Monday, September 15, 2008

the Constantly Dramatic One's Shit List: Part 1

I have absolutely nothing to bitch about. No, nada, nothing. And this pisses me off. Like really. I am pissed off with the fact that I have nothing to be pissed off with. And with that I am starting a new section in Dramatic Musing, only to be used when I have nothing to bitch about. I'm calling this "the Constantly Dramatic One's Shit List" otherwise known as the section in which I bitch and rave about things/person/situations/shit that I hate.

On first place on my shit list is: Cutesy Girls

Oh. My. God. I hate cutesy girls. I hate them with a vengeance I cannot even begin to describe. It's like I want to gather all of them in one room, and then I want the wall to start pressing in on them, the floor will open up and sharp spears made to hunt boars with would jut out from the floor so that not only they will be crushed to death, they will be stabbed first. I would record the sound of their terrified screams and play it every night before I fall asleep smiling knowing I have rid the world of bimbos that have set womankind back decades. Dunno what I'm talking about, let me show you it.

Example 1:

"Oh mY gOd. mE sOoOo kAwAii!! mUst makE liPs LiKE thIS. tOO kAwAii!!"

Bish plz. Just because you pursed your lips, take pictures of yourself with your fake curly hair from a 90 degrees angle, does not make you cute. Listen, I dunno if you have noticed before but you are of Oriental descendant and with that comes certain traits. That particular trait I'm talking is that you have small eyes. Let it be. Come to terms with it. Stop fucking wearing all those fake eyelashes and opening your eyes up that big. No matter how big you open them up, it's not gonna happen.

It's just like my ass. Not matter how many butt exercises I do, my ass will always remain huge. Okay? I have come to terms with it. I have stopped staring at my ass in the mirror and willing it to be smaller. I have stopped taking photos of my ass from a 90 degrees angle just too see if it looks cuter. See, I have made my peace. You should too with your eyes. Let go of the fake eyelashes and the eyeliner and making yourself look all bug-eyed. It's not happening.

And oh, FYI, life is not a Japanese Anime. You are not a fucking Japanese Anime.

Example 2:

OMG. Look at this one. Another cutesy pose. If I ever see this bimbo in real life I would smack her so hard her great great grandfather dead in the grave would be able to feel it. "Ooouuu look at me!! I'm so cute and helpless and vulnerable. Save me."

Excuse me bimbo, I don't think you might have noticed, but this is the 21st century. The age of women being rescued by men have come and gone. Stop the fucking I'm so helpless and cute act. That whole vulnerability bullshit. Because that's what the whole cutesy act is all about, you want to be rescued. Thanks so much for your effort in setting back feminism 3000 years into the past.

Example 3:

I won't throw this one in the room with the rest of the Sisterhood of the Bimbotic Tits. Oh no.......This one deserves worst. What the fuck is up with the tongue? What you tit?!! What?!!! Why is there a need for you to take constipated looking photos like this and put it on the net? Why are there so many of your damn kind in my college?

Why is it that everyday when I go to college I have to deal with you? I have to listen to your whiny voices. I have to look at you pretending that you are too damn weak to push the damn door open and that you need a guy to do that for you? Why? What is the fucking appeal in playing helpless because ultimately that's what being cute is all about. Isn't it?

I think the reason why these tits pisses me off is cause every time I see them, I see weakness. I see a group of women who enjoys, who find pleasure in being helpless and vulnerable. Their whole life is about being rescued and being taken care of by men. It's damn frustrating knowing that in this age such mentality still prevails. These bimbos ought to be shot. And I bet they cant fight back anyways cause they're so................ helpless and all.

Should be easy to get rid of them then.....

**All pictures are courtesy of this website that is full of these tits that are making my eyes bleed. Thanks to Tine who introduced it to me, who I know wants me to bitch about it.

*** Also, a shout out to Natalija who used the word "tit" exquisitely and with vehemence that I totally wanna use it too.


Arathi said...

You know the ones that are more irritating than these kind. The ones that pretend they are american, with a blood fake slang, and are going OH MY GAWD everyone half a second. pisses the shit out of me.

Adrienne said...

i have bubbles ala sawan babi coming out of my mouth ....

Adrienne said...
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Natalija said...

YOU TIT! =p catchy no?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh dude where did you pungut these fugly pics? my eyes! IM BLINDD!!

3rd one is especially ANNOYING. I need to yank her tongue out.

rujing said...

ah you crack me up man. i can totally relate to your pent up rage, people like that drive me insane. and i too have a huge ass, but i've yet to resign myself to the fact that it will always remain the case, so i'm going to try the 90 degree angle thing in hope it will be cuter. i'll try get it to pout as well, maybe that's where you went wrong. wish me luck, x

I'm Frank said...

I blame Myspace for the rise of overly cutesy (and tragically retarded) young girls who are all 13, but pretend that they're 18, but still try to have that childish, innocent 13 year-old persona about them.


faye said...

Do you notice how they have to make the monkey mouth in order to create big eyes :) Hilarious :) Ah...CD you made my day.

Farid said...

girl, go to this blog here:

i think you'll like it. Read the 2005 archives and work your way to the present.

Technodoll said...

Are these wittle girls with bad teeth and wigs offering their slutsdom for free?

Man. They're gonna put bangkok brothels out of business!

MisSmall said...

Reading your blog is indeed therapeutic. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who's constantly pissed off and feel the need to bitch. But of course, I also feel the need to repress the bitchy side of me. :P

And yes, I couldn't agree more with what you've said about those japanese-wannabe cutesy gals. I can't, for the life in me, figure why are young girls these days so generic and what's up with acting like a helpless puppy 24/7?!

And I agree with what Arathi said too. I was sitting next to a bunch of them at lunch the other day, and they totally ruined my appetite!

Lastly, you're a gem, babe! Do not ever lose this bitchy charm of yours!

XOXO. Lol.

Pourpres~ said...

damn these japanese kawaii wannabes. Well, Japanese pon I would kill them too. Yes they're not cute. Why can't they channel Ai Tominaga instead of Ayumi Hamasaki huh?


Connie said...

Lol!!! Very harsh but definitely so true. I have no problem with false eyelashes and wanting big eyes but it's the pose that bugs the hell outta me! "I veli de QQ de hor?" This is usually one of our topics at mamak sessions.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yea, they're the real deal fakers man. mother fakers. not quite sure what's so peculiar about those faces but my boner sure went into hiding.

winda said...

hahahha..... you know, i make 'cutesy' face to bf and sis just to entertain them, becos well, cutesy face looks like a retard alright lol.

btw, im so hopeless with this tiny eyes i have, i think i need advice from girl #1 on how to make eyes look bigger.

dlynne said...

omg! first time leaving a comment but I freakking agree with you! these girls annoy the hell out of me! like.. I live in Japan, and for some reason the girls here don't annoy me as much...(I guess they are more subtle?) but these ones.. GARGHH!!!

*scratches eyes out*

evie said...

haha... my friends and i put on a pout and attempt several of these looks for kicks, but it never gets as annoying as the ones done here. although.. there is nothing wrong with falsies. cos i like them!

Elisabeth said...

Oh good lord. I never thought I'd have such instant repulsion for something "cute".


Tinesh said...

what cockness la? when u passed me the site i saw the first bitch and i closed the window. man, someone's gotta tell em that whatever that's kewl in Japan is not kewl here.

adriana said...

Ok. Just found your blog and this entry made me laugh so hard I just had to mention it. WOW. Hehe. :-)

gypsy-on-the-move said...

I had try several attempts on such poses but boy, I failed miserably. Now you don't have to send me to hell or sit on me. LOL!

Peter Varvel said...

Okay, I have no ass left now because you and this post have made me Laugh My Fucking Ass Off!
Best Diet Ever - thanks, TCDO!

cc said...

You said it!!! I also agree with Arathi up there, those are the most annoying. Especially when they fan themselves while going OH MY GOD and SHUT UP in their frigging exaggerated voices.
Grow up, deal with it, don't try to shrink back to babyhood.

cc said...

oh ya, you know what else is annoying, those who somehow manage to find those cosmetic coloured contacts, and I'm talking about those HUGE ones, and make thier iris appear bigger. Guess what, when your eyes are small, it just look frigging weird and psychotic to have a big black iris!!! SCARY!

I went to the website, and I think my eyes just bled. Great!

Anonymous said...

Just lose weight and stop commenting on other people. They are much better looking than you and are much slimmer and have better bodies than you. So please don't try to make up for your hideous and fat self by condemning these chicks.

p/s: Sayang, i hope fasting has helped you lose a few pounds. Though it seems impossible...but my prayers are with you. Tak baik tau mengata orang masa ramadhan.Muacks

senorita.. said...


i'm really impressed at them... they so kuasa dunno wake up how early to put fake eyelashes n put lots of mascara etc etc. when i look at them, i will think of all the time spent in front of the mirror.. the hair, the eyes..

and u hit the nail right on the head when u said these girls give the impression of weakness. like c'mon.......... disgrace to women everywhere man...

and they also give me the impression that they know ntg else but to wake up n get pretty everyday. ULTIMATE BIMBO MAN.... i can kinda guess where's their paradise. shud either b Taiwan or Japan.

ps:which college u in huh?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Bitch still up all over your face huh?


"i have bubbles ala sawan babi coming out of my mouth ...."

Ahahahahahah!!! LMAO!!! Oh that's priceless. Also, I deleted your 2nd comment. Shy lah.....=p


3rd one is the worst!!! I know right just wanna cut a bitch looking at these photos.


Ahahaha!! Trying to make your ass pout!! Hahaha! That's good! Why didn't I think of that?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Here in Asia, this kind of overtly cutesy whores are only extended towards SOME chinese girls who really, really, really wanna be Japanese and be the life version of anime girls. They are called "twits".

MySpace is hella stupid. Give me Facebook anyday.


OMG! Yes! Monkey mouths! Haha!


Very informative. Thanks BFF!!


Harsh, but how apt. Well done Techno, well done.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Miss Small:

"repressing your bitchy side"...."bitchy charm"?

Wow these are totally new concepts to me. I mean really, why would you wanna repress it? Just let it fly free babe. Fly freeee!!!

And also, first time ever someone calling my bitchiness as a charm. Hahaha!


It's the helpless thing! Thats the fucking appeal. Baka saru!!


Harsh would be bitch slapping them across the face. This, is nothing.

Thanks for visiting! =)


Holy crap!!! Go, hurry! Go watch some pr0n. Rescue your boner from the murderers that are these skank whores.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Well doing cutesy faces in the comforts of your own home and your loved ones is one thing, putting it on the net for the whole damn world to see is another thing all together.

Email her. She left an email I think....for her future customers to contact her. If you get what I'm sayin...


Perhaps cause those girls are the real deal and these are the sad, pathethic attempts of carbon copies? Think about it.

Also I went to your blog, I looooved that picture of you guys jumping in the air- ninja style. L.O.V.E.


I agree, there is nothing wrong with them. It's only wrong when you really on them and the tons and tons of eyeliner to make you look "cutesy".



Amen to that mah sista!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Ahahaha!! That's funny. My eyes fucking bleed but I needed the bithcing material. =P


Why thank you. =) Is that youR real name? It's sooo pretty. And thanks for visting!


Why, why did you tried it? Arrrgghhh!! And oh the whole "sitting" thing, I havent used that for aaaages.....should revive it back.


Ahahahaha!! You got no more ass left? Ahahaha! That's funny too! And no sweat, I am here to entertain you. =D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know!! Bitch, you're not American. Stop pretending like you are. Urrrghh and ohmygod, the colour contacts are the worst!!

I mean these people have to start to realise that Anime is not real life. And no matter what they do, they will never be as cute as a fucking cartoon character.


Exactly. So much effort into something so trivial. You're right, it's like thats all they know. I am soooo fucking happy that they are out there willing to be objectified.

Stupid fucking bimbos.

Also which Uni? Sorry babes, I can't tell. I dont give out details here. That's why I have comment moderation so that friends who read my blog wont be able to let the little thing (ie: my name, school, town etc) slide. I have issues with being stalked.

I however approved of hate comments cause I like the drama. And they satisfy my need of feeling awesome that people who hates me still reads my blog and comment to show just how inferior they are to me. So much drama.

Luv it!

sab said...

oh man! this entry made me laugh! :)

Farid said...

OMFG! MY EYES! IT BURNS US!!! Why would you post a link to an evil site! EVIL! EVIL! PRAY CHILD! PRAY! GOD IS WATCHING US, GOD IS WATCHING US....from a distance.

Salt N Turmeric said...

CDO, came here fr kerp's. I tot im the only one who hates these japs anime wannabes! to make it worse, i found out tht 1 of my cuzs is into them too. I mean like in real life! She actually dresses like one. *rolling eyes*

winda said...

future customers you mean people who'd lined up to learn how to make eyes that big and face that cute, right *playing dumb*

hahaha.. i would never post my cutesy face on the net, CD. I usually did that when little sis is slightly angry to me, and she'll end up laughing cos she just cant resist my face being so cute and kawaii and all that (read: all that retard)

Sometimes i do an encore.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I'm glad you enjoyed it then. =)


Well, if I have to see it then you bitches have too as well. Hahaha!

salt n turmeric:

How old is she? If she's like 14 let it go. If she's like 20, bitchslap her to hell.


Hahaha, "sometimes I do an encore". Hahahahaha!!!!!

That's funny!

Michelle said...

I'm a little late in the game, but I know who likes these pics...pedophiles! Retarded, perverted, warped men.

Tine said...

Hahahahahah!! Did I ever tell you I love you? No? Woman, I LOVE YOU!! HAHAHAHA!!!

More than half of these girls have those new contact lenses on, the one that make your iris even bigger, giving you a wide-eyed look. Really, looking at all these poses, just makes me wanna hurl. Because in real life, half of them don't look that good. I've actually seen some of these sort of girls in action.

It's sad is what it is.

penyangak said...

i lurve bimbos. dun care whatchawll think.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


No weak men, who likes to feel "superior", "strong" and "manly" therefore they surround themselves with this types of dimwit females.


Me too. Usually they're super fug.......but I guess that's what "supa kawaii" stands up. It means "fugly as fuck".


Sure dude, whatever rocks your world.