Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm racist. You're racist.......So what happens now?

Disclaimer: The following post deals with issues concerning racism. It could be hurtful to you. It could also piss you off to the point of wanting to track me down and kicking my ass. So if you don't feel like reading an extremely long post in which I ponders the issue of racism in all my pseudo-intellectual glory, then don't. Unlike the real world; freedom of choice still rules supreme in the blogsphere.


Let's be honest here, there is a bit of racism in all of us.

If you can honestly say that you are not racist, at all, then you my friend are a liar. We are all racist. It comes with the upbringing. When we were growing up our parents, our relatives, the people of our own race who associates with us......well they inject a certain something into our subconscious. It is called ""racial superiority". The case in which we view our race, our people as better than anyone else’s. This shit is like Sociology 101 yo.

Now how we are going to deal with that racism is up to us. We can choose to remain being racist or we can choose not to. Me? I have selective racism.
It is shameful. It is wrong. I should get my ass whooped for it….but then you know, no matter how ossum you guys think of me, I am still but human. A constantly dramatic human, but still human.

You wanna know who I am racist towards? Chinese teenagers. Yes, do I hear uproar out there? Yes of course I do. But please before flooding my comment box with hate comments, let me just get some points across. I am not racist against all Chinese teenagers; I am only racist against those supa kawaii ones. The ones who find the need to emulate Japanese street fashion, to be anime themselves, the ones that wear top to bottom pink, the ones that talk like fucking bimbos……and those are just the girls. The boys, God the boys are another story all together.

But I do notice that this damn fucking annoying anime/Japanese/Harajuku behaviour are most of the time attributed in Chinese teenagers exclusively and because of that I am racist towards them. Please note that I am not racist towards the Chinese, just the supa kawii ones. I have Chinese friends, I watch Chinese movies, I think Lee Hom is a hot piece of ass and remember geek boi of which I had a……… dream of? Dude’s Chinese. How’s that for not being racist against the Chinese?

The second group of people that I am racist towards are white people. Yeah I know. Contradictory ain’t it? Am I not the one who goes on and on about how I wanna bang Clive Owen’s within an inch of his life? And clearly, he’s white. Do I not idolize Kelly Clarkson, and look at her- she’s white! Am I not blogging in English, which we Malaysians recognize as the language of white people? I mean go anywhere in Malaysia and speak a bit of good English and you’ll probably get comments that go along this line: “Berlagak lah tu, sebab pandai cakap bahsa omputih.”

Let me explain. I am not racist towards all white people. I am only racist towards white people living in Malaysia. Now I dunno whether you guys notice but white people living in Malaysia, most of them, they think they are so much more superior than we the locals. Cause they’re white. Just because we are all brown and suddenly they’re white in the sea of brownies, they think they are so much superior to us? It does not help that most Malaysians cannot escape the colonized mentality and view them as better than us. And because of this, white people in Malaysia think they can take advantage of us. They can skip queues, get discounts and bla fucking bla just cause they’re white. They think they can get away with anything, just cause they’re white.

Shit pisses me off.

And no, my selective racism is not limited to other races only. I am racist against my own people too. Malay people. Yeah I know, I am here to declare that yes that the Constantly Dramatic One is Malay and I take an active role to not be associated with people that I deem to be “too Malay”. The ones that I like to label as “kampong”. I mean the ones that only want to watch Malay movies, religiously watch "Akademi Fantasia", go for those damn "Sure Heboh!" bullshit. Yeah….those. I am racist towards them.

I view myself as more modern, liberal, hipper Malay whereelse they are the outdated, boringly traditional and kampong Malays. They in turn, do not view me as a modern, liberal or hip with a positive spin to it….They look at me and think that I’m a skank for not dressing in the typical Malay fashion, and that I am going to burn in Hell for being me. They also accuses me of bringing shame to the Malay community for being “liberal”. They are as racist towards me as I am to them. The cyle of hate that comes with racism is a vicious one.

So you see, I am racist. I will not deny it. But I am selectively racist. I do not blindly hate a group of people just because what I heard or because I have been thought that my race is “supposedly” superior when compared to everyone else’s. I hate them for reasons that make sense to me. So does it make it okay for me to hate?

Of course not. It’s hurtful.

I’m sure what I wrote about being racist towards Chinese teenagers have angered…well Chinese people out there. I’m sure what I said about white folks would lose me my international readers and I’m sure somewhere out there some Malay girl is reading my blog and going “Oh dia ingat dia bagus sangat lah sekarang? Betina sial.”…or you know something along those lines. Because let’s face it. Racism hurts.

So why am I bringing all this up? Why am I airing my racism out to the world? Because, I just recently encountered such blatant racism myself. I encountered it from someone who I think of as a friend. I thought he was cool....then I stumbled upon his blog and I found these gems:

“……………Waiting for the other guy, he stood there, the book in hand, and the place it below his lip and on his chin, the way you would place your fingers below your lip when you're thinking. OMG, the bloody Malay idiot. I just wanted to slam his face along with the book into the counter repeatedly. If he wants to get that personal with my book, let him have the whole shebang, I'd have shoved it up his ass if it didn't interfere with morals... and laws against assault.

Unfortunately for me, the book was the only one they had. Argh, kill kill kill. And if anyone wonders why I believe majority of Malays are uncivilised imbeciles that I wouldn't trust to even be my slave, let them go spend a night with Mr. Bookaphile over there.

Genocide, here we go!”

And this:

“…………show me a malay who seemingly doesn't exhibit traits of imbecility and/or incivility, and I'd prove you wrong.”

I mean, wow. Can you guys just feel the racism in that? At first I was shocked; I always thought he’s a cool guy you know. He doesn't show his racism in real life but every other post is about how he thinks Malay people should be rendered obsolete. Once the shock is over, I became extremely angry. And I just wanna track him down in college and kick him in the balls. I did. Then I thought of attacking him in my blog and then it occurred to me that……….wouldn't that be totally hypocritical of me?

I sure am not as racist as him. I do not want to commit any genocide and no I will not hold it against his people for the things he said………. but to judge him on his opinions of my people, his racism, when I’m in turn is racist too? That’s just wrong and shallow of me. But just because I can think sensibly about this does not mean that his words do not hurt.
And that’s what racism is all about. They hurt, they anger and all that’s left is hate.

I have stopped being angry with him. I have also decided to stop being his friend. I don’t think that I could associate myself with someone who clearly looks down on me just because of my race. But of all things that I take out of this, most of all…is pity. I feel sad for him. If you read his blog and if you know him in real life as I do, he is a very clever guy. Quite witty too. But that’s just so much hate there..... I do not know where this hate for Malay people comes from. I do not know whether it is justified. I do not know. What I do know is that, it’s such a damn shame to have so much racism and hate in someone as young as he is.

We are all racist in our own way. It's just a question on how far we let the racist in us go. Do we let them dictate the way we think or view a person of a certain race without any justification? Or do we hold on to our racism but accept a person, albeit begrudgingly, if they turns out to not be what we have envisioned? Are we happy to lead our lives with all these hate and in turn pass it down to the next generation? Could we ever live in a world in which there is no such thing as racism, be it individually or institutionalized? Will the cycle of hate, unjustified suspicions and blind arrogance ever end?

I understand the idea of choosing a part of yourself to be the centre of your being. Gay people wear their homosexuality with pride. It is what defined them as individuals. I choose my dramatic antics to be the centre of my being. The thing that defines me as an individual. But sadly for him, instead or choosing his cleverness or his wittiness or a thousand other good qualities that he has as a human being.....he instead chose his racism to be the centre of his being. The thing in which he defined himself with as an individual.

He wears his racism with pride.

And that is the most saddest, heartbreaking thing I have ever encountered in my entire life.


Fabulously Broke said...

Am linking to this.

Tinesh said...

misleading la u. previous post you said u gonna stop blogging awhile but then by a great stroke of geniusness i hit ur link. And i guess you venting the anger you dint show me when u spoke to me about this on msn.

and im racist too. i hate racism but i cant stop poking fun at the people in the world. from my fellow indian machas to the white people, there's so much to poke fun at. (i leave black people out for the fear of gettin beaten up by someone 3 times my size :P)

Racism should be viewed as how Russel Peters does. Not the monkey chants dumb Spanish fucks give when a black player enters the field to play football.

btw, wats Sure Heboh?

Farid said...

Yeah, i know how you feel about those super kawaii girls. that's why it's so fun to mock them when we have our camera moments.

I am racist towards my own kind because i think it saves me from conviction of being a racist without foundations. It's easier to get away with criticizing my own race. I don't like malays who are typically staunch, overly religious, self-righteous and holier than thou attitudes. in fact i blame them for most of our problems here in malaysia. i've had times when i thought to myself "wow, i'm ashamed of malays."

white folks in malaysia, are generally ok. i mean i've met some and they're not snooty. the working class ones and students anyway. the rich ones however tend to be snobbish. that's why i avoid places like BSC and bangsar village. i think they're snobby because they're rich, not because they're white.

but girl, you're transfering soon. you might get a taste of racism after you've transfered. and not just the "talk shit behind your back" racism. i mean full-on spitting and called out in public racism.

Anonymous said...

ossum. i can't make up my mind who to be racist to. *rolls eyes*

faye said...


I personally don't think you are racist. Racist is just not liking the whole race regardless of any good traits they might have.
Hitler was racist. And so is that good for nothing Ahmad Ismail.

However I think you just do not like certain traits of that belong to certain races. I'm sure you wouldn't like super kawaii Indian/Malay/Singaporean/Taiwanese/Hawaiian
girls either... super kawaii just does not work for any race. I'm sure you wouldn't like snobby Mongolians either, if they came to your country and treat you like second class citizens.

So don't be so hard on yourself, we all suffer from selective racism to a certain point.

However the guy you wrote about...that is just racist.
Genocide ?

You should kick his punk ass.

Technodoll said...

I think I'm a confused or backwards racist. I'm white as a ghost and pay lots of money to try and get some brown (beige?) going on. So not fair!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i bet you despise those idiotic malays who loves to utter phrases like 'tahu takpe' or 'lu pikir la sendiri'...muahahaha...

senorita.. said...

brilliant piece!

so far in NZ i have not had any racist encounters, but have heard stories from friends who had. but i do get attitude from 'gwai los'... u know,the kind that looks at u as though u don't speak a single word of English, or that u shud be in Idiotic Uni or smth..

it is so true that families and people ard us do play a part in instilling racist notions in us (no matter how trivial).. like u said,it's how we control it.

with all there is to influence u,hey u turn out super! =] we need more people like u in Malaysia.. the kind that looks at humans for who they are and not what's their race,religion,sex or colour.

Tinta Sisyphus said...

Skinhead..skinhead...ready to fight...skinhead oi oi oi!


Zikri said...

You probably know we hold pretty much the same sentiments, except that I just hate idiots or people i think are idiots.

Zen Of Zikri : Everyone is an idiot to someone else

But good God do i dislike seeing Malay kids in caps, rempit like spiked hair/short fringe mops for some reason, they look so poyo, i don't know why. And Lalas.. meh

Melissa said...

It is such a bleeding coincidence for me to read this particular post of urs today that dedicated a special section to that oh-so-typical 'kamponged' malays (MANY THANKS FOR THAT, i've always wanted to blog about it) and then to stumble upon a blog later, owned by an unbelievably shallow and stupid as fuck MALAY guy who probably has been sacked from his crummy job and thus the extensive amount of time he has to dictate on how MUSLIM WOMEN SHOULD DRESS, and oh, he happened to write and insult the CHINESE ladies as well. oh im not done yet, he TOOK PHOTOS of them as well n posted them on his stupid blog. here's the link in case u wanna check out that twat's blog,

yes i know... cheongsamlover??? WTF???

this sort of ignorant imbecile is the perfect excuse to practise selective racism without having the slightest amount of guilt clouding ur conscience.

evie said...

i get annoyed by those people you listed too... and a whole bunch of others. i'm pretty sure i'm slightly rascist although mostly i think it's just that idiots really annoy the heck out of me...

Kuan said...

you know what? I realised something a while ago....I'm not racist....It's not the colour of the skin that bugs me, it's what in their head that bugs me even MORE!

can i call myself as moronism?

all the people we racist against, it's often about their character, and character comes from their head in choosing how to conduct themselves and it is that central idea that bugs us that creates hate sometimes.

So I hate stupid moronic people who are imbecile, uncivilised and rude. And not the colour of their skin. I dont care if you're black, brown, yellow, white, purple....if you behave and think like an idiot, you're getting it from me.

and on that note, have a look at this link, it sums it up perfectly! ;)

it's from Avenue Q, titled, Everyone's a little bit racist ;)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Fabulously Broke:

Thanks! =D


I know.......but wah have to get it out my chest lah. Been bugging me like crazy. But dude, when you're being racist you're at least funny. I mean, satirical racism aint that bad.

But pure hate? *sigh*


Yeah I know. Maybe the ones I met are the rich white ppl in Malaysia. Damn, I should rethink this.


Haha, I know who you're racist towards ;-p . "Duckie".....=pppp

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Wow, you have a really good point. Yeah if some Italian chick comes up to me and be all "supa kawaii" I would bust a cap in her ass too, regardless of her race.

But yes, thank you for your input. That is very enlightening. Also I do not want to kick his punk ass. The way I see it, the fact that he gonna live his life in a haze of hatred and racism is already pathetic enough.

Dude, dont need no more help. If you get what I'm sayin.


We are never happy with what we have, right? Meh.


Well actually....I was referring to Kelantanese. But being politically correct about it. But now that you mentioned it...Anytime they say "tau takpe" is like so damn annoying. I have an overwheming urge to kick some bitch's ass.

Prefertably the person who says it.


That condescending shit is still racism lah.........I think. Meh. Anyways. Thanks babes. Your words make my day....

*malu-malu kucing* =p

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


You go skinhead alone lah dude =P


Ahhhh, I always prefer for you to agree with me. Cause you know....when you don't it feels like you are capable of kicking my ass =S

In any event, Rempits are bastards and Lala...oh God Lalas.......Just thinking about them irritates the hell out of me.


OMG!!! WTF WTF WTF?!!!!! Who is this pervert? OMG!! What kind of sick bastard goes around taking pictures of girls, in their fucking mobile phone.

This fucker is sooo creepy. Eeewwwww!!!


Yeah, I most racist ARE idiots. Totally agree with you on that one.


Oh I know this song!!! I wanna link to it but I was so emo when writing this post that I forgotten........You gonna tell me you watch this on Broadway too arent you?

Oh the pain Kuan, the paaainn!!!

Kuan said...

yep, precisely, i have already watched it. Incredibly honest and funny and i believe they called it west end here and not broadway - thats new yorker term ;)

oh i dont need to be bitchy, just a pain would do :)

splatme said...

if there is a race for people who stink, i guess i'll call myself a racist.. i just can't stand 'em on buses and trains.. and yes, i can't stop thinking about genocide..

i'm not aware about this whole kawaii thing until i read your blog.. it's like a cult out there.. and i thought i only have emo to be troubled with..

Anonymous said...

Hey CD...

This is definitely, a piece well written... I'm racist too actually... Racist towards my own race XP And yes, those kawaii anime-wannabe esp! Holy crap, we all always make fun out of them like shitez, esp during camwhoring sessions :P

But I don't exhibit it that's for sure... That's just wrong .. Mama taught me right... And you're not racist don't worry... I've seen much worst...! =)

Anonymous said...

oh god, tcdo.
that cheongsamlover guy is a creep! a stalker! gahh! i dont know wht to describe him! lets just say, he is a real perv deep inside him and he blogs about those girls because he cant even have sex with them!

Damn, babi that guy. ughh.

so, yea. racist. i am a selective racist too. not to that certain race in general but to a minority of people of that certain race who acts like they are much better than other ppl.

ughh, that perv. still mad at that cheongsamlover guy.

Michelle said...

I don't think you're a racist either. There are PLENTY of people who annoy the fuck out of me and it's usually because of the behaviour or attitude they emit, not the color of their skin or their ethnic backgrounds. I would start a list of the type of people I can't stand, but it's pretty long....

I can't wait to have our first AFRICAN-AMERICAN president....!

senorita.. said...

and oh,i like how u observe people to have a certain something to be the center of their beings.. well said.

re:cheongsamlover... just so sad.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


When are you coming back to Malaysia again? I need to kick your ass. Seriously.


It is a damn cult out there! Man, even emo are not as annoying as the kawaii girls.


Making fun of them in pics are the bomb! With the fingers and all, and the pouting, and the big eyes-OHMYFUCKINGGOD, so damn annoying.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


That guy is fucking creepy right? Hey is there a way to report this?


OMG!! I havent heard from you for soooo long!!! How are you?

And yes, OBAMA for president!


Sad?....I guess so. But mostly creepy. Yeah...mostly creepy.


penyangak said...

hey wtf kerp what's wrong with using "tau takpe" or "lu pikir la sendiri" i think it's cool, man fuck you i declare from this day on i'm racist towards you, and i'm gonna create a race for you so i could direct my racism towards it. i dub you from the fucko race. i hate fuckos. whkahukkugea. no offence just fucking around but still, fuck yah, lu pikir lah sendiri.

about that racist blog quote in this entry, what an arse. one day he's gonna get raped by a sunflower, yeah bitches, a sunflower and a malay rempit holding a book (i didn't understand what he was pissed off at) will hit the sunflower with the book and save his life. HA HA HA HA. see if you will still be racist towards us malay rempits, dude, he saved you from gettin' raped by a sunflower, a fucking sun fucking flower. tau takpe.

winda said...

i want to start the comment by saying how ossum your piece is written, but gawd!!! i just cant help commenting about cheongsamlover first!!
that dude totally, seriously needs to visit a shrink!!
Oh wait, cross that thought. What he need is a straight jacket.
Dude's seriously creepy!!

Okay, now let's get to business.
Have i told you that you wrote an ossum piece?
Being honest about your racism is totally ossum. Not many people will do that. Like you said, nobody can honestly said they're not racist.

There are one time in my life that i felt racist to the chinese people that still speak in chinese/cantonese/whatever dialect regardless the fact that they were born and live and brought up in indonesia. I thought they're not blending but distancing themselves with other people and thus come the stereotype of snobbish indo-chinese.
But then again, after you think of it, it's the same with javanese talk in java and sundanese talk in sunda, etc.

i'm pretty okay with 'them' now. But if they want to make fun at me for being chinese and know nada of chinese language, well....

what i hate the most now are overly religious, self-righteous, and holier-than-thou people of certain religion that fail to see that they religion is not the only one in the world.