Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm happy, therefore I can't bitch

Sorry for the lack of updates. It seems that the Constantly Dramatic One have hit a writer's block. Also it must be noted that recent events in my life have made me ridiculously happy. And y'all know what it means when I'm happy right?

It means I cannot bitch about anything to save my life. No really, which kinda sucks donkeys balls. Being cheerful takes away my bitchy edge. Can I have both together at the same time? Why can't I be bitchy yet happy? Why? Also this whole being cheerful business is cramping my style, but I can't help it dammit.....I'm happy.

So with that I am opening the floor. I want you guys, including my sayang to come up with topics in which you guys want me to blog about. Anything at all, if I like it...... I'll give my $17,000,000 thoughts on it. Your thoughts cost 2 cents, mine cost $17,000, comes with being ossum. Which I clearly am and you are not. Also sayang, if you want me to list of reasons on why I am so much better than you in every way that is possible, or a list of Fat Lesbian Porn, which I know you masturbates to on a daily basis, I would be more than happy to oblige.

Anything to keep the love between us alive, sayang.

So here goes, comment box: thoughts, ideas, topics, anything at all. If I like it, I'll write about it and link to your blog. What say you? Help out a fellow blogger in a writer's block, eh?


Technodoll said...

I'd love to know how you came to love pinups so much... what inspired you? :0)

Farid said...

here's my list:

1. Discussion on the Dexter series (which you have yet to watch. If you do not, i will assume you are not serious about serial killers and/or interests in serial killings, you poser)

2. Fanfic on your favorite fantasy literature (erotica is acceptable and so is homoerotica.)

3. Vampires. Because their ossum. None of that twilight crap though. I'm thinking Anne Rice or Christine Feehan.

4. I'd like to see Sayang's opinions on Heindermann's published thesis on Particle Symmetry of Molecular Enthropy and Larken's theories on Quantum Singularity.

5. Ok, i'm just kidding about the one before. What i'd really like to see is a debate between cupcakes and muffins. cupcakes are cute but muffins are for real people. cupcakes aren't that cute. they think they are, but they're not.

6. Gay rights movement in Malaysia.

7. the possibility of engineering humans with ossum super-powers. if you had a super-power, what would it be? Mine would be to control probability. Get creative.

8. Lastly, i would like to add that not only am I the most ossumest sunflower, I also intend to overthrow you as The Gardener and rally my own army of Sunflowers under my command. I shall rename them Shadowblooms (or Baby's Breath, i haven't decided) and i shall skew them of their sunflowery ways, robing them of their very last drop of sanity and mindraping them until there is nothing left but unquestioned loyalty for their new leader, me the Sporemistress (or Faerie Queen, I haven't decided). I shall wage an epic war and destroy you until there is nothing left of your being lingering in existence. Your teachings and ideals shall be purged from this new world where only i rule supreme. And when i'm done with your plane, i shall extend my reaches to other worlds until there is nothing in the universe that is free of my influence! In the end, there shall only be Me and memories of The Original Gardener will be nothing more than bed-tales told to younglings to kindle their flames of false hope.


Peter Varvel said...

Tell us about when you first realized you were becoming a woman.
I love puberty!

senorita.. said...

feminism, homos, ur worst nitemare/sweetest dream, any bad experiences with stalkers etc? any weird encounter with hamsap males (i once saw a middle age guy masturbate in a bus).... recipe for something yummy? =P

Anonymous said...

....."which I know you masturbateS to on a daily basis"....LMAO....If you wanna be bitchy with me at least brush up on your grammar sayang.haha

evie said...

you can talk about how bloody overpriced the mamma mia tickets are this december at istana budaya. istana budaya!!! ok, maybe that's my beef and not yours, but seriously though, 4-500? sure, i could sit at the stalls but i won't. i'd rather complain about the price of the tickets. sorry, what was the question again?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

how about smokin' hot lesbian action for the guys and incest porn for your sayang?

done the tag btw.

Natalija said...


"If you wanna be bitchy with me at least brush up on your grammar sayang.haha"

Well, aren't we a ray of freakin sunshine?


Oooh I found an extra s!! Ooooh I have way better grammar!! Oooooohhhh wow big hoohah. LOSER.

You gotta come up with way better anonymous comments my dear old sausage. Quite frankly, you suck at being a jealous bitch.

Come, come lets bring it on. I'll try to be nicer if you promise to try be smarter ok sayang? :)


faye said...

Mouse steps into the trap....


Bet you're happy about that CD.

My suggestion is that you can do a whole post about that nasi lemak in Meru that you keep talking about- cause I just can't wait until May to go with you - lol :)

Quin Browne said...

dexter is so dreamy. who knew a serial killer could be hot?

i can't give you any ideas, my friend. i always say write what you know, what you see.

i don't leave my basement room, so, i'm in a dry spell, too.


winda said...

agree with quin. Dexter is hot! The intense look he gives you.... *melt*
eniwei.... what? ideas??

Farid said...

dexter is everyone's favourite serial killer.

Kuan said...

hey, i know your love towards pinup gurls and since you're super uber happy, here you go ;)

Natalija said...

Also.. I'm waiting for that email with the answer to sayang's identity. I don't do well with suspense. It is her who i think it is?? Tweety!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Well I have always been attracted to artworks that show the female form. For some reason or another, I find it very appealing. Pinups, if you notice, the way it is drawn, it's very gentle. The way it was drawn, you can see how it exudes sensuality as well as gentleness.

Well that's why I like it in a nutshell. It's basically the artwork. I just love the flow of the lines, the colour, the expression, it's really good. Maybe one day I'll write all about it =)

Farid- Take 1:

1) Bitch, I have not watch Dexter cause I have been, obssesively, hornily been watcing the Tudors night and day. I will watch Dexter, after I am done watching Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk in his naked glory.

And after I'm done fantasizing that he would tap me, the way he tapped Margaret when they were on the ship. Rmbr that scene? That was good fucking right there....uuummmm Charles Brandon..........(This is possible post though, Charles Brandon's sexy ass is a possible post).

2) I wrote a fanfic once. Hahaha!! Years ago. Slash fiction. Homoerotic love between Snape and Flitwick. Ahahaah!! I'll let you read if I can find it.

3) If we're doing vampires on this blog, it'll be L.J Smith's vampire. Rmbr the "soulmate" thing I told you about?

4) I let Sayang takes the floor then. Since it likes the ATTENTION.

5) Fuck you. Cupcakes rocks (possible blog post)

6) I actually have a draft already........=D

7) Oouuuuu definitely a blog post possibility. Nener nener nener.....

8) Bish plz. How could you defeat the ossumness that is me? I am infinitely more ossum than you, why do you want to challenge me so?

Kudos for dreaming though, but I want you to know that IT. IS. NEVER. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.

Yeah, bitch. Bring it.


Oh Peter, I don't really feel fully like a woman....yet. I have never completely fallen in love, never completely got my heart broken, never achieved anything huge, never really anything really.....maybe one day. =)

Possible blog topic though.


I once got molested in Popular. Some dude grabbed my ass. True story. In fucking Popular of all places!


Actually kan, sayang. It is "if you wanna be bitchy towards me”. See, when you used "with" it means that I am being bitchy alongside you. But I am not. I am being bitchy towards you.

Can you see the difference sayang? I'm sure your highly intelligent mind can grasp such simple concepts ;-p . And do feel free to join me in the next episode of "The Pot calling the Kettle black" right here, on your favourite blog of allll time: Dramatic Musings.


the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Mamma Mia is coming to Malaysia?!! WTF? OMG, I know the tixs are so fucking expensive. I went for Grease and Chicago, when they came down to our country and it was so fucking expensive.



Incest porn? Ewwww ewwww ewwww, Kerp WTF? =S

Natalija- Take 1:

Oh huney, chill. It doesn't have much going on in its life that the lack of an "s" is like the most exciting thing ever, in its life.

Kasi can lah. When compared to us, it lives such a bleak, insignificant life. Kesian kan? Just let it be. If I can accomodate it in it's life happiness pursuit than let it be. =)


OMG! Yes! Free advertising for that nasi lemak place. I bet my sayang would like that. I bet it would comment something like this "No need to eat anymore, you are so obese already. And fat. And obese. And soooo ugly."

I can read it like a book now =)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I see musical dance numbers everywhere in my head, everywhere I go =)


Oh for the love of God! Fine. I'll watch it already. So much pressure from you ppl =p

Farid- Take 2:

Yes Farid, yes. I watching it now. I am tearing myself away from Charles Brandon's nekkid ass and watching Dexter.


OMG!! How you found out about them?!! OMG! Thanks so much! =D

Natalija- Take 2:

Ooohhh you want an email. Kay, kay I'll email you =)

Kuan said...

they're from london :)