Friday, September 19, 2008


Regular postings of 3 posts a week on alternate days will be back to usual after Ramadhan. I'm sorry that I have been neglecting this blog for a while but I have been really tired lately. It's hard to be witty and dramatic when you're super tired.

Also Blogger is being a fucking bitch. I've wrote two epic pieces and it did not fucking auto saved and all is lost. I really wanna be pissed off about this but I'm tired, so I'm gonna go to sleep now. But I'm going to go to sleep all angry and shit.

Also, I'm emo. Turning a year older come Sunday. Pretty soon I'll get wrinkles. And then before I know it, I'll wake up one day to find that I am in the winter of my life. I would have to cover the mirrors in my home with bedsheet so that I would not have to see how haggard I've become....assuming I have mirrors. At the rate I'm going, I'm gonna end up living in a box. Who majors in Digital Videography if they don't have a stupid wish of ending up living in a box?

Apparently, I do.

So anyways one year older. Very emo now. Meh.


Zikri said...

I'm doing broadcasting, which isn't far off from your major, but i dont want to live in a bloody box, a cave for humorous reasons maybe, but not a bloody box.

happy being old btw

cc said...

When I choose the art direction, i figured I'd be living in a box someday, hasn't happened so far. LOL

Happy Birthday doll.

Technodoll said...

Geez woman, thanks a lot!!

*goes to get blanket before freezing in the antarctica of my life*

Growing older is awesome. Except for the getting older part.


Anonymous said...

Fat bitch, i dunno what's riding up your ass....but seriously, you have a huge problem. Not only are you like obese, you are condemning other ppl. It's ramadhan bitch. Kesian your mom. Her butt hole was torn so badly when she purged you out coz you are such a fat shitty bitch

winda said...

since it's not good to say 'happy birthday' in advance (they say!), i'll just say that to you on monday ya, babe.
I'm off to enjoying weekend.

Have a bloody fantastic birthday celebration on sunday!!!!!

evie said...

i wanted to say adoi drama-nya but tht's pretty obvious considering the name of this blog isn't it. dont fret, everyone has to get older. if it makes you feel better no matter how much you age, there are many more who'll always be older than you (myself included sigh)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

hihi....stumbled upon your blog thru cc's. what's with women with age anyways. cant deny the fact that we are getting older by the minute. we should grow old find it sexy you know!!! hahaha. by chance if you're in kuantan, my wife would be glad to give you a face massage. works for many here. anyways, im giving you a postdated happy birthday....cheers and god bless.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


It's a figure of speech lah. But still, I rather a box than a cave. Caves are scary.


Oh thanks for the wish, I guess. I mean, have you ever been near to living in a box.....No, like seriously.


Can I share your blanket? =p

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Thanks babe! I actually have a party lined up this Saturday all the way to midnite. Cause on Sunday, I'll have a quite day in with my parents. =)


I'm just trying to live up to my blog name here. Reputation is everything darling. =P


Oh yeah, I'm already getting facials. Must keep the wrinkles at bay.

And thanks for visting ya?

Taxy Driver said...

Fooh! Anonymous at 11.12 probably lost his/ her epic posts too. Blogger does that. Come over to Wordpress... :) But then, you secretly love Blogger for playing russian roulette with your paragraphs, don't you?

Tinesh said...

bugger u think you're dorian gray ar? I already took the title loooong ago k? hehhe

and people, lets keep this mommy insults please..hate comments shud be directed towards the person not his/her family.

Btw, grow some fucking balls/tits and leave ur name behind

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Taxy Driver:

How do you know that I secretly do? It adds more drama no? =p


But I am Dorian Gray! I'm 19 bitches! I'm 19 forever and ever and ever and ever...............