Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A jumble of things

A birthday shout out to my other September babies. Natalija on the 23rd, my sister on the 24th and whoever else who was born in the most ossum-est month of September.
So ossum that when you look at the calendar, it goes like this: July, August, OSSSUM, October, November.....I'm serious! Go check your calendar now!


Posting will return to regular programming after Thursday. I just have so much shit to do now. I have a presentation and 2 tests on Thursday and I am not prepared for any of those. Stress! Too much stress! I cannot take it! Feel like stabbing myself in the eye with a fork!


I found my roadtax!! Woot! It was stuck in between my Sociology notes. Goes to show just how much I study that it took me this long to discover it.


Went out for shisha and just chilling out with 7sunflowers + a non-sunflower for my bDay celebration. Of course there are piccies but I'm too busy and too tired to post it up now but this is a preview of the night:



I wonder where my sayang is. Come back sayang. I miss you.


MisSmall said...

There's an old saying in Chinese - "There is a house of gold in the books". I guess it's true then. :P

And um, what was he chewing on? It was a WILD night, I gathered from the "preview". Hehe.

Elisabeth said...

You found your roadtax! Hurrah! And I can't wait to see these pictures.. you've left us with an intruguing insight...!

Tinesh said...

wohhh...who's the sexy boy?

Natalija said...

Thank you love! I got the card. HUGS! I had an ossum one too. Will update abt it soon. I got an exam and two assignments due soon.

BTW, your non-sunflower is absolutely dashing! I've never seen a prettier sight!

Peter Varvel said...

Omg, TCDO, do NOT do another show like before, Grease. I really regretted being in a show when I went back to school because there was just too much reading to do, BLEAH.
And that sexy guy in the photo?
Yeah, I'M hard, LOL.

Michelle said...

I missed it! I missed your birthday! I'm sorry! I hope you had a great time. Here's to another year of good health, best wishes, and, of course, DRAMA!

Happy (belated) Birthday!

cc said...

To answer your question, no I've not come close to be in a box. It won't fit anyway! LOL

September is indeed OSSSSSUUMMMM!

Technodoll said...

Girl, I just luvs ya! So there.

Good luck with those tests, gawd I hate tests. Sending you good joojoo and all that :-)

turtle said...

haha! well done on the disclaimer/warning before commenting..

c'mon "sayang"...where are you?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Actually it wasnt really. We just smoked 4 types of shisha continuosly. And got really high.

I think you could tell.


Haha! Pictures on Saturday! =D


Sexy? More like dumbass.


Haha!! "Dashing" hahaha!!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Oh noes, I'm not doing a show. Thank God, just too much school work.

And ahahah, I be sure to let him know that. Bet he thinks he's all sexy and shit now. LOL!


Oh huney don't worry. I turned "19" this year. And I'm gona continue turning "19" for another 6 years or so.

So yeah, no worries =P


Oh thank God. Cause my ass wont fit in a box either =D


Thanks for your joo joo! I felt it during the tests! =p


I figure now I can call every hater I will have "a worthless piece of shit" cause in a way, they have agreed to it. So it's not like it's going to be unfair like that.

I miss my sayang. I wish my sayang will come back. I crave the drama and the ATTENTION.