Sunday, September 21, 2008

This day was made ossum by my birth

The Constantly Dramatic One is now officially 20-something. Ha! As if I let you people know how old I am.

Anyways, feel free to wish me love and adoration and make fun of the fact that I'm old and scaring me with the notion of grey hair. Yes Zikri, I'm talking to you. Also please begin your comments, birthday wishes, worships with:

"Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One"

and ending with

"OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!"

Failure in doing so would end in me rejecting your comment.

Also if you don't feel like commenting OR wishing me a happy and joyous birthday OR to offer to build me an altar of adoration for my fabulousness but instead would like to leave me a hate comment, please begin like so:

"Fat bitch I hope you die getting run over by a truck"

Please also include as much usage of the word "fat", "obese", "bitch" and "sayang" as much as your heart desire. If you feel like insulting my mother, father, granduncle, adopted half-brother, second cousin thrice removed, golden hamster and even the imaginary unicorn named Gustav that lives in the mountain plains of my own world of make believe- well go on ahead. You can also proceed to remind me which month this is according to the Islamic calender (hint: it's Ramadhan). Whatever rocks your world.

On my birthday, I would like even creatures that have nothing to do other than trolling people's blog, creatures who did not get enough love as children and basically creatures who are just so much inferior in the ossumness of my presence- happy. For you see, not only is the Constantly Dramatic One is fat, obese, dramatic and ossum, but I am also kind. More so to creatures that have so much time in their insipid little lives to read my blog and then leave amusing little hate-filled comments. It's okay. Nothing wrong with wanting to share my glory, sayang.

Plus, I love the ATTENTION. But…. you know that already kan sayang? Now revel in the ossumness of this day that is my birthday.

hugs, kisses, a pat on the head and muacks especially for my sayang,

her Ossumness,

the Constantly Dramatic One

Update (Sept 22nd 2008)

Sayang, where are you? Don't you want to remind me that I'm fat and that you want me lose weight so that I wont be hideous anymore? Also I've forgotten what month this is according to the Islamic calendar. Can you let me know again? Puuuuuhhhhllllllleeeaazeeeee.........*bats eyelashes kawaii style*

I'm waiting for your reply with bated breath sayang! Miss you already!



Adrienne said...

"Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One"


"OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!"


faye said...

"Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One"


Maybe if I see you online, I can wish you again. But have a great time celebrating !

"OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!"

MisSmall said...

"Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One"

You're just a baby! Let's worry about grey hair and wrinkles 5 years from now yeah?

For now, have a very happy and dramatic birthday! And don't forget to stay cool and bitchy. *Winks*


"OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!"

P/s: I have no idea what "OMGWTFBBQ" means. :/

Kuan said...

hey miss apparently, allegedly 'ossum' (not so awesome in the spelling department I reckon :p )

behold for the king of ossum's awesome is back in the town!! but that is not why i'm leaving a comment here

wish you a happy yappy b'day and do your thing. you know, that thing. that thing you do. you get the drift ;)

Taxy Driver said...

Fat bitch I hope you die getting run over by a truck!

Oops. Sorry. That was meant for that annoying neighborhood pooch that kept me up all night.

To... Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One,

May your first birthday mean many more, but not resulting in any saggy-ness that is age or calorie related.

And if I managed to kinda insult you with that wish, just consider it a birthday gift from me... potentially dramatic musings material.

So, how are you celebrating, o' Ossumness? BBQ? Really? Am I invited?

OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!

Farid said...

Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One has celebrated her 19th birthday and it was OSSUM! everything was OSSUM! Shisha was OSSUM! Kebabs were OSSUM! Everyone was OSSUM! Tea was OSSUM! CD's endowments were...OSSUM! and we've the picture to prove it!

Aaaaahhhh! It's so OSSUM!

OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!

Zikri said...

Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One

Happy Birthday!!
May you age anti-clockwise for a while before it all comes down crashing and you have to buy a stock pile of hair dye.
Have a nice day with cake and presents and monies. :)

OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!

mm bbq

Peter Varvel said...

Birthday Bish, please.
I am on my KNEES for you.
Omg, TCDO, I totally forgot to send you good wishes, even though fuckbook had alerted mE this week.
For your birthday you get to spank me, instead, until you feel I deserve your forgiveness, Oh Worshipful One.
And gray hair? Just be glad there ain't none down there yet HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Patt Irmina said...

To Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One,

Happy Birthday! =)
have a great birthday..enjoy! =)

OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!


Tinesh said...

To her possumness CDO. Yea the P in fronta ossumness intended. Happy 19th (again) bday!! Kebab was awesome hahahaha.. Shisha wasnt all that yday but hey like i said, Chow Kit shisha is ossssssuuuuummmmmmm..

Quiet day with mommy and daddy eh?

Natalija said...


I LOVESSSSSSSSSS YOU CD! Hail the birthday girl! Her ossumness is one year younger!

You have a great ossum birthday. It's just gonna get better with age. Loves!

Hugs and kisses!

p.s. check ur email

gypsy-on-the-move said...

"Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One"

Bonne Anniversaire babe! (happy burfday in french)

"OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!"


A. Aini said...

"Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One"

holy shiet, your goodies are phenomenal!

*tarik baju, tengok goodies sendiri*

i feel like i'm twelve compared to u.


im sure pourpres will sexually harass u with her comment. ample bosoms get her a little crazy.

and hoyehh, happy birthday darl! and i hope ure not younger than me!

x's and o's

"OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!"

Technodoll said...

I just want to see you reject my comment :-D

Rebel that I am.

Happy ossum birthday, you sweet young thang!

And I am jealous of your youth and beauty.

senorita.. said...

"Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One"

i just thot i'll join in the fun of leaving formatted comment.. he he he.

Happy Birthday oooooooaaarrrsuuummm!!

"OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!"

Pourpres~ said...

Oh my, them boobies....

Oops, I mean,

"Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One"

Oh this is what you mean when you say you're ossum. Hahahaha.

Happy belated birthday! Sorry, I was away. Hope you had an ossum one.

Can I get back to your boobs now?! Yummeyh. I'd love to poke and squeeze those. In public. With audience. Ngahahaha.

Ok ok I'll behave now. You have a cute smile by the way. Macam nak cubit pipi........and boobs...

"OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!"

Pourpres~ said...

demmit. I just saw that comment a.aini left you. I'm soooooo predictable huh.

To babe, DEM YUHHH kantoikan I awal-awal!

winda said...

"Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One"

happy birthday!!!

"OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!"

that means: ohmygodwhatthefuck bbq?? what's with BBQ?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Oh boyy...i mean, err...ehemm...(that pic kinda caught me off guard. but ossssum nonetheless).

hey sayang, wishing you a very happy belated 20somethingth birthday, many many returns and blabla...

Prince Gomolvilas said...

I'll write what I always write in my mother's birthday cards: "Happy fucking birthday!"

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Thank joo!!! =D


And you did wished me online. Yay!


Indeed I did have a dramatic bDay =D . And that basically have to meaning but if you're interested go here: definition


OMG!!! You are?!! Must hang out. How come you're back? Are you done studying?

Also, I did do that thing that I do. Indeed I did.=D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Taxy Driver:

Actually you did kinda insulted me. And this post isnt meant for you at all. It's for my sayang. Wonder where she is.



The fact that you were there made it EVEN MORE OSSUM!!! Woooott!!!


I don't age anti-clockwise. Time just move reaaaaalll sllloooooowwwwlllly for me. And oh yeah, ummmm bbq =p


Grey hair. Down there? Arrrggghhh!!!!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Thanks love! And glad you liked the post =)


Yes, quite day in. Dude I dont want to go to Chow Kit lah. Nanti kalau kena rompak macam mana?


I looooovvvvessss you too!!! And thanks for the e-card. I'm so terharu =)


Merci =D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Definitely I'm younger than you because I am eternally 19. I was 19 the year before this and this year and the year after this and they year after and the year after...... until like BAM! I'm 19 and a half =p


The only reason I didn't rejected your rebellious comment is cause of that last line.



It's sort of like organized fun right? =D


Hahaha! Kena kantoi ngan Aini =D . Yes, this is what I meant when I say ossum. And no I will not let you grab my boobies in public.

But in private....of course. *wink wink nudge nudge*

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


To answer you question, please go here


Ahahahaaha! Sorry bout that Kerp and thanks! =)


Why thank you Prince, it's always an honour when you drop by here =)

Quin Browne said...

late to the party...any cake left?

happy birthday to someone who has put me in a place of caring about them, thinks about them, keeps them in her prayers, and grew a sunflower, just for you.

happy birthday, my little friend... i wish you the joy of the universe, wonderful days in your life, and please tell your parents, they did a heck of a job.

you've always got a place to stay with me, no matter where i end up.

<3 i u

winda said...

OMGWTFBBQ, i guessed it right!!!!
i'm so ashamed!!

evie said...

"Fat bitch I hope you die getting run over by a truck"

I just felt that there weren't enough haters here to spice up your dramatic blog so I've added a little flavour here for you. :)

I hope you had a great one and received equally cool gifts.

Elisabeth said...

"Her Ossumness the Constantly Dramatic One"

Happy birthday, babe!!!!!!

"OMGWTFBBQ!!! I luv U!!!"

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Quin, that was the most nicest, most kindest birthday wish or anything that have anyone have ever said to me. Ever.

Thank you.

And I hope that sunflower you grew is a beautiful one. Thank you again =)


No need to be ashamed. There will always be for all your enquiries. =)


Hahaha! Thanks for the gift of my haters. My favourite hater, who always call me sayang, and I sayang her as well has been missing.

I wonder where she is. Come back sayang, I miss you!


Thanks babes.

Tine said...

Okay, I don't WTF and BBQ together, so I won't use that word.

But I do wish a very happy (and belated. Sorry babes) birthday, and wish Clive Owen on you ;)

sab said...

belated happy birthday sayang.

i hope you had a good one. :)

that's love right? haha!