Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dude, I'm like....hightech

The following post was written on 27th of August but never published, due to some reason I cannot recall. But I'm betting it has something to do with being distracted by shiny stuff. I've added the pics later on and did some editing but just to make things clear, this was written before Ramadhan. Any disrespect is unintentional but if you are feeling that way than.......

That would be all. Thank you.


Hey did I mentioned that I got me a notebook? I didn't? Oh well....I totally did and it's ossssuuuumm!! I mean not that using the PC sucks donkey balls. It is a Samsung SyncMaster after all. Pretty topnotch............bout like 5 years ago. The thing is, it's in the study area. Open area. Where I have to sit at and put up with a considerable amount of disturbing shit and also makes it hard for me to look at pr0n no privacy. I mean, dude the whole house can totally see me Googling up half naked firemen.

I mean this one time I was looking at half naked photos of Clive Owen right and it was simply.............wonderful. Obviously by this time I was drooling and was so overcome with lust that I cannot even think straight. In my head, Clive and I was running hand in hand down the hill, some Hindi music playing in the background, he was half naked of course and I have curly ringlets a'la Drew Barrymore circa 1990. It was beautiful. And then out of nowhere, I heard my mother voice asking "What the hell are you doing looking at a naked man?" Dude.....I almost died. I mean honest to God. There's nothing more awkward then getting caught looking at provocative pics by your own mother.

Except for that one time when I had to sit through a sex scene with my mom. That was not my damn fault okay. It was that damn Viggo Mortensen fault. I heard rave reviews for that movie, "A History of Violence" and he acted in it and since my mom loved him so much in LOTR as Aragorn, I figured it'll be nice if we watch the DVD together. How in the blue hell am I supposed to know that there's going to be a scene of him pulling his pants down, exposing his damn ass to the world and started banging some chick on the staircase???? How the hell am I supposed to know that?!!! It's a "A History of Violence", not a "A History of Bangin Chicks on the Stairs"!! That was like one of the most disturbing, awkward moments of my life.

Anyways, I digress. Where was I? Riiigghht......Notebook. It's a HP Compaq Presario V3700. 14inch. It's glorious. Now I can look at pr0n all day do my many many assignments in my room without getting disturbed. Here I took some pics.

Pay no attention to the chick in the background. That's just my Wacoal calender. Also ignore the penguin. I like to whack my sis with that when she was around. And uh the Harry Potter thingie....ahhhh let's just say that at one point in my life- that lasted for 4 years - I was obsessed with the Harry Potter series. The notebook, pay attention to that, see how gloooorious it is.

I have a couple of questions however:

1) How do I hook-up my glooooorious notebook to the TV so that I can watch my illegally downloaded shows?

2) What's the best speakers to get? I don't want bigass ones. Think:
travel friendly.

3) Is it necessary to get extra battery?

4) What's a good brand for a notebook backpack? I only have the messenger bag.

Get back to me on this one. I need your wise guidance.


** Actually...the Constantly Dramatic One does not watch pr0n. Seriously. Unlike you pervs out there, I am not visually stimulated. I am intellectually stimulated. Say it with me: Li-te-ro-ti-ca. I read, I don't watch. Imagination is sexier anyways. Remind me one of these days and I'll hook you guys up. I hook you guys up gooood.

After Ramadhan of course.

*** Saying that, bring on the hate comments about how bad of a Muslim I am. Talk about how I'm a fat whore that's going to burn in hell for this. C'mon haters, I know y'all stumpy little fingers are just itching for it. Bring. It.


A. Aini said...

oh literotica!! ahahahahahha. shit, and here i thought i was the only one. i salahkan the years of reading virginia henley. and yes, reading it is way better that watching over acting humping.

and oh man, i know what u mean. watching a sex scene with mum is a definite torture. the moment would be filled with awkward coughs and me scrambling frantically for the remote. :P

i want ur specs. i want em in blue.

Natalija said...

coincidentally i have the same laptop :P

Tinesh said...

If you're burning in hell, it's a lie. hell is where all the kewlest party, hottest people and free flow booze is. Come join us in hell and have fun.

Message brought to you by the good people of hell. Call 1-800-HELL for more info

Farid said...

might i suggest a Krumpler bag? its cool, tested in outerspace and comes in funky colours. i must warn you though, lots of geeks use Krumplers and you know how i feel about geeks.

cc said...

Crumpler makes some cute bags!! I heart them! Now if only I have a laptop...


Prince Gomolvilas said...

"Unlike you pervs out there, I am not visually stimulated."

...Stop addressing me as "you pervs!"

Pourpres~ said...

Unfortunately, I can be visually stimulated.

Would Golla have backpacks? Hmmm.

Doesn't all the newer laptops have TV output majingey? Just have to have the red, yellow and white cables right? Dem I dunno.

So not high tech -_-

faye said...

I love the penguin with a pencil stuck up its ass :) very cute.

and congrats on the new laptop. i is jeles :D

Technodoll said...

Yey! New toys, yey!

Welcome to the club of All Things Nice And Shiny And High-Geekdom - mine may be pink but yours has an awesome desktop pic ;-)

Peter Varvel said...

"distracted by shiny stuff," LOL.
It's like those pieces of Flair on facebook about ADD, and how . . . OOH, LOOK! TCDO'S shiny new notebook!

Clive Owens and half naked firemen are not part of being visually stimulated?

winda said...

amen to literotica *nod head solemnly*
(yes, p0rn is definitely a turn off. They're all just wham-bang-thank you mam *rolls eyes*)
boyfriend knows this not, of course, so there, i've just shared one of my biggest secret with you, keep it hush hush ok ;)

Elisabeth said...

That is a very gorgeous looking notebook!

And yeah, give me a raunchy read over a sweaty screen any day!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Babe!! Serious. Awkward giler. Rasa macam nak mampus on the spot pun ada. Celaka punyer Aragorn. And yeah, my glasses is funky yo.

And eh, whats your fav literotice site?


Are you serious?!! BFF!! =D


Dude, apprently your idea of hell, my idea of hell and religious people with stick stuck up their asses's idea of hell is somewhat......different.

If you get my drift.


Aaaahhh that whole "tested in space" speech. Yeah....we had this talk before. Havent we?

I'm Frank said...

If only more movies involved banging chicks on stairs. I don't know what the rest of the general public would think of that, but I'm a huge pervert so I'm all for it!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


cc, I checked out the link that you gave me but they dont have a wide selection for laptop bagpack. More for sling messenger bags.....=( . I don't want sling bags, cause the laptop itself is heavy and I want the weight to be distributed evenly on my back.



=O How do you know I was talking about you?!!



Well they have the thingy menjingy....buuutt....they only have the output but no cable that comes with it. Kena beli wayar sendiri. Meh.

Golla? I'll Google that up.


I is EVEN more jealous of your degree =p .

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I would have kill for a red laptop though. A shiny red one. Your pink one is waaay cute!


Those are half-naked ones. What I meant by pr0n is those videos of ppl humping incessantly. Yeah....not a big fan of those. Actually I get really bored watching those.

Like it's soooo fake and well....boring. Unposed photos of just like muscular torso is another thing all together. See, there's a difference =)


I think men likes pr0n more than we do is cause they're visually stimulated. I mean watching for them is "AWWEEESOME!!!111BBQ!!!" in their books. But for us it's all very trite and distasteful.

Enter literotica..... ;-p


Hallelujah to that sista!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Hi...my name is *ahmad ismail and i'm a literoticoholic too. contrary to people's belief, interracial sex is my favourite category.

*name has been changed.

evie said...

hey... where are all the haters? i was half expecting some drama here in the comment section, but there's NONE!

and i hate watching dvds with my parents. it still gets uncomfortable when there's a sex scene on screen...

winda said...

ah, "boring"! The word i'm looking for that best decribes p0rn. See, one of my friends, when we're having a girls night out, request for another play of p0rn vcd. She just seen such that night and demand for more.
i was like, come on, woman! We've seen two of them already, dont you see that boring pattern already?! And the rest also rolls their eyes at her insistent. I insist we should see 'friends' instead, and in the end, of course we see 'friends' :D

Enter literotica. With all those description. Mighty naughty description....

Dang, there's no possible way i can get a cold shower in the office *sigh*

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


But you wont watch it with your mother right? Aaawwwwwkkkward.....


Oh, hahaha. Kerp trust you to you to come up with stuff like that. =D


It always awkward, it doesnt matter whether or not we get older. Sex and parents dont go together man. Ever......Urrrggghhh...

And yeah!!!! My haters have no balls. I am dissapointed. Craven little bitches.


Wow, she likes porn huh? Ah well I guess it depends on the person. But you know, wanting to watch porn with friends is just kinda pushing it. Me thinks anyways =)

Natalija said...

Betcha din know that if you slide your hand across the top corner past the on button, volume buttons and all it'll automatically turn on.

Joy said...

I love it! You crack me up! Osssum blog!

Fieran said...

Hey CD :) Get a Crumpler backpack - it is awesome. I got The Sinking Barge when my Mom came to visit me. Their shop is at KLCC I think. You can get a smaller version too. I forgot the name of it though.

As for speakers :) This is the coolest, girliest ones I have ever seen:


3kC said...

bag: i suggest back pack. even distribution of weight. i agree with farid. crumpler is really good..but pretty expensive. worth it tho. samsonite are pretty decent ones as well. good paddings inside.

speaker: creative has decent speakers. try for ones with it's own power source. they tend to suck less. hahahaha!

extra battery: not necessary. as long as you know how to take care of the one you have now. unplug it when its already charged.(apparently, some batteries have memory..i have no idea what that means)and wait till you have like 15% battery left before you plug it back in.( i'll show you how to change settings and reminders when i see you hahaha!)

so yeah. hope these help.

this message was brought to you courtesy of starbucks internet. lol!

Melissa said...

Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyy u have the EXACT same notebook as mine....

well, well... great minds DO think alike *conceited smirk on the face* ngehehehe

n oh... literotica? bad muslim? aww CMON, u gotta do ALOT more than that to be called as one. those losers are just jealous with a capital J.

kat said...

Holy crap, I love your blog.


When I need a pick me up, I come here. When I need a pick me up & you haven't posted anything new, I curse, and then click refresh just incase my lameass computer is trying to trick me.. & click it a couple more times in case you might have updated in the last couple of minutes.

No, not a crazy stalker (that's more reserved for the firemen types.. yeh! I hear you on that one!), just commenting to share the luv. Keep it up, great work!

senorita.. said...

erm, when's Ramadan ending exactly? (erotica baby...tht's what i'm talking about)

n shit, i think i'm starting to get addicted to ur dramassss.... =P

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Tak bolehlah!! I tried already. Different kot our laptops.


Thanks Joy! And thanks for visiting =)


OhMyGod!! That is the most cutest, most girliest, most OSSSSUUMM speakers ever. Wonder if they have it in Malaysia?


Oh babes, thanks so much for tips. I have been letting the power plugged in 24/7. That's bad right?


the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know, cause you know its Ramadhan and all and you know people get touchy when it comes to iur holiest month. Meh.

Same laptops huh? BFF!! =P


I feel the love bebeh. I feeeeeeel it!! =D

Here let me give you some helfpul info: I only blog on 3 days a week. In the beginning I used to blog everyday, but now I find it more convinient to blog on 3 days of the week. Monday, Weds and Friday.

If I don't get to blog on those days then I'll try my damnest to make do on other days but 3 times a week, basically that's the most imrt. Rarely on weekends and 4 times if I need to bitch about something. =)

Now you know so you can stop refreshing the page and checking on all the time =)


One month babe. Oct 1st lah. Hehehe. =D

Tine said...

All right, finally someone I know (well, know on the blogosphere lah) that likes literotica like I do. I prefer to read too. Reading stimulates imagination with whoever you want. Watching it kills everything. I mean, you don't want to watch two pruned people going at each other, right?

About the notebook, might I suggest something to prolong your battery life - if you don't always bring it around here and there with you in the house to use, remove the battery, and stick your notebook to AC. I know that a lot of batteries these days have overcharging prevention circuits built onto them, but I still think it's better to not use the battery if you don't need to. By hooking the battery to your notebook and leaving it on to AC at the same time could shorten your battery life. I learned that the hard way with my first notebook.