Thursday, October 23, 2008

Firemen and zombies...Oh my!

For the last 3 days I have been obsessively going through youTube searching First I searched for "Since You've Been Gone" and then I the hell would white-Honda Jazz-fuckface knows that I was rocking out to that song? I mean, does that fucker have supersonic hearing or something?

So I searched for "traffic jam singing" and have go through like a shitload of videos of people who videotaped themselves singing in cars during traffic jams. I felt somehow better watching these videos because clearly, I am not the only idiot who throw "concerts" during traffic jams. Then I went on to be more specific, throwing in words like "Malaysian traffic jam", "crazy girl in car", "fat crazy girl in car", "stupid idiot in car singing" and then when all else fail I typed in "ossum singing girl traffic jam".........and lo and behold...... I found nothing!

This is bullshit.

This is when my brother buzzed me over MSN.......

"Adik tau tak ada movie zombie baru?"
*Do you know there's a new zombie movie out?

"Meh, apsal lak Adik nak tengok citer zombie?"
*Meh, why would I want to watch a zombie movie now?

"Bukan hari tu adik hantar link calendar zombie kat Abang ke?"
*Did you not sent me zombie calendar link the other day?

"Excuse me, I sent you that cause they are Pinups Zombies. Not just any zombies."

"What's the difference?"

"Pinup zombies maksud nyer lagi cantik lah. Pinup zombies! Pinup zombies....Am I getting through to you?"
*It means that since they are zombie pinups...therefore they are prettier than your average zombies.

"Abang rasa gambar pinup yang ko suka sangat tu nampak macam sluts jer."
*I think those pinup girls that you like so much look like sluts.

"..........................................Why are you intentionally hurting me?"

"Cause I can. You're too easy. Never a challenge to pissed you off when we were kids."

"Adik tak nak chat ngan Abang lagi. Nak merajuk. Goodbye."
*I don't wanna chat with you anymore. I want to sulk. Goodbye.

"Poyoh!!! Tengok link ni! Best! Tajuk dia "Quarantine"."
*Big baby! Check out this link. It's the best! It's called "Quarantine".

"Fine, I'll humour you. But this is just because we are related by blood. Not because I harbor any affections for you. I want you to know that so that you won't be confused or anything."

"When did my little sister got to be so bitchy? Oh wait, I know. The day you were born right?"

My brother is a he-bitch but that's a given cause I think bitchiness is like a family trait or something. I watched his stupid link anyways. The supposedly "best" zombie movie ever. Looks like crap until the 0:51 mark.

Holy Mother of God!!!!! Is that a fireman at 0:51? Wait, wait....there are several firemen. Dude.....this movie just been elevated from "crap" to "OSSUM" in my book. So then I abandoned my brother on MSN and went in search of more "Quarantine" related videos and I found more trailers. With more firemen in it !!!!!! This one especially.

Firemen!!!! Everywhere. Okay fine, I noticed there are zombies too. But fuck it! Firemen! OMG!!!! I'm soooo horny excited now I cannot even think straight. Here's a synopsis of the movie:

"Television reporter Angela Vidal and her cameraman are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles Fire Station..........."

What comes after "Los Angeles Fire Station" in that synopsis is really not important. I don't really give a fuck. But if there's "Fire Station" involved that means it would involve a lot of men running around in those orange uniforms.....with the hats right? Holy crap!!!!!!!!!! This is like...........a dream come true. Minus the zombies of course. Wait wait.......apparently this movie is a remake of a successful Spanish thriller, with the same format and guys know what this means right?

Spanish firemen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!! Where can I get the original version of this movie? No seriously bitches. Anyone knows? C'mon! Spanish firemen!!!!!!! If those two words combined did not give you an orgasm, then you my friend, is a robot. Or a straight man. In which case, I apologize profusely for this post. And to show how sincerely sorry I am, here is the Spanish trailer. With Spanish firemen. Mwahahahahha!!!

Now, I'm off for a quick icy cold shower. *wink wink nudge nudge*


nxsa.nxsa said...

keje ko stim je 24 jam.

MisSmall said...

Spanish. Nothing.

Fireman. Nada.

Okay, fine, I'm a straight man. :/

penyangak said...

it's called [rec].

download lah it's pretty dope. i think even lanuns have the dvds sold, it only came out last year.

forget the hollywood one.

movie tak sampai setahun keluar kot dah remake. fucker.

senorita.. said...

hokay, will go look for it.. ;P

Natalija said...

HAHAHAHAHA i couldn't help bursting out in laughter at the first comment!!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Eleh, ko jeles. Mentang-mentanglah aku nak raba firemen jer tak nak raba ko, jadi ko makan hati kat situ.

Takpe Nxsa, nanti bila kita gi funfair tu (pergi ke tak ni?! aku nak gi dowh!), aku raba-raba ko skit....ok? Kesian ko, aku paham ko perlu belaian manja. Tu sahaja. Pasal tu ko jeles macam ni....



But a very pretty man. That likes Gossip Girl too =D


Wahai Penyangak,

Hollywood telah ketandusan idea. Stupid fucks all of them. But I'm gona watch both. 2 firemen movies are better than 1 =D



Yeah bebeh!! Mi gusta bombero mucho mucho!! =P


Yeah that one wanna get her ass whoop, that she does.

faye said...

I want to watch your concert in the car next time ! :)

Promise k ?

Kuan said...

damn, i would so want that video to be up so that i can record you smashing that white honda car fuckface, damn...

anyway, i'm sure you probably heard and watched Ladder 39? true stories, firemen stories. ;)

by the way, i dont get why every time you're horny, oh wait, scratch that, i mean excited, why would you want to go have icy cold shower??? like...whY?!?!?!

Tinta Sisyphus said...

Kuan...ada fire..panas panas....tak boleh handle...

Tinesh said...

ossum singing girl traffic jam".........and lo and behold...... I found nothing!

does that mean you're not ossum? whyyyyy? haiz

and nope, dint gimme an orgams, so guess im straight after all. so much for coming outta the narnia closet :P

and man your brother! dude! i gotta meet him weyy

Frank said...

Hmmm...SOMEONE'S got just a bit of a fireman fetish, eh? ;)

emma said...

You are so funny!!! I've always had a thing for fireman but i'd never seen spanish ones before. I love jonie mitchell and love actually is a great movie.

Anonymous said...

Erm, so what you do during your quick icy cold shower???

You masturbate, do you?

Technodoll said...

ROFLMAO!! There was a rerun of "Sean of the dead" on TV the other night, best zombie movie evah! OK it needed firemen, but still. hah. Can't beat that :-D

Melissa said...

i don't know why, everytime i think of zombies, all i could muster out is milla jovovich and resident evil. and also the unforgettable, painful fact that i chicken out everytime i try playing the stupid (okay it's not stupid, it's brilliant really) game on my bro's ps2. ><

spanish firemen? damn now you got me hooked too. imma need an icy cold shower too after this brrrrrr!

and oh, no video of you on youtube? aww shucks... you ARE supposed to be ossum, clearly that guy doesn't realize ur 'ossum'ness or else he would've posted it on youtube, ish useless punyer mamat!

Valley Girl said...

Me like firemen.

juraiza said...

I saw the Spanish version before and I think the firemen died pretty early :(

Charlotte said...

I can give faith that Spanish firemen look soooooooooooooooooooooo... good.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Ahhh....errrmm.....dude..uuhhh...hmm....maybe lah =/


DAMN!!!!! I wish I checked my email earlier so that we could have meet up. And now you're back in London. Noooooo!!!!!!!

Anyways, cause you know, it's not like I can hump anyone......Clive isnt here. He's with his damn wife. So cold shower lo.


Betul tu Tinta, betul. Bijak abang kita yang sorang ni ;-p


You sure ah? Maybe its the Navy for you, not the bomberos....*wink wink nudge nudge*

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Really? Who?



I havent either! Wanna go to Spain together and stalk them down? Haha!


No dear, masturbating is only for warm showers. Not cold ones. Tsk tsk.


Sean of the Dead rocks!!! And you are right, best zombie movie evah!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I KNOW! What an insult. I mean it is indeed an unwritten rule that whenever you type in "ossum" anywhere on the net, my face is supposed to pop out. This bastard clearly do not know that. Damn.

Oh I totally love Resident Evil. Played the first one on the PS (number one PS, old skool) and screamed like a banshee. Tapi main gak...=p


Ahhh.... a woman of my own heart.


Woman! Why the hell did you tell me that? Whhhhhy? Whhhhhyyyy? *frust menoggeng*


Dammit Charlotte, now I'm all jealous. I wanna live in your counttrrryyyy.....=S

rujing said...

dude, you crack me UP!!! i don't want to be the one to break it to you but the i think, and this is purely speculation, that the firemen are not exactly the focal point of the movie... just a thought. LMAO
i can't believe your just watching the movie for the perve factor! tsk tsk!

x rujing

ps. omg i totally had a crush on dmitri from anastasia too!!! i thought i was alone in my love for a 2 dimensional person.