clive does not give me back rubs. Bastard.

The fourth week of the month: I shall go for mani and pedi. At this upscale nail boutique in which they would pamper me, beautify my nails and make me feel all special and purdy. But alas, this is not an ideal world. I do my own mani and pedi and most of the time my nails ended up lopsided. And all retarded looking. Also they're kinda transparent due to lack of some vitamin or other.

6. Samuel L.Jackson is my ultimate idol in badass-dery. Everytime I watched any of his movies, I have an insane need to go around calling everyone "motherfucker". Whenever I feel like someone is bullying me or pushing me to a corner, I think to myself "What would Samuel L.Jackson do?............He would whoop this motherfucker bitch azz up! That's what he'll do." I of course would not whoop anyone's bitch ass up..........cause I'm a pussy.

7. I am only interested in men who are 7 to 9 years older than me. Little boys around my age do not interest me.

8. I have not watched MTV for about 4 years now. I didn't even check out that channel when I'm channel surfing. I just grown to old to give a damn about awards, or the newest video clips or who's hot right, or who's dating who. That's just so highschool. And it's been ages since I left highschool I am after all twenty.............19 years old. Yes 19, just 2 years since I left highschool. Not that long ago when I think about.

Moving on.

9. I did not find out about sex until I was 14. True story, I am not making this shit up. I honestly do not know that people have sex to have babies. I thought people have sex for fun and babies just appear out of nowhere. No really, I am that fucking stooooopid. I remember the day I found out about sex. It was in Islamic Studies class and the teacher was talking about the sins of premarital sex and what happens if you get a baby from that.......and then it dawned on me that people have sex, babies come from sex, my parents have 3 kids...........................................................that was a very disturbing revelation. I can assure you that.

I can also assure you that my knowledge of sex have greatly improve since then. Ahem.

10. I cannot pronounce the word "beach". I can't. Don't try and teach me cause I just can't. It just comes out as "bitch". So I always say "seaside" instead. Conversations going round this word usually go like this:

CD: Yay!! We're here. Let's hit the seaside.
Random friend: You mean the beach?
CD: Yeah, the seaside.
Random friend:.................................Beach right?
CD: Yes, that's what I said. Seaside.

And round and round it goes.

11. One of the best things in life is when I read something, a book or an article, is when a line would jump out to me. Like when you read something and you stopped over a sentence, reflect and go "Damn, that is a good line. I wish I could write that." That is like one of my favourite things, finding those lines. And because I like them so much, I collect them. I write them out in my notebook so that I could look them over again and again. I appreciate the beauty of words. Words can be magical if you can weave them well.

And one of those people that can definitely weave words is Faye. I cannot tell you how many times that I stopped and go "Damn that was a good line, this woman can really write" while reading her blog. Then in a total act of word nerdy-ness, I'll write out the line or the phrase so that I can look it over in other time. I'm nerdy like that.

12. You know how men are fond of saying that women dress up nicely for them? I say bullshit. I never dress up for men. When I do dress up to go out, I always have women in mind. What men think is a non-issue. It's not like that they have an ounce of idea what fashion is all about. What other women think of my outfit is far more crucial. That's how I know how chic I look.

13. For some reason I always regret the fact that I was born long after my Pakistani grandpa on my mother side passed away. He fought in the WW2 alongside the Brits and that hows he came to (the then) Malaya, met my grandma and settle down. I always think that talking to him would a fascinating thing. Hearing all his war stories, his childhood stories in a distant land and all that. Unfortunately he passed away even before my parents were wed.

Atuk & Wan (grandpa & grandma) circa 1970s

I regret never knowing my grandpa. Though it is no fault of my own or anyone else's.

14. Every girl has a favourite Disney princess. Most of the time, for some reason or another it'll be Cinderella. Mine is not Cinderella. Mine is Snow White. Before this I though the reason why I like her so much is cause of the red lips, I have a penchant for red lipsticks anyways. But then I realise something, seeing that Snow White was released in the 1930s, the artwork that comes with the film Snow White is in tuned with that era.

You guys, Snow White looks like a pinup girl. No really. Google it up if you don't believe me.

15. Every year I will buy a little something for myself on my bDay. Sort of a self-pampering shit. Last year it was a handbag, before that a Shiseido lipstick, this year it is a book that I have been wanting for a long time.

16. One of my great interest, actually, love is....wait for history. I've always enjoyed history. All through highschool I consistently scored A's for history. I mean I'm flunking Maths, getting Bs for Biology but there never a time when I have anything less than an A for my history exams. In fact, I read history books for fun. I can tell you what the War of the Roses was all about, the founding of Melacca in a heartbeat, explain the rise and fall of the Roman Empire in great details.....cause I buy books about them. I spent countless hours reading about them online. I also religiously watch the History Channel, for fun.

In fact even the fiction books I read have an inclination to be historical. Historical crime, historical fantasy, historical high fantasy, historical romance, historical fiction...basically if it's historical you can bet your ass I will enjoy it. My favourites are 13th century Medieval England especially concerning Henry the 8th and his 6 wives, 14th Century Scotland, 1930's American (the Great Depression), books concerning the Holocaust are just fascinating, and Edwardian France. Those are good centuries to start with if you want to read anything historical.

In fact, this is the book I'm reading now:

The Autobiography of Henry VII: With Notes by His Fool, Will Somers .By Margaret George (994 pages)

It also has the honour of being the book I bought as a gift for myself, for my birthday. Now you know.

Oh wow, look 16 facts. Damn, I am too humble. Now I am tagging 15 of your asses.

1) Natalija

2) Frank

3) Aini

4) Melissa

5) Tine

6) Peter

7) Tinesh

8) Rujing

9) Technodoll

10) Michelle

11) Senorita

12) splatme

13) Kerp

14) Fara

15) And the last one is open for whoever that wants to do this.

Now go forth and be humble and modest, minions.


faye said...


You like my word weaving .....

:) *tears*

very touching la
- I bet that's a sentence you won't write down :D

thanks CD...I'm glad I have one fan lol. And since we are in the spirit of praising, no one (and I mean ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, can create drama and spew bitchy lines like you do)... that crown is yours bish.

Zikri said...

I will be honest and say that I barely read anything

but Samuel L Jackson and Pulp Fiction. FUCK YES!

Frank said...

Why am I not one of your adored facebook friends? :(

Prince Gomolvilas said...

"I shall go for a fish therapy
I will sit there for half and hour and let them fished nimble away the dead cells on my feet and hence beautify them."

...And all of a sudden this blog post turned into a horror show.

Quin Browne said...


the more i get to 'know' you, the more i am sure we've met before...

i love that you kiss your parents, i love margaret george (just read cleopatra), you rock red lipstick, a shade that is perfect on only certain people.

and, clive owen? who says he won't massage the body of the cdo?? i mean, she IS the cdo.

so many more things in that list, i was going , "YES!"

i am going to go look at your sunflower now.

Peter Varvel said...

Ha ha ha ha! I used to think babies just "naturally happened," too! When I found out how they were made, I thought that having sex twice in a row was how you got twins. So people who had triplets and quadruplets were just extra horny, nasty people, ha ha ha!

I owe you at least three tags, so I will do this one - I love it!

MisSmall said...

Your "disturbing revelation" had me laughing out loud, girl! And I totally agree with #12. Men know nothing about fashion (straight ones anyway), any dress that shows legs and boobies is hot enough for them. But women, tough crowd to please! Bunch of "beaches" too. :P

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ossum then. will get it done the soonest. thanks.

hey, likewise, its been ages since i switched to either mtv or V. fucking astro brilliantly packaged these 2 together with Star World, the only reason why i still have em.

evie said...

ooo... you like history huh? now i know two bloggers who love their history. you and wendyb (

and fish freak me out. which is why i don't ever intend to go to those fish spas. ever.

senorita.. said...

Samuel L. Jackson rocks!!

'Snakes on the Plane', classic....

i'll try to come up with something. i lost my creative cap. must have left it somewhere.. hmmm.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


But it's true. I always commented whenever you write something beautiful right?

And thank you thank you, the crown is indeed mine =P


If we ever get to meet one day, I will whoop your mofo azz up the way Samuel will.


Cause I havent read your blog for that you know I won't add you....yet. But in time my new friend, in time.


I take it that you never tried fish therapy then?
*raise eyebrows*


Awwwwww, named the sunflower after me =p

Hey is the Cleopatra one any good? I wanted to get that too but they've sold out that. The only books left of Margaret Geroge's were "Henry the 8th" and "Mary Queen of Scots". I just bought "Henry" + 4 P.G Wodehouse books + "the Godfather" (by Mario Puzo) and "Rant" by Chuck Palahniuk.

Okay so I did not just bought 1 book for my bDay. I went overboard but the beauty of it is that my favourite bookstore give me 25% off books in my bDay month so yes, it is all good. =)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Haha! I am not alone then. Thank God. But how old were you when you found out?

I think 14 is pretty late in the game, no?


Oh I knew that "beach" thing will get back to me. Hahaha!!

And oh oh tagged yourself for this please! I am all curious now =)


I know!!! I have been trying to get rid of it forever. But I guess those channels have its benefits. When my teenagers relatives come, I just let them sit in front of the TV and watch that.

End of story.


Wow, really? I should check out Wendy's then. Actually those fish spas thingie ok lah Evie.....I shall drag your sexy ass there one day =p


Snakes on a Plane is one thing. But have you checked out Pulp Fiction? Shaft? Black Snake Moan?


senorita.. said...

yes, watched Pulp Fiction. still cudnt get the image of the boss being raped outta my mind.

not the other 2 though.

anyway, conclusion, Samuel L. Jackson kick ass!

Natalija said...

AHAHAHAHAHA you can't say beach! I lol-ed so hard.

I shouldn't really.

I say bitch too. Dammit!

Tinesh said...

ehhh? why ur comment section doesnt pop out anymore? Will do the tag soonest possible. Gotta put up the prom poster and i have a post about guitar hero in my head.

25% off during bday months???? :D:D:D

Technodoll said...

he he! another super-interesting and funny post! Love it.

I don't have the brain-power to come up with something even half as good so I'll have to bail out on this one and save my dignity :-(

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Oh you should. You totally shouuulllddddd....



I know! Everyone got a kick out of that. Hahahaha!!


Yeah, discounts. I asked you the other day if you wanted anything and I'll get it for you but you say you dont want anything.

It doesnt pop out anymore cause I got some readers complain that when it pop out, it kacau dia....uuh platform. Like Safari and Mozilla and all that shit.


Awwww....I'm looking forward to yours too. Meh.

Quin Browne said...

it is good, and i'll be glad to mail it to you...

oh, and, don't forget samuel l jackson in his new hit, "lakeview terrace"


winda said...

hey, you know what, i was about to get that fish spa thing in korea (where i enjoyed the week-long holiday, courtesy of the company but the owner also came along, blehh...)!
'was about to get': no fish wants me!! arrgghh... They were coming straight to my feet and then turn away immediately! What! Everybody was having fishes on their feet. Do i have smelly feet or something!?! Was having my period so i had to sit on my hand in a wet chair, and i aint light! those fishes should have given me some credit for that!! *still angry*

i also looovveesss history!! and myth. i heart them!
back in school, i love the most when it's the world's history. Come indonesian past history (the tribes and kingdoms) and i hate it lol. Too many names to be remembered cause all those java kings just cant help not killing each other every other minute.
The modern ones are better. I can tell you the typewriter of our independence declaration, ha!

and i also give myself birthday present!! things that's pretty expensive that i have to concealed it into the 'birthday present to self' thing lol

MoonShadow said...


Michelle said...

15 random things? Okay, but give me time!

Number 12 is right on...women are always checking each other out!

Anonymous said... missed me? Awww that's so sweet. Sorry have not been keeping in touch.I'm kinda bored already with u...doesn't mean i love you any less ;) Btw, some comments are not mine. Pls note.

Khairul said...

CD i've included your blog in my list of favourites. Do let me know if you want it to be removed, ok ^^

splatme said...

me, too. me likes to write down words that i read. and me is waiting to become like brilliant and use diaspora and onomatopoeia in one sentence.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Mail it to me? But wont that be troublesome for you? And then also, wouldn't it be expensive too? =S

I don't mind....but still. So troublesome for you.


Winda! OMG! Indonesia have the best myths! Full of drama and suspense. You gotta share them with me. Know any good sites for me to visit and read up bout Indonesian myths?

Also, Malaysia have a shitload of that fish spa things. Come lah, I'll take you to one =D


Would you be back in college next term? We can go mamak. Heck we can go mamak now too if you want =)


Yay!!! Looking forward to yours! =)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Sayang, you're supposed to answer in my other post. The one that I wrote for you, not here. Are you confused sayang? Poor wittle baby.

Also you're bored of me? Awww you know that's not true. You're addicted to me. Just admit it. I'll keep it as our wittle secret.

And....."please note"...sayang why so polite? Clearly we are waaaay past that. Surely I have not broken you, have I? Come now, you know how I like em' fiesty.


Why would I want it removed? You know how I like the ATTENTION.

Thanks MK! I feel loved =D


Hahaha!! I'm so glad I'm the only one who does that =D

winda said...

Well, as much as i want to help you, i'm not sure whether there are sites recommended enough. Not many are that appreciative toward own culture. Until someone/something pose a threat of stealing and then, we'll see demo. Wtf were you before, dude!!
I got my indonesian myth dose when i was a kid, reading books the likes of Jaka Tarub and the 7 bidadari. I heart them! But i dont know where they are now :( I'll be gladly mail them to you if only i know where they are now :(

Anonymous said...

"Pls note" coz although I am sent to this earth to destroy fat people, I would NEVER involve your parents. Being fat is your own fault ;)

Elisabeth said...

A diamond facial? Respect, girl, respect. I'm adding that to my ideal world beauty regime as well!


the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Awww, that sucks donkey balls to the high heavens. =(


Really sayang? I don't feel destroyed. Should I?

Oh yeah, being fat is totally my fault. Just as being a self-hating and jelousy-filled little asshat has been yours. We are all flawed in our own ways. ;-p


I day Elisabeth. One day we shall have that diamond facials.

Tine said...

Awww #2 :D

I'm on it!

Natalija said...

Ah.. Couldn't resist commenting again.

1. I do the exact same thing. Manja little things aren't we?

3. I wish I could pull red lipstick off. I'd look like a vampire if I did wear one.

4. Ditto

8. I havent' watched MTV for 8. Heh. Well, it got cut off. Too raunchy says the parents.

9. Hmph. I found out at 13. In science class.

10. Hahahahaa.. Bitch.. still cracks me up.

12. EXACTLY. Omg yes. Men don't know shit about fashion. We should always dress to impress and try to upstage other women.

14. Snow White! Yeay me too.

Good lord you are so artsy fartsy.

MoonShadow said...

i love the Samuel L. Jackson thing..hehe