Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So apparently, I'm an emo kid....

Hey guys, I am going to stop blogging for a while.

For the last few days I have been missing my sister. One of those pangs that came from nowhere and won't go away you know. As a result, the part of my brain, the part that produce my creative juices...yeah...that's kinda fucked up at the moment. The Constantly Dramatic One have turn into one of those overtly emo kids that are so annoying that you wanna slap them across the face and then shove their faces into a bucket of ice cold water so that all those emo makeup would come off.

In any event, I refuse to flood Dramatic Musings with my emoness. Fucking hell this is my bitching outlet, not a karaoke box in which I sing Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" 5 times in a row and then curl up in a corner to cry my eyes out. And then if the mood strike, hurt myself. Cause that's what
15 year old emo kids do. They cry and then hurt themselves to feel alive. And apparently, ever since last Friday I have morphed into a 15 year old emo kid. Sans those raccoon eye makeup though.

So no, no blogging till I'm done being a 15 year old emo kid. But in the meantime, I'll visit your blogs. And if you feel like sending me emails, ecards, naked photos of yourself (if you happen to be Clive Owen), or you know.....contact number and residence address if you so happen to be a fireman- you know how to reach me.

And now, take it away Tickle Me Emo.


Zikri said...


on a serious note

its ok to be sad and miss someone especially close family and being all emo about it

senorita.. said...

hmmmm... *hugs* ?

u'll be 19 again in no time..

Peter Varvel said...

I think this is normal and necessary, to give yourself time to grieve over someone who's far away, and to embrace the bad feelings so you can process them through (shit! talk about emo!).
Is it realistic to plan a visit with her, so you have something to look forward to? Something to hang onto . . . ?

faye said...

I hope you feel better...and please stop playing Bette Midler's 'wind beneath my wings'- listening to that 5 times in a row might give you other problems :)

but anyways


winda said...

aawwhh... cd... *hugs*

well, i have a news for you. Just read in the newspaper that there'll be local movie about 4 men who work as firemen to pay their tuition fee. Firemen! Yeah, you read that right. Forget about it being local which probably be corny and cheesy as always, just rejoiced on the word 'firemen' for now okay.

Anything to make you leave bette midler for a while, babe, anything.

and tickle me emo? Gosh, why didnt they make toy like that when i was little!!

Melissa said...

awww huge, huge hugs for you dear.

it's okay for you to be missing someone that you love dearly. if u ever need someone to talk to, you can always email me k. or lemme know if you wanna talk to me on ym.

in the meantime, try to spoil yourself to a spa, manicure, pedicure all those girly girly things. you feel AND look good too =)

pattirmina said...

aww..it's ok to be missing someone once in awhile. especially when you've been really close to her. =)

its ok to be emo, putting on all those emo-dark-make-ups but DO NOT HURT YOURSELF!

i believe you are not planning to, but just dont.

talk to your sis on IM ok. =)

pattirmina said...

hahaha...i actually watch the tickle me emo vid. lol. funny.

"nobody could understand what i am going through! especially you!"


Tinta Sisyphus said...

13 tabs of Xanax can do wonders beb.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


That cat is waaaay too cute. Waaaay. Kinda reminds me of me.........*buff nails, look smug*



Yes, I do yearn to go back to being 19 again. Le sigh.


I can't visit her. Not at least until July next year anyways. Cause my sem break is in Dec but it'll be winter in Finland and apprently, during winter in Finland the sun dissapears completely. Kinda like Alaska.

No one goes out of the house, they all stay in. It's actually kinda scary. The good time would be in Feb but my sem would be starting then so the only possible time is in July. Sem break and no scary whether conditions but I dunno yet.

So we'll see.....


Yay! I love hugs! =D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Yes, I am going to do some selective reading and ignore the word "local" but going "WOOO HOOO!!! FIREMEN!!!" over here.

Thanks Winda for the pick-me-up. And yes, why the hell dont we have Tickle Me Emo growing up?


Damn, I was thinking of getting a manicure. Are you a psychic? =o


Hahaha!! I know! The video is funneh. The part that always gets me is the one where Elmo goes "I hurt myself to feel ALIVE!" Hahaha!

Frank said...


Awww. I am an emo kid sometimes, and I always feel like I'm boring people whenever I write about depressing stuff.

Take as much time as you need. We all love you and will miss you :(

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey i love that part where she goes 'fly, flyyyy...fly away, you let me fly so high...ooohh flyyyyy...'. muahaha...that is so rad mann. which reminds me i have another round of karaoke session coming up this weekend...woohoo.

oh, hey where were we? oh yea, your emoness. singing your lungs out may help a big chunk. all i need is one Guest Relation Officer and my woes will soon be the thing of the past, albeit temporarily.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Actually, it did. Thanks for the tip.


Awwww Frank, that's sooo sweet =)


Nak ikut!!! Nak ikut karaoke leh tak?

splatme said...

hek hek hek... i wanna buy one so i'll have a nice target in my next rifle shooting event..