Friday, September 12, 2008

The New Retro

The Constantly Dramatic One is here to declare 2 things.

1) I loved cupcakes before it was cool to do so. Suddenly out of the blue everyone loves cupcakes and it's the in-thing for any parties to serve cupcakes. It's like a damn trend. People, I have been getting fatter by eating cupcakes before any of y'all are.

2) I was waaaaay into 40's fashion and them pin-up girls before Hollywood brought it back with the help of Christina Aguilera and her whole 'Back to Basics' album. Waaaaaaay before you bitches jump on the bandwagon. I just need to point out that I, the Constantly Dramatic One, is waaaay ahead of the curve and also states that I am also cooler than you. Like I'm so cool that before I pull up into any parking lot I find it immensely necessary to blast my radio so loud so that everyone could listen to my crappy girly-pop music like the Sugababes ultra hip music. Cause I'm sad cool like that.

Now that we understand the fact that I am collectively cooler than anyone else, and stop shaking your head and going "Tsk tsk, poor deluded thing. Tsk tsk.", I would like to say that
Vanity Fair rocks!! No seriously. Their new spread about up and coming actresses is great. All them beautiful ladies have been style like the pinup girls of the 50es. The hair, the make up, the poses is just glorious. I'm practically salivating looking at these photos. God I love pin-ups. And to top it all of, some of these shots are a real tribute to some of my favourite pin-up artistes, Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas most famous works. Check it out!

Original: Gil Elvgren

New Retro: The pose is dead on.

Original: Gil Elvgren.

The New Retro: This is one of my favourites! It seemed to be one of the more accurate re-enactment. From art to reality. They even styled her hair according to the original. The position of her legs, the gift box, the lingerie are all the makes me ridiculously happy.

Original: Gil Elvgren. This happens to be one of my favourite pin-up girl picture. Ever. Her legs, her shoes, the garter and especially the expression on her face is priceless.

New Retro: Love it!!!! An updated version but still true to the original. Also the fact that the heels matches the apples on the desk is priceless. My only problem with this is that it looked to photoshopped as compared to the rest. She looks plastic, not human.

Original: Gil Elvgren (?)

The New Retro: Actually to tell you the truth, this particular picture is based on another pin-up girl art. I remember seeing one of those before but I don't have the original in my collection. That one is exactly like this but the thing is I don't have it in my collection. Anyone else does?

Original: Alberto Vargas. This is actually one of Vargas's most famous work.

The New Retro: I hate Hayden Pantyliner for reason that is too long for me to type. I mean, seriously. Loathe her. The only reason I stop watching Heroes is cause I can't stand her. And I don't even have a thing for that Milo guy. I just cannot stand her. But in any event, this is a good homage to Vargas.

Original: Gil Elvgren.

New Retro: Yes, the outfit is not the same but the pose is same, no?

God, I need to start shopping again and get me some high-waisted pants, start wearing more makeup a'la the 50s, and get me some bighair so I can walk around pretending to be a pin-up. Any girls out there wanna join me? Guys too, if you're into this sort of thing. I don't discriminate, bitches.

For the rest of the Vanity Fair spread - there's 26 all together- go here. And since I'm feeling generous, click on the pin-up below and you'll get to see my entire pinup collection. All 295 of them. I'll leave the album public for a week so you guys just save whatever you like.


Technodoll said...

I love ze pinups - good job there, must have taken you ages to put the comps up! My eyes thank you :-D

Anonymous said...

Ooh, yes i agree. Total trendsetter! Then you have a very creative eye if you can spot trends like that. Ever thought of being in the fashion industry? Malaysia needs an Anna Wintour. Like desperately.

I loathe Pantyliners too! She is just too annoying for words. Why can't she just die in Heroes? Ah, she'll be washed up in 5 years time anyways.

trailsshoppers said...

hey thanks for mentioning bout these some classic pin-ups!!!
hayden ..yup hard to spell her name..the pannettierre suppose to be influence from her mix greek + etc origins!!
im headin to that site !!
thanks again

neway chanel warehouse sale 2morrow

Pourpres~ said...

Gorgeous. I love Gil Elvgren before damn Christina brought back the whole pinup girl look. Courtesy of my love for tattoos. I don't really know about Vargas though. Gotta check em out.

Those updated versions are nice :)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Yup. It certainly did but it's worth it. They're very visually pleasing. =)


No lah, I aint no trendsetter. I just know what I like. Also, I have deluded myself with my own illusions of grandeur =p .

Dude, you know that Pantyliner bitch right, the reason why she seems so "attractive" now is only cause of her youth. Bitch is stumpy and yeah she'll be washed out faster than Britney did.


Uhhhh you realise that I live in Malaysia right?


They are! Except for one, of the black girl by the beach. That doesnt seem very pinup-y. More highfashion than the rest. I mean you'll understand if you check out all the 26 spreads.

Oh dude, you have to check Vargas. He BEGUN the whole pinup craze. Elvgren was all feminitity and seduction but Vargas brought class to his work.

MisSmall said...

Okay, as long as we're on this subject, I'd like to state that I started the whole preppy thing before Blair Waldorf; and I've loved headbands/hairbands/hair-scarves long before everyone else started wearing it. :P

And I LOVE retro chic! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures! People back then had a much better grasp on how sexy should be. :D

Peter Varvel said...

Omg, TCDO, you totally need to have a friend take some photos of you in this style and in these poses, because you are way too photogenic not to give your fan-stalkers the PLEASURE!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Miss Small:

OMG! You know you totally started it. The rest of these bitches are just copying you =p


I doubt I have stalkers but yeah I have been thinking of the pics for a while. But need to lose some weight first.

Melissa said...

oohhh gorgeous pin-ups! love love love! =P

And yeah, pantyliner does look loathsome here. Oh who am i kidding? She ALWAYS looks loathsome. And annoying. And exactly like a 10 year old who got stuck in a semi-pubescent female body. Okay I have no idea what the hell am i rambling about ><. Bottomline is, pantyliner sucks. Period.

Oh, did u managed to find ur roadtax yet? i sure hope u did. it really is a bitch to lose something, esp if that something is an extremely crucial soomething like a bleeding roadtax. if u still havent found it yet, my advice is that u should just come clean with ur dad. really sucky (i know trust me) but it needs to be done.

n another thing is, i made my blog private for the time being, i need ur email addy. is it the same like the one u've been using to send me emails/ecards n the likes? =) do let me know ait, and i'll add u.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Well, I am so glad to know that other ppl hates her too. Annoying tit. And babe, same email.

Send me the invi =)

winda said...

TCD, i so hate you for introducing me to those pin up posters. Now i have this insatiable craving to buy garters and wear while i dont even like wearing stocking!!

btw, agree with peter. Cause when i look at some of your collections, i kept on thinking, "CD should do this" "this will look good on her" "omg, this pose is totally for her" and shyt like that.
So when you do them, make sure to post pictures, girl!!!