Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mucho gracias

First of, I am feeling much better now. I want to thank all of you guys who have left kind words in the comment section. Thank you so much. It makes me feel all warm inside to know that there's a group of people whom I do not know and probably will never meet in my entire life who care enough to take the time to make me feel better, even though the only thing that connecting us together is this blog. And the mutual love for drama.


Also thanks to my friends who called and texted to make sure that I'm all right. I'm sorry that I didn't answer any of your text messages or phone calls cause I don't feel like weeping down the phone. I do my crying alone, in the dark, on the bed and most of all, without anyone looking. But thank you so much for caring enough to enquire.

Anyways since I was so emo the other day I failed to realise the magical properties of the Internet. No seriously. I have to stop reading
high fantasy novels all the time, where the characters lived in medieval times and the only means of communication were letter-carrying-pigeons that seemed to always be shot down or got caught in a storm. I'm serious! It didn't event occurred to me about email. I kept on wondering whether the letter-carrying-pigeons can cross the high seas to get to Malaysia. Grief can render you stupid. But in the case of the Constantly Dramatic One, it can downright make me spastic in the head cause you know.....I'm not that smart to begin with. Sad.

In any event I have
Skyped with her and my brother in law. Damn, I even miss my brother in law. I have grown fond of him. Who would have known? They seemed to be settling in fast. My sister has even hit a mall and cycled all around the town to check out stuff. She says there's art museums at every corner that made her think of me cause you know.....I'm an artsy-fartsy-pretentious-snob-wannabe. I go to art galleries and talk about how a piece of art's brush strokes and the saturation of the paint on the canvas made the painting appears surreal when it's actually very dynamic yet sedated......... The previous sentence made absolutely no sense to you? It make absolutely no sense to me as well. And I'm the one that comes up with it. I just throw some words together, say it with a knowing look, a head tilt and a head nod at the end while holding a glass of sparkling juice so that I come off as artsy fartsy and cultured. When I'm not. Just pretentious as fuck.

Anyways, as you guys have pointed she's far away, like 32,710,000 km away (I totally made that up, I have no fucking idea how far Finland is from Malaysia but lets just assume that it's 32,710,000 so that the separation seem more dramatic), but you know Skype is just so awesome. So is MSN video chat. It's not as good as the real thing but it's better than nothing. Also Finland is just 5 hours behind Malaysian when it comes to time difference. Meaning I don't have to stay up into the wee hours of the morning just to chat with her. I have to do that with my brother though. For those of you not in the know,
I have an older brother too and he's currently working and living in Chicago. And Chicago is exactly 12 hours behind. Trying to chat online with him is a bitch cause of the time difference.

I am thankful that these days we have the Internet instead of letter-carrying-pigeons. Them pigeons are unreliable little fuckers. But you know it doesn't matter anyways. She could live at the far end of the earth or in a frickin volcano and we might not have emails or skype and it doesn't matter. Because wherever I go or do, there will never be a moment when she is not in my thoughts or in my heart.

Genting Highlands, circa 1989

Aidilfitri, circa 2000


zikri said...

them pigeons make good eating apparently..

anyway, glad you're coping,
plus there are benefits of having your sis in another country

imported goods :D

turtle said...

de nada girasol!


omg. your first photo with your bro and sis..aaannnnddd TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES?!!! in GENTING!?!
aaaaaaaa!! i want!

Quin Browne said...

you made me cry.

darn you.

Technodoll said...

Um, is it wrong for me, a straight girl, to be in love with both you beauties? I sure hope not, it's just a sincere compliment. You two are stunning!!

Glad you feel a bit better... we're always here for you, ya know ;-)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Yay!! You're back!! And oh yeah I just totally realise the overseas gift too. And now I can use her room to keep my shoes. I mean....I think I'll make her room into my very own personal store room.

If she knows this, she would totally kick my ass for it. But then you know....she'll be too far to do that. Mwahhaha! =p


I know!! Ninja turtles and I go waaaaaay back. And check out my hair. I'm totally working the bangs bebeh.


Really? I didn't mean too....=( If its any consolation, I'm doing my fair share of crying these days too.


Aaawww, you're too kind. =)

turtle said...

hahahha! i see the bangs! i had to go back to check... guys looks so cute in the photo..

Michelle said...

I downloaded Skype a while ago but never used it! I guess I should since my poor sister in England does most of the phoning since I am too cheap! Glad you're doing a little better, and yes, with all this technology the world is really becoming a smaller place!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

told ya, it wasnt so bad was it? and if you feel the need to cry, let it out good. nothing gay about it.

looking at the bright side, your next trip abroad might just be it, Finland!

* hey you guys are so cute in those pics. but my darling bi-atch stood out the most, for sho!

peachy said...

omg i love the second photo :)
look at this way; you might be able to visit her and see hot Finnish guys :D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Cute? But arent I still? =P


Oh dude, you can still video chat using either MSN or YM. I mean even without skype you can still make computer to computer calls you know. =)


Dude, c'mon. Do you know how annoying it is to deal with someone who is always crying in public? It sucks balls. No I will not inflict that you people. And trip to Finlnd?.....yeah. Big possibility.


The 2nd pic is one of my favourite of the 3 of us.

I'm Frank said...

Yay, I live in Chicago!

12 hour time difference? Jeez, I have enough trouble talking to my friends in California, and that's only 2 hours difference...

MisSmall said...

Aww, those pictures of your gals are so sweet. It must be hard to part with someone you've grown up with, but like you've said, she'll never be far away in your thoughts. :)

(And gal, you made me laugh with the part about commenting on arts! You're one funny chick.)

Peter Varvel said...

Those photos are sooo SWEET! You and your sister are so beautiful!
Really, TCDO, you are incredibly photogenic!
Hey, if you ever visit Chicago, think about stopping by in Los Angeles to visit me (and Prince!).
If you can't, maybe I can fly to Chicago, cuz I have a friend there I should visit.

Elisabeth said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better my darling, and I love the pictures - very sweet!

Tine said...

Aww those are such lovely photos! You're making me a little teary :(

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Tell me about it. And yeah I know you live in Chicago. That's one of the reasons why I started reading your blog. I loved being in Chicago.

Miss Small:

Well, it's true!! Artsy fartsy people are pretentious as fuck. To be one of them, you too has to be a pretentious fuck and come up with quality bullshit that makes no sense =p


I am taking that as an open invi. Don't be surprised if one day I just show up on your doorsteps all stalkerish =D


Thanks babe!!


Yeaaahh...sorry bout that. =P

Maverick SM said...

That's a good journey down memory lane. That's life and that's fun too.

Melissa said...

I'm glad ur feeling alot better now. And yeah, having ur sis in another continent sure has its perk *wink wink*

The pics are awesome. And oh-so-nostalgic... I feel nothing but warmth inside while browsing through them. My fav is the first one, no contest on that hehehe i used to lurveeee ninja turtles soo much too =))

fie the elf said...

hey babe

i wont replace your sister but we will have so much fun when i get back it's gonna kick ass.

im just way too busy atm writing down notes.. i have like 15 more academic books to read and its taking ages because that shit is fucking hard to understand.

i have to write my thesis in kl. but that wouldnt be that much of a problem once i have all my notes. ill just need to construct them into proper sentences then.

6 more days!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Thanks Mave =)


I think those Ninja Turtles were from magic show and the only reason I say that is cause there are the words "Mega Magic" on the board there. =P


OMG! OMG! I am soooo glad that you're coming back today. I want to bitch about soooo many things to you today. So many!

Our Chili's bitching session!!! But after buka puase of course. I'm fasting and all. =)

mell said...

tough days, BIG HUGS (:

winda said...

oh yah, forgot to tell you: happy ramadhan! Hope you're being a good girl this month but dont forget to bitch here when it's buka puasa already, oke ;)

btw, nice to know that you cope well. It must be really hard for your sister as well. I mean, this will be her first time puasa in a foreign country, right. And nothing beats celebrating ramadhan with your family (at least that's what my friends told me :P)

and you realized you look a bit like that dora the explorer on that genting pic? lol.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

OMG!!! Dora the Explorer?!!! HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! I have never noticed that before! Hahahahah!!